Thursday, April 9, 2009

UK PSN Update 09/04/09

Sony's got a sale on people so i've added it to the list this week. alot of things this week also, really makes up for last weeks poor one. remember, the sale is on until the 23rd of April.

Anniversary Specials
Wipeout HD [£11.99]
High Velocity Bowling [£4.79]
Crash Commando [£4.79]
Pain [£3.99]
Ratchet And Clank: Quest For Booty [£7.99]
Siren Blood Curse [£14.99]
Riff: Everyday Shooter [£3.99]
Dark Mist [£3.99]
Echochrome [£4.79]
Piyotama [£2.39]
Elefunk [£3.99]
Snakeball [£3.99]
Calling All Cars [£3.99]
Blast Factor Advance [£3.99]
Nucleus [£3.99]
PixleJunk Racers [£3.99]
Toy Home [£3.99]

PS3 Games
Rag Doll Kung Fu: Fists Of Plastic [£7.99]
Flock [£11.99]
Worms [£7.99]
Hail To The Chimp [£11.99]
Little Big Planet – Rag Doll Kung Fu Costume Pack [£2.39]
Little Big Planet – Patapon Costume Pack [£1.59]
Quantum Of Solace – Map Pack [£3.99]

The Chronicles Of Riddick: Assault On Dark Athena

Guitar Hero - World Tour
Silversun Pickups Track Pack [£4.39]
“Its Nice to Know You Work Alone” by Silversun Pickups [£1.59]
“Panic Switch” by Silversun Pickups [£1.59]
“Well thought Out Twinkies” by Silversun Pickups [£1.59]

Rock Band
Toby Keith Pack 01 [£6.29]
“Beer For My Horses” by Toby Keith [£0.99]
“How Do You Like Me Know?!” by Toby Keith [£0.99]
“I Love This Bar” by Toby Keith [£0.99]
“She's A Hottie” by Toby Keith [£0.99]
“Should've Been A Cowboy” by Toby Keith [£0.99]
“Who's Your daddy” by Toby Keith [£0.99]
“New Slang” By The Shins [£0.99]
“Waking The Demon” by Bullet For My Valentine [£0.99]
“Warriors Of Time” by Black Tide [£0.99]

Infamous – City Of Fear Trailer
Motorstorm Artic Edge Trailer
Pain – David Hasselhoff Trailer
Mirrors Edge – Pure Time Trails Trailer
PlayTv – Update Q&A Trailer
Resistance Retribution – Shattered Stone Trailer
Resistance Retribution – Connect for PSP trailer

Rag Doll Kung Fu Fists Of Plastic – Master Wallpaper
Crash Commando – Fight Wallpaper


PS1 Classic

Ape Academy [£14.99]
Lemmings [£14.99]
Pursuit Force: Extreme Justice [£14.99]
Syphon Filter: Dark Mirror [£14.99]

Wipeout HD - Tempory Fix

i sent out a tweet last night seeing if anyone had issues with Wipeout HD as i was having some issues.
turns out it's a fairly widespread problem. this is a temporary fix, which has been making the rounds on the net, for the game.

1. Sign out of PSN.
2. Launch the game.
3. Choose "Online" from the main menu, letting it sign you in to the PSN.
4. Acknowledge the release notes for the 1.30 patch.
5. Wait for the game to auto-save.

i tried this and it worked for me. once you get the game to save, you don't need to do the following steps again to get it to work