Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Nintendo Announce Deal With That Allows 3DS Owners Free Access To Over 5,000 Wifi Hotspots

Nintendo have announced a partnership with that gives 3DS owners free access to over 5,000 Wi-Fi Hotspots across 21 European Countries. these hotspots include fat food chains like McDonalds, Burger King, KFC, Subway, and Ibis Hotel And Etap Hotels.

Source: Nintendo UK

Nintendo Have Released A New Short Trailer For Rhythm Heaven Fever And Screenshots

Nintendo have released a new trailer and screenshots for Rhythm Heaven Fever. the trailer is a short trailer, showing some brief in-game action, and the screenshots also show in-game action from several of the mini-games.

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NIS America Have Released A New Trailer For Disgaea 3 On The PS Vita

NIS America have released a new trailer for the PS Vita version of Disgaea 3: Absence Of Detention. this trailer shows in-game and also shows many vita specific features, like new modes, Included DLC, and touch features. NIS America have also revealed the boxart, above, and that shows that the game needs 96 MB of space on a Memory card.

Source: USA Playstation Blog

Zero Punctuation - Star Wars: The Old Republic

this week tackles a MMORPG. instead of a full review, as that would take too much time, its more a first impression this week of Star Wars: The Old Republic. Yahtzee has never been a fan of moral choice conversations, but will the dark side/light side aspect of this game change his and find out.

Sega And Gearbox Have Released A New Cinematic Trailer For Aliens: Colonial Marines

Sega and Gearbox have released a new trailer for Aliens: Colonial Marines. this Cinematic trailer sets the scene for the game, a bunch of Marines trying to survive against the Aliens.

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Sega Have Released A New Video For Binary Domain Taken From An In-Game Cutscene

Sega have released a new video for Binary Domain. this video is taken from an early cutscene in the game. the video helps set the game's story and what you'll be doing.

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Sony Announce The PSN Will Be Offline For Scheduled Maintenance From 14.00 Thurs To 7.00 Friday 3rd February

Sony have announced some more PSN Scheduled Maintenance. This latest maintenance starts at 14.00, 2nd February and lasts until 7.00, 3rd February. these times are for the UK, at time of writing Sony hadn't announced if the USA or other countries would be affected. 

During the maintenance, you will be unable to access the following services: 
  • PlayStation Store on PS3 and PSP. 
  • PlayStation Network Account Management. 
  • PlayStation Network Account Registration. 
Source: EU Playstation Blog

Shuhei Yoshida, @yosp, Reveals Some Details About PS Vita 3G Usage

Since the data plans for the 3G PS Vita had been announced, i hadn't been able to find any information about how much the Vita would actually use. So, using my personal twitter account, i asked Shuhei Yoshida, aka @yosp.

"do you know how many MB's the PS Vita uses a month. is not clear if a 250MB data plan is enough, will Near use it all for example?" i Asked.

"Depends on what you do, not much by use of PS Vita features like near, Live Area, text messaging, high scores, item trade." replied Shuhei Yoshida

So it seems that if your only going to use the built in features of the Vita, you should be fine with a 250MB data plan, a month. its if your going to be doing other things like streaming video or multiplayer that you'll need a higher data plan.