Monday, November 14, 2022

Cloud Monday - Skydrift Infinity - A Fun Arcade Racing Game BUT Avoid The Online

In today's Cloud Monday, I'm playing Skydrift Infinity. I didn't know anything about this game other than the screenshots and video that were on the game's page.

So i was pleasantly surprised to find a fun arcade flying racing game. this was the first racing game i've played for Cloud Monday and i was interested to see how the cloud streaming would hold up to such a fast paced game. it wasn't perfect. there were several instances of the video quality dipping or becoming blocky. there were other instances of the grey tears here and there across the screen. thankfully controlling the game felt fine. it was different from other racing games i've played but it felt like it was because of what i was controlling rather than any lag introduced to the game via cloud streaming.

But, and a big one as you can see in the title. i had to quit the game because i got stuck in online. i have a Japanese PlayStation 4 and so the O and X buttons are often swapped. some games will automatically swap these back to a European standard. some won't. this game did and didn't do it! so more than once i would find that the buttons did the opposite. in the online section, that you can see near the end of the video, none of the buttons would allow me to exit. it left me with no choice but to close the game and try again. But then the PSN failed to restart the game and gave me an error screen. i had waited for several minutes and decided to end the game there. i say avoid the online because i can't say for sure if it is operational, if there's a bug which is stopping it working, or whether i had a unique issue.