Wednesday, March 15, 2023

Backlog Conquering - Papo & Yo - Part 1 - The First 45 Minutes

Welcome to Backlog Conquering.
Today's video is part 1 of playing Papo & Yo on PlayStation 3.

It's time to start a new game and this time i've chosen a game i knew a little about. when QTE Gamers focused solely on news, i had reported on this game. i knew going in that it was from a small team and that it told a personal story, a story of how the monster was their father.

But i didn't know how they would go about telling this story. so far, it's been interesting how similar it feels to Rain, a game i played earlier in this series at, but because of the setting and music and characters it's also quite different.

It's a little rough in places but i wouldn't say it was ever too distracting. the game uses the environment to help guide you. it's clear that the goal from this game wasn't to let you work it out for yourself, it's designed to gently guide you through the story being told. the puzzles are mostly obvious and even when i got stuck common sense sorted it out. the game isn't designed to let you explore a wide area, the playing spaces are fairly small with some element of hight and platforming about them. there are some nooks and crannies you can explore, but there doesn't seem to be anything to find. again, the goal is to guide you rather than you making your own way. 

i wouldn't say this means the game holds your hand all the way, but it does signpost things very well as many of the "puzzle" elements are highlighted. if you do get stuck, the game has a cool box mechanic. sprinkled around each area are boxes that you can put over your head. they offer hints, tips, and guides. so if you do want some more handholding, it's your choice. i've mostly been checking them out because i find it cool how you can look in and see drawings and then put it over your head and see it clearer. the pictures are fun, too.

I'm enjoying myself so far, it's been a pleasant experience and i'm still interested in seeing where it goes. so there will be a part 2.