Saturday, March 30, 2024

Online Saturday - Hawked - Unique Bugs Stopped Me From Even Starting A Game

For Online Saturday i wanted to play the free to play online game Hawked on PlayStation 4. unfortunately, as you'll see in this video, i came across two bugs. the first one left me stuck in the options menu and i was forced to exit the game and restart it. the second bug meant i couldn't even start a game because the on screen commands said that X was both select and cancel. So pressing it Cancelled and nothing Selected. i couldn't start a game! In both situations, i went through all the buttons on the controller before giving up.

I have sent an email to the publishers, My.Games, and will leave a pinned comment if they have a solution to this issue. i'd rather it be something fixed in-game rather than something i have to solve by going through PS4 settings. I'm fairly sure it's because of the unique situation i'm in. I have a launch model Japanese PS4, where the O and X are switched when compared to American and European commands, and i imagine this game hasn't been designed correctly to deal with this. the best example is at the end when i can't start a game, the in-game graphics say X is Cancel whilst other in-game assets say X is select.

Version 1.12 Played