Saturday, October 3, 2009

New Feature – Sunday Editorials – QTE Gamers Gives Readers Chance To Have Their Own Editorials Published

Do you have an opinion, a comment about videogames? Do you think you can write about it. Well QTE Gamers giving readers a chance to have it published on a website, a important step for those looking to get in the industry and needing experience.
all you need to do is to email us your article

All we ask is that you have a title for the article that is to the point and explains what your article is about
For Example “ Eidos, is their method of combating piracy effective and have they taken the right stance?”

if you quote or mention another article, podcast, video, etc, then you must give us what it is and put it in the article
For example” the joystiq podcast [episode 123, 1:12.10 into the podcast] mentions that...”

if your article is going to be long, we ask that you provide a brief conclusion to it which we can put above the full article

“is Eidos right to put a game ending “bug” in their game to reduce piracy. Yes I do think they were right. It only effects the hardcore, those who have seek out getting an illegal version of it, and not the general public, who have been burned before with high profile games like Spore limiting them to only a couple of installs. Edios method is less evasive, less complicated, and provides the gamer with a “demo” and incentive to get the full game”

read more/comment

Full article would go here

if you have written something for another site, for a paper...then we do ask that you give us the link/name of the publication so we can mention in the post that its been published else where.

Don't worry if someone writes about something you were interested in, if you have a different opinion, or want to argue against/for their point, then still feel free to write in.

If you have any comments, or want me to give it a look over feel free to ask them.

So if your interested, if you think you can contribute then send us your work to

All those who get their work published will receive a direct link to it, you can ask to have your real name, website, twitter account, etc, mentioned. and each one will be mentioned in the re-caps and QTE posts in video.

Cryptic Release List Of Star Trek Online Ranks, Federation Ships, Klingon Ships, And Others

Cryptic have released a list of ranks and ships in their upcoming MMO, Star Trek Online. the list below is broken up into Ranks, Vessel Type, and the name of the Vessel Class. this may not be the full list of all the Starship's in the game for either the Federation or The Klingon's.

Federation Player Ships

Light Cruisers

Lieutenant Commander

Science (Science Vessel)


Escort (Escort)

Cruiser (Cruiser)


Science -(Research Science Vessel)


Escort -(Heavy Escort)
Norway (Oslo re-fit)

Cruiser -(Heavy Cruiser)


Science -(Long Range Science Vessel)

Escort -(Tactical Escort)

Cruiser -(Exploration Cruiser)


Science -(Deep Space Science Vessel)

Escort -(Fleet Escort)

Cruiser -(Battle Cruiser)

Klingon Ships

Other Ships
Type VII Commercial Laboratory

Audio Re-Cap of Yesterdays News (oldest to newest)

Here is today's Audio Re-Cap of Yesterdays news.
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Re-Cap of Yesterdays News (oldest to newest)

  • QTE Blog: Re-Cap of Yesterdays News (oldest to newest)

  • QTE Blog: Audio Re-Cap of Yesterdays News (oldest to newest)

  • Its being reported that Transmission Games have laid off more than 20 members of staff.

  • PSP: there will be several adventures for Nathan Drake, some could be on the PSP. focus tho is on PS3 at the moment

  • F1 2009 is set for a November 20th release on the PSP and Wii

  • Wii: Nintendo acknowledges there's issues with the latest Wii update and they will fix all non modified Wii's

  • PC: Final Fantasy XIV Beta will be closed to start. it will be open, but the beta will be on PC only. no word on PS3 yet.

  • FIFA 10 has been released in the UK. supermarkets have a price war over it with prices around £25

  • Japanese Hardware charts. DSi 63.342, PS3 39.960, PSP 17.334, DS 15.057, Wii 11.731, Xbox 360 4.854, PS2 2.347.

  • Its been revealed that god Of War 3 was originally pitched as having a first person shooter viewpoint. it was rejected.

  • Its being reported that FOX is making a animated movie based on Spore. Chris Wedge, ice age, is set to direct it.

  • Konami is looking at putting Natal and Sony's Motion Controller into their Pro Evolution Soccer [PES] series

  • QTE Blog: New Screenshots And Trailer For The Sims 3 Expansion, World Adventures.

  • PS3: Trine is coming out on the PSN in the USA on October 22nd.

  • 360: its rumoured that Microsoft is working on universal video recording for the 360.

  • QTE Blog: Rockstar Has Released A New Trailer For Grand Theft Auto IV: Liberty Stories

  • QTE Blog: New Screenshots For South Park Let's Go Tower Defense Play!

  • Independent UK retailers are not happy with supermarket promotions, notably for FIFA 10, and want prices to be legislated.

  • Devs Black Bean say they are working on a Official World Rally Championship game for the 360, PS3, And PC out in 2010

  • GE have shown of 1TB Holographic Discs. they predict it could come in 3-5 years to general consumers.

  • PS3: There will be 2 Ratchet & Clank A Crack in Time Demo. 1 for Ratchet, 1 for Clank.

  • PS3: Modern Warfare 2 dynamic themes are in development

  • Wii: Muramasa the Demon Blade is set for a EU release on 13th November 2009

  • PS3: RT @SonyPlayStation: If you're having trouble logging into Home, please follow these instructions:

  • QTE Blog: New Trailer For Mario And Sonic At The Winter Olympic Games On The Nintendo DS