Tuesday, April 19, 2011

THQ Have Released New Screenshots And Character Art For Saints Row The Third

THQ have released new screenshots and character art for Saints Row The Third. the screenshots show some of the create your own character customisation options and them shooting and getting up to stuff. the artwork shows some of the main characters in the game that you get to interact with.


Character Art

Guerrilla Games Detail Killzone 3 Patch 1.08

Guerrilla Games have announced patch 1.08 for Killzone 3. this patch is set to go live early next week. The patch notes are:
  • Fix for DLC map rotation - Matchmaking will make the closest possible match based on the maps players have and other players online. All maps will be included in the map voting when rolling over to the next round
  • Fix for a network error (5022) after respawning in Pyrrhus Crater
  • Fix for a crash in Kaznan Jungle at the end of the round
  • Fix for a crash in 16 user Custom Games on Corinth Highway

Source: Killzone.com

Nintendo Announce Price Drops For Wii Party And Wii Sports Resort In The USA From 25th April

Nintendo have announced that from 25th April, they are dropping the price of Wii Party and Wii Sports Resort in the USA. both games will have a suggested retail price of $39.99

Press Release

From sparking instant social fun with friends to putting an interactive twist on family gatherings, Nintendo's Wii Sports Resort™ and Wii Party™ games are surefire ways to get groups of all ages on their feet and laughing together. Starting April 25, each of these two must-have games for the motion-controlled Wii™ system are now even more accessible at a new suggested retail price of just $39.99. Both games offer hours of multiplayer enjoyment that friends and family members can share together, regardless of their age or prior experience with video games. Once the games get going, everyone wants to join in.

With a dozen resort-themed activities that maintain the wide-ranging appeal of the original Wii Sports™ game, Wii Sports Resort transports players to the tropical paradise of Wuhu Island. While there, every member of the household can get in on fun activities such as golf, basketball, archery, wakeboarding and Swordplay. As they swing the Wii Remote™ Plus controller (or a Wii Remote controller with a Wii MotionPlus™ attachment) like a golf club or wave it like a sword, players can watch their movements precisely replicated on-screen for an immersive, instantly enjoyable experience. Since launching in 2009, Wii Sports Resort has sold more than 10.7 million units in the United States alone.

Wii Party packs 13 party game modes and more than 80 minigames that will keep friends and family smiling and having a blast. Best of all, the game allows every player to take a turn in the spotlight by placing his or her customized Mii™ characters at the center of the action. Some of the included games put an interactive twist on popular board games like bingo, while others use the speaker and vibration functions of the Wii Remote to move the action beyond the TV screen and into the living room. In Hide 'n' Hunt, for example, players must locate Wii Remote controllers that have been hidden around the room, while Animal Tracker challenges them to pick up the Wii Remote making the correct animal sound.

Additional controllers are required for multiplayer modes and are sold separately.

For more information about Wii Sports Resort and Wii Party, visit http://www.wiisportsresort.com and http://www.wiiparty.nintendo.com.

The Re-Cap: News From QTE Gamers From Monday 18th April

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  • Crytek say they want the PS4 and new Xbox to come with a minimum of 8GB RAM, that 16x more than current consoles http://ht.ly/4CuGE
  • 3DS: Reggie Fils-Aime says learning from the Wii and DS Launches, Nintendo successfully stopped the 3DS From selling out http://ht.ly/4CuRD
  • Its rumoured Maximilian and the Rise of the Mutant Mudds is coming back after a website and twitter account appeared http://ht.ly/4CuTJ
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  • American James McGee reveals Alice: Madness Returns will get the first Alice game as free DLC, details other DLC http://ht.ly/4CAl5
  • its reported the ESRB lists Dino Crisis 2 as coming to the USA on PSP and PS3. PS1 Classics Release on PSN Speculated http://ht.ly/4CDn1
  • 3DS: Capcom's Masachika Kawata says Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D graphics blur line between handhelds and consoles http://ht.ly/4CDNH
  • iPhone: Reliable Analyst, it will have 8MP Rear Camera, same look, A5 Chip, out end of year, iPod Touch could be delayed http://ht.ly/4CFna
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  • 360: Microsoft announce their E3 press conference is on 6th June at 9AM PST, same day as Sony whose conference is 5PM PST http://ht.ly/4CLmG
  • Wii: Several retailers in the USA have dropped the price of the Wii to $169.99, from its previous price of $199.99 http://ht.ly/4CLpF
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