Friday, July 20, 2012

Tecmo Koei Announce Tag Team Fighting And 2 New Characters For Dead Or Alive 5

Tecmo Koei have revealed 2 new fighters are joining the Dead Or Alive 5 roster, they are Tina and Jann Lee. these characters are returning to the series and feature new character designs, new fighting styles and new techniques.

Tecmo Koei have also announced a new mode for Dead Or Alive 5, Tag Team fighting. as well as the new improved Training Mode, Tag Team lets you fight  with a team of 2 and create combos and attacks using Tag Team. the trailer below shows the new fighters in the new Tag Team Mode. the video also shows a new stage that is interactive, around the ring is electrified that will stun fighters.

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Sumthing Else Music Words Announce The Darksiders II Soundtrack is Coming Out 14th August At Retail And Online

Sumthing Else Music Works have announced they are bringing the soundtrack to Darksiders II to retail and online on 14th August. the score to the game has been composed by Jesper Kyd and the soundtrack is getting a worldwide release. it will be available for downloaded via Sumthing Else Music Works themselves or you can get it from Amazon MP3, iTunes and other digital shops. The Soundtrack is a 2 CD Set, the track listings below don't really offer any spoilers.

CD 1
01 The Makers Theme
02 Into Eternity
03 Makers in the Outlands
04 Story of the Makers
05 The Corruption
06 The Makers Overworld
07 The Makers Fight Back
08 The Floating City
09 Crystal Spire
10 Trouble in Eden
11 Stains of Heresy
12 The Abyssal Plains
13 The Rod of Arafel
14 The Crowfather

CD 2
01 The Dead Plains
02 The Plains Await
03 Supernatural Desert
04 The Eternal Throne
05 City of the Dead
06 The Crypt
07 Death Brings Hope
08 Plains of Death
09 Demon Realm
10 Into the Shadows
11 Lord of the Black Stone
12 Dead Plains Reprise.  

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Capcom Have Released 3 Resident Evil 6 Gameplay Videos Featuring Leon Kennedy, Chris Redfield And Jake Muller

Capcom have released 3 new gameplay videos for Resident Evil 6. the first video features Leon Kennedy making his way underground. the second video features Chris Redfield and a counter bioterrorism team being attacked by unknown enemies. the third and final video has Jake Muller and a team mate taking on Ustanak, a giant monster who can attach different weapons to his arm.

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Muffin Games Have Announced They Have Brought Fur Fighters To The iPad

Muffin Games have announced they have brought the original PS2/PC/Dreamcast Fur Fighter game to the iPad. the game features 30 levels, 20 weapons and 6 playable characters. the game is out in the UK and costs £1.49.


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Sega Announce Jet Set Radio Is Coming To iOS And Android Devices This Summer

Sega have announced they are bringing Jet Set Radio to iOS and Android Devices this summer. you can use the camera on your device to take pictures and incorporate them into in-game graffiti, the game also supports OpenFeint and Retina display support. Prices and specific device support hasn't been detailed today.
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Sega Have Released 3 New Tutorial Videos For Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown

Sega have released 3 new tutorial videos for Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown. these videos use in-game action to show off moves as well as on screen prompts of the buttons used. the first video is for Jean Hujo and Taka Arashi who are new characters in the series, the second video is for the siblings Jacky and Sarah Bryant, and the final third video is for father and daughter Lau and Pai Chan.

Source: USA Sega Blog