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Nintendo's "Walk With Me!" Study Shows Dog Owners Walk Further Than People Whithout Dogs

A European Study, with The Kennel Club and Nintendo DS Game Walk With Me!, has found that people who have dogs walk on average 9.27 km a day with people without dogs walking on average 4.7km a year.The study found that dogs were taken on average 2 walks a day lasting for around 20 Minutes.

Dog owners in England walked the most, with the Papillon Breed in Germany having the most steps a week from a walk.

Top 10 most active dogs (by step):
Rank Breed of dog Country Steps per week

1 Papillon Germany 199,393
2 Cocker Spaniel England 173,511
3 Lagotto Romagnolo Belgium 162,678
4 Miniature Pinscher England 160,348
5 Beagle England 155,430
6 Kooikerhondje The Netherlands 148,162
7 Yorkshire Terrier Spain 139,225
8 Golden Retriever France 120,302
9 Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Spain 114,415
10 Alaskan Malamute Wales 109,102

Top 5 most active countries (by step):
Rank Country
1 England
2 Germany
3 The Netherlands
4 France
5 Belgium

Press Release

When it comes to getting in shape, your four-legged friend may hold the answer to improving your fitness. A unique European study into the walking regimes of dogs and their owners by Nintendo DS game Walk with me! Do you know your walking routine? and The Kennel Club has revealed that dog owners walk 9.27km a day – nearly twice as far as non-dog owners.

The study of 100 dogs and their owners was carried out using the Walk with me! Do you know your walking routine? Nintendo DS game; lifestyle software which helps you and your family get in tune with your personal walking regime by monitoring your steps taken throughout the day. During the study both animals and humans wore specially designed Activity Meters recording their walking regimes, minute by minute, 24 hours a day.

It showed that whilst the average daily distance walked by non-dog owners is 4.7km[1], Europe’s 50 million dog owners walk on average 9.27km[2] a day burning a combined count of 10.65 billion calories[3]. Respected health advice is that we should all walk close to 10,000 steps (8km) a day as part of a healthy and balanced lifestyle[4].

Result highlights include:
*Dog owners walk over 1,680km[5] more than non-dog owners in a year (equivalent to walking from Dublin to Vienna)
*The average dog takes over 81,000 steps in a week - around 14,000 more than its owner (or nearly 700,000 steps a year)
*The study showed owners take their furry friends on two walks a day, lasting for around 20 minutes
*The most active dog in the study was the Papillon which took nearly 200,000 steps in a week

Caroline Kisko, Kennel Club Communications Director, said: “The study has shown that dog owners are generally much fitter than those who don’t own dogs. As the credit crunch bites and more people ditch their expensive gym memberships, it can be hard to get the exercise that you need, but it seems that dog owners have a readymade solution – exercising with their dog is fun, affordable and it is easy to get motivated with the eager eyes and wagging tail of your dog egging you on.”

Caroline continues: “This is great news for dogs, who, without this kind of regular exercise, can suffer from serious health problems, as can the human population. The Kennel Club’s Fight the Flab with Fido campaign aims to get dog and owner fit together and there are lots of different sports that they can enjoy from simple walking to agility.”

Laurent Fischer, Managing Director, Marketing and PR, Nintendo of Europe, said: “Not only is this a great way of keeping fit, it is also a fun way to monitor your dogs’ rhythm and activity levels through the day. When you are out and your dog is at home, you can find out what they get up to in the day from having a sleep to when the postman drops off the letters. Walk with me! Do you know your walking routine? is a unique and convenient tool to measure their activity and bring you closer to your dog when you are away.”

[1] The British Heart Foundation and Opinium Research LLP December 2008
[2] Walk with me! Do you know your walking routine? European Study 2009
[3] Taking average weight per owner at 70kg, walking 9.27km = 213 calories. 213 calories x 50 million owners = 10.65 billon calories (ref and
[4] The British Heart Foundation
[5] Km’s results were converted based on steps taken. Walk with me!: Do you know your walking routine? measures distance in steps not Kms

Konami Have Released New Screenshots For Frogger Returns On WiiWare

Konami have released new screenshots for the Nintendo WiiWare version of Frogger Returns. these screenshots show the first two levels and 1 random level. the screenshots show the familiar "Frogger" Gameplay that has become a staple of the series.

Frogger Returns - WiiWare

Konami Have Released New Screenshots For Vandal Hearts

Konami have released new screenshots for their upcoming PSN/XBLA game, Vandal Hearts. these screenshots focus on the character advancement menus. the screenshots show what menus are accessible for each character, some of the characters skill levels, and their special moves.

Vandal Hearts

Microsoft Annoucnes The Hyundai Genesis Coupe Free DLC Pack For Forza 3

Microsoft has announced that from November 17th, the Free Hyundai genesis Coupe Pack will be available to download for Forza 3. The Genesis Coupes featured in this pack are the Rhys Millen Racing Red Bull Hyundai Genesis Coupe, HKS Genesis Coupe, and a one-of-a-kind Genesis Coupe. The Hyundai Genesis Coupe will also have its own race series in the Career mode of Forza 3.

Hyundai Genesis Coupe

Press Release

Few enthusiasts will ever get the chance to drive the 300-horsepower Genesis Coupe on a racetrack, but thanks to Forza Motorsport® 3, racing game enthusiasts will be able to test their driving skills in the Genesis Coupe in the game via a free vehicle add-on pack to be released November 17.
“Genesis Coupe’s participation in Forza Motorsport 3 will raise Hyundai’s awareness with driving enthusiasts and the very important youth segment,” said Joel Ewanick, vice president, Marketing, Hyundai Motor America. “The mission for Genesis Coupe was to create a pure performance car and for it to appear in such a realistic racing simulator is awesome.”

Developed by Turn 10 Studios, Forza Motorsport 3 lets players live out their dreams behind the wheel of more than 400 of the most-beloved cars, including a roster of Hyundai favorites. The vehicles can be driven on more than 100 renowned real-world tracks and exotic road courses from around the globe. Further fueling the imaginations of its evergreen community of painters, tuners and photographers, Forza Motorsport 3 features improved customization tools and brand new ways to share creations with the world via Xbox LIVE.

To celebrate the flourishing Forza community, Hyundai will be gifting a free downloadable vehicle package on Xbox LIVE® on November 17, 2009. The package will include the Rhys Millen Racing Red Bull Hyundai Genesis Coupe, HKS Genesis Coupe, and a one-of-a-kind Genesis Coupe. The Hyundai Genesis Coupe will also boast its own race series within the Career mode of the game. Hyundai is also developing an online photo and video upload contest for Forza gamers who can show off their best in-game photo and video of the Genesis Coupe in action.

Hyundai’s relationship with Microsoft developed out of a lust for high performance automobiles. The Microsoft team met with Hyundai staff at the Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) show in Las Vegas in November of 2008 to discuss possibilities around the upcoming 2010 Genesis Coupe, and consulted with Hyundai’s premier drift racer Rhys Millen to provide feedback.

“It is exciting to have your own car in a video game. I was very impressed with the realism of the game with things like hood pins and exhaust outlets showing up in precise detail,” says Millen, driver of the Red Bull Hyundai Genesis Coupe race car and founder of Rhys Millen Racing. “The Turn 10 game developers were very accurate in portraying the driving experience as well. For example, changing tires alters the handling of the car just like in the real world.”

Look for the free downloadable Hyundai vehicle package on Xbox LIVE Marketplace November 17!

THQ Have released New Screenshots, Boxart, And A Trailer For Darksiders

THQ Have revealed the Boxart for the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions of Darksiders. they have also released new screenshots for the game which show the games main character, a Horseman of the Apocalypse. there are also screens of Demons and Angels in the game, as well as some of the locations and Menu's in the game. The Trailer for the game explains some of the games story, shows of some of the combat, and action.


Darksiders Boxart

Telltale Celebrate Wallace & Gromit's 20th Anniversary By Offering A Free Wallace & Gromit Game Episode

Telltale has announced that they are joining Aardman Animations in celebrating the 20th anniversary Of Wallace & Gromit’s BY offering a free episode from Wallace & Gromit’s Grand Adventures!. this episode is available from now until Noon (PST) Monday 9th November.

Head to to get the free episode.

Press Release

SAN RAFAEL, Calif. --(Business Wire)-- Nov 03, 2009 What’s better than a sizeable chunk of Wensleydale cheese? How about a free full game episode of Wallace & Gromit’s Grand Adventures! Telltale today joins Aardman Animations in celebrating Wallace & Gromit’s 20th anniversary by opening up free downloads of one of the critically-acclaimed series’ episodes, Muzzled! at today through noon (PST) Monday, November 9.

Additionally, the full four-episode PC season of Wallace & Gromit’s Grand Adventures will be discounted to $20 (roughly 12 GBP) from $34.95 USD for these same dates in honor of the eccentric inventor and his canine companion’s two decade milestone.

In Muzzled! town newcomer, Monty Muzzle, is holding a fundraiser to rebuild the local dog shelter. Gromit soon realizes that Muzzle's intentions aren't exactly charitable and he must foil the huckster's plot to save the town's investment and rescue his canine friends. Gamervision said of Muzzled!, “The humor is spot on, the new characters and locations are entertaining, and it's obvious that Telltale has really found the niche into which Wallace and Gromit's story fits.”

November 4 marks the 20th anniversary of Wallace & Gromit’s first appearance in the Aaardman short, A Grand Day Out. Since their debut, the inventor and his silently expressive dog have built an enormous global following, appearing in award-winning animated short films, a feature-length motion picture, their very own books, video games, apparel, and much more.

In other Wallace & Gromit gaming news …
*XBLA Launch - For the first time, all four episodes of Wallace & Gromit’s Grand Adventures will be available on Xbox LIVE® Arcade November 4, selling for 800 Microsoft Points each
*Charity Drive - From November 4-8, Telltale is partnering with Wallace & Gromit Children’s Foundation and Penny Arcade’s Child’s Play, making donations to the charities for each full Wallace & Gromit’s Grand Adventures PC season purchased
*Collector’s DVD - Order taking begins November 4 for the Wallace & Gromit’s Grand Adventures full season collector’s DVD for PC, which features all four episodes, behind the scenes videos, Aardman Animation’s Cracking Contraptions animated shorts, game trailers and full galleries from the making of the game, which include never-before-seen concept art

About Wallace & Gromit

An endearing and affable inventor. Ever enthusiastic, Wallace's hair-brained, over-ambitious, yet well intentioned ideas consistently get him and his faithful hound into trouble. A definite penchant for cheese and crackers, not to mention fashionable knitwear!

Wallace's long-suffering loyal pooch. Gromit cares greatly for Wallace even though he's often railroaded into his master’s mad-cap plans. Though cultured and sensitive, preferring order and the quiet life, Gromit displays amazing courage and heroism when it comes to getting his master out of self-made scrapes.

About Telltale, Inc.
Telltale is the first and only studio to release interactive episodic content on a monthly schedule. Founded in 2004 by LucasArts veterans with decades of experience, Telltale has quickly become an industry leader, establishing the model for downloadable game seasons and releasing more than 30 games to date. Telltale's titles have won numerous awards including “Adventure Game of the Year” accolades from publications such as IGN, PC Gamer, GameSpy, and Adventure Gamers, and have been recognized by mainstream outlets ranging from USA Today, to The New York Times to Variety.

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Re-Cap of Yesterdays News (oldest to newest)

  • QTE Blog: Re-Cap of Yesterdays News (oldest to newest)

  • QTE Blog: Audio Re-Cap of Yesterdays News (oldest to newest)

  • 360: the wireless N adaptor for the 360 has been removed from a few online retail stores. 20th November release expected

  • Thor and Captain America games are coming out from Sega in May and June 2011, same time as the movies

  • Batman Arkham Asylum is coming out in Japan on 14th January

  • 360: its rumoured that Walmart will be selling Xbox 360 Arcade consoles with a $100 card for £199 on Saturday

  • 360: Microsoft launches the Xbox Rewards program in the USA. it runs for 6 months, points for getting live subscriptions

  • Nintendo's Satoru Iwata says Japan's console market is the most challenging. its a smaller market than USA/EU,

  • PS3: The official boxart for the God Of War Collection has been released.

  • PS3:Sony America announces that Lucasfilm, Cinetic FilmBuff, ContentFilm + more have signed up to the PSN Video store

  • Shigeru Miyamoto has hinted that he is working on a cat game. nothing else is known, Nintencats speculated

  • Wii: New Super Mario Bros. Wii is rumoured to have 4 unknown extra bosses in the game and a extra world.

  • PS3/PSP: the UK/EU PSN Video store will launch late November. SD/HD Films will be available to download.

  • 360: The Sky Player Rollout has been revised. it'll be available gradually with thousands added daily.

  • PSP: Half Minute Hero is coming out in Europe in Q1 2010 (around February)

  • Gamestop have said that Modern Warfare 2 is their most pre-ordered game ever with 6.200 taken so far.

  • EA Has said there will be a Battlefield Bad Company 2 Beta. details will be announced later. they have not sent out emails

  • QTE Blog: Futuremark Have Released A New Trailer And Screenshots For Shattered Horizon

  • QTE Blog: THQ Announce The Dangerous Days of Daniel X Is Coming To Nintendo DS/DSi January 2010

  • QTE Blog: Glu Mobile Announce That Taxi Fight! Is Out Now On The App Store

  • QTE Blog: Glu Mobile Announce That World Series Of Poker Hold'em Legend Is Now Available On The App Store

  • Square Enix has filed a USA trademark for Fantasy Earth Zero, A Free to play MMO that's currently available in Japan

  • Wii: Nintendo will start to offer demos for a selection of WiiWare games this month, its assumed it'll start in Japan

  • 360: Splinter Cell Conviction collectors edition detailed, comic book prequel, art book, DLC, 2 stickers + more

  • Wii: its rumoured that Konami Was/Is working on a "ReBirth" Jackal game. Concept art was found, nothing official.

  • Konami has released a financial forecast for them, they predict that profit will be down 80%. its been slow release period

  • QTE Blog: 30 Seconds To Mars Headline The Dragon Age Origins Soundtrack With Their New Song "This Is War". Song Pre...

  • QTE Blog: The History Of The Beatles Rock Band Commercial Is Discussed

  • PS3: Gamestop have said that PS3 sales are still strong after the price drop.

  • PC: Valve has released a Steam Client update which fixes issues with the Left 4 Dead 2 Demo.