Saturday, May 25, 2024

Online Saturday - Foamstars - Rubber Duck Party Win And “One Man’s Dream” Story Video

For Online Saturday i'm back with Foamstars, from Square Enix and Toylogic. Foamstars is out across PS5 and PS4. I'll be playing the PlayStation 4 version of it. 

My goal was simple, win a Rubber Duck Party match. it's the last game mode i've yet to win, but it's difficult to get a match. the two games in this video took a long time. here in Japan, it doesn't seem to be a popular mode. it took two rotations of this mode to get these two videos, and i tried a further two that day and a couple of other rotations trying to get more games for a longer video. Even with the new 4.1 update, i've been unable to get another Rubber Duck Party Game.

I chose to remove nearly all the commentary as it was mostly me complaining about not getting games and complaining about my team mates. in the end, i felt like just listening to the games cool soundtrack was best.

A positive is i somehow unlocked the One Man’s Dream story video. it looks like you need to sit down on a couch for 5 minutes before the game begins the story. i've included that so you can see what i did to trigger the video.

Friday, May 24, 2024

Mobile Friday - Wuthering Waves - Too Broken On iPhone To Recommend

For Mobile Friday this week is i tried out Wuthering Waves, from developers Kuro Games.

This game only came out this week, but after playing it maybe it came out a bit too soon. i played it on my #iPhone 14 Pro and i had rough time. the most frustrating part for me was the framerate. when it worked, the combat was fast and flowed well. it was great working with my partner and doing combo attacks. but there were far fewer of those fights. often the combat, and most other aspects of the game, were plagued by slowdown and stuttering.

Other annoying issues included the sound. at times, the sound would get ahead of the video. so the sound would then stop, the video would play until it caught up with the sound, and then they'd continue. i also found the controls to be weird in that when i put my finger back on the screen there was a second or two where the character wouldn't move in the direction i wanted before then stopping and going where i wanted them to. it also got in the way of the soundtrack. it's hard to relax and enjoy the soundtrack when it pauses so frequently or, once or twice, seemingly doesn't play at all.

There were minor issues with pop-in with textures and when we got to an area with grass it was noticeable where the boundary was between the grass being drawn and not. those kinda issues i don't mind and understand. what i couldn't understand were some of the game design choices. Wuthering Waves says a lot in this first hour. there's near constant talking. most of it is well timed and well controlled so we get to hear all of it. and then there are sections where the talking is tied to places on the map. so i found myself starting one conversation and then abruptly ending it with another conversation as i moved across the map. 

The subtitles couldn't help as they too had issues. in the beginning there's small section where the subtitles get in the way of the Home Bar. those subtitles are also much bigger than the typical ones, but there were also some smaller than that. some subtitles scroll, whilst others need you to manually scroll them. and once or twice some of the subtitles looked incomplete.

Between looking at the beautiful world Kuro Games have made and the fun to play combat, it often felt like there was too much being said too quickly. i couldn't take it all in, i was being overloaded with information. it felt like this came at the cost of a tutorial as what the game had seemed basic and barebones. for example, i picked up a sword and yet the game never showed me how to equip it. the weapon screen mentioned upgrades, but again there was no tutorial telling me what to do. i can understand if these are done later, but if you're going to have gameplay mechanics that use them from the start then they need to be tutorialized from the start. i also feel that combat needs to be paused when new items are introduced. when a new button appeared in the middle of combat, with so much happening at once, it was difficult to hear what they wanted me to do and too easy to hit the new button before it was explained. if there was a pause when the button was introduced, they could tell me what it does and then un pause and let me do it.

with the game in such a state on iPhone 14 pro, i can't recommend it for anyone with the same phone or later. the iPhone 15 pro might have enough power to force a stable framerate and fix other issues. the new #ipadpro might be able to do the same. but for now, for everyone else, i don't recommend starting the game. Oh, and if you do start the game do it on wifi as the game will not warn you that it'll download over 6GB of data. in this video you'll see that it forced me to restart the game. and when i did it didn't work correctly. i HDMI out the video so i can capture it, and you'll see black from the capture as what i saw on my screen wasn't being outputted. and then i got stuck as the sign up appeared on TV and not my screen. so i had to restart it a second time for everything to work.

Version 1.0.0 Played.

Thursday, May 23, 2024

Demo Play Thursday - ANTONBLAST On Switch

For this week's Demo Play Thursday i played the Nintendo Switch version of ANTONBLAST, developed by Summitsphere.

When i saw the trailer for this game, my first thought was that speed was going to be what made this difficult. i've played too many games over the years that have used speed as a difficulty, where levels aren't designed for flow from start to finish but rather they're obstacles you have to dodge whilst going fast. I was glad that ANTONBLAST had a demo as i would be able to try it and see just how tough of a game it might be.

I'm happy to say that ANTONBLAST isn't that kind of game. as i say in the video, the nostalgia is strong with this one but in a good way. it reminded me of the Sega Mega Drive era. But for me, more importantly, the two levels i played taught me to trust the game. it has speed, it has platforming, but neither of those two levels felt designed in such a way that there were things deliberately put in our way.

What was also good were the controls. when our character was moving quick, i felt in control and the character was immediately responsive. again, this took a little time to adjust to as there were moments where i was ready to readjust the controls as i'm not used to games like this feeling this good.

I liked how the demo, and i assume the game, wasn't afraid to lean into silliness. there were signs clearly saying what to do or showing where to go. narratively these don't make sense, but visually they worked as the game doesn't take itself too serious. What i was missing, and perhaps this is explained in the final game, was context for part 2 of playing through a level. in part 1, you're making your way from left to right. but in part 2, there's a countdown and a sense of urgency as you have to make your way back to the start as fast as you can. i enjoyed playing this mode, but i have no context what it's all about. 

This time trialling a level reminded me of when i played Rayman Legends on Wii U, i really enjoyed the two online modes that game had. in one your goal is to beat a set level as fast as you can. in the other, your goal is to get as far as you can. i hope that the team behind ANTONBLAST is able to put in leaderboards for this second part of a level as it would be fun to race against friends. Kind of what happened with Astro's Playroom on PS5.

this demo for ANTONBLAST is good so i would recommend it to anyone looking for some nostalgia or platforming or both. but i had such a great time with the game i would say it's well worth buying. i even enjoyed the music. from what i played it felt like a complete package, it has taken great inspirations from the past but created it's own game. so it feels familiar but also fresh and maybe, like me, you have to learn to trust the game and it's design as it's not out to get you.

Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Backlog Conquering - Tearaway: Unfolded On #PS4 - Part 3 - Learning To Roll

Tearaway: Unfolded put me back a little further away than i expected after part 2,, and i'm not sure if that's because i misjudged where the auto save was or what. it didn't take long to get back and ahead of the last video, but it was weird. 

The video is titled Learning To Roll because, like last video, it changes the gameplay in fun ways. not only is it a way to get from A to B, the game also uses it to introduce small holes we can enter, either as secrets or as ways to continue making progress. but where it seemed to work best was with the enemies. there's a new one that has legs that can kick you away like a football but all we need to do is roll to it's back and then attack. the other enemies are also more easily dealt with as they are now easily stunned when hit so we can pick them up and throw them to defeat them. 

Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Stories on Tuesday - Alternate Jake Hunter: Daedalus - The Awakening of Golden Jazz - Part 13

Hello and welcome to Part 13, the final part, of the new series here on QTE Gamers!

The goal with Stories on Tuesday is to play games with a heavy focus on their story. this can be Visual Novel games, like today's game, or it can be something more episodic. For me, it's a style of game i've not really explored. i have several games across a few platforms that i haven't played but i bought them because i wanted to. So now the time has come for me to experience these sorts of games.

Our debut game is Alternate Jake Hunter: Daedalus - The Awakening of Golden Jazz. I have the game on PS4 via DISC but i'll be playing the PlayStation Plus version of the game that's been downloaded to my PlayStation 4.

This is the final part, the conclusion to the story we've told whilst we play this game. We managed to complete this part with only one more death. but it was the "True Evil" ending which means we never found out who killed our Grandfather, the reason why we came all the way from Japan to New York. The point of this series isn't to get the perfect ending, it's to tell the story we get from the game. so whilst i'm a little sad that we didn't solve this final mystery, i'm happy to have got a story.

If you're interested in watching the stories unfold without my commentary, head over to Ko-Fi. there, you can subscribe to the "Stories on Ko-Fi" which will let you watch all the stories. This tier will always be one week ahead of the free video on QTE Gamer's YouTube Channel. Or, of course, you can head to and donate via PayPal.

Monday, May 20, 2024

Cloud Monday - Far: Changing Tides - Part 1 - Interesting Positives And Negatives Streaming It

This week's Cloud Monday video is part 1 of playing the PS4 version of Far: Changing Tides via the PlayStation Plus Cloud Streaming Service to my Japanese launch model PlayStation 4.

One of the reasons i wanted to play Far: Changing Tides was because of the art in the icon. i really like it. i also have a memory of people talking about this game when it came out positively. as a game being streamed from the cloud, one aspect i wanted to look at was if the water, and possible water spray and particles, would degrade the video much like how confetti can hammer the bitrate of a YouTube Video.

This part didn't go as expected. right from the beginning i had some issues with the game being streamed to me. Part 2 will be interesting to see if this is a common issue with this game or just a one off due to my internet itself. we had all the issues; Stream Tearing, when there's grey on screen as the video frame lacks information, Macro Blocking, where instead of fine detail we get larger squares of color, Zebra Striping, where there's black and white lines appearing, Color Banding, where there are noticeable bands of color as it changes shade, and the stability warning on the right side of the screen.

But because of the game's design, many of these weren't anything more than noticeable and didn't get in the way of gameplay. for example, when there was macro blocking or zebra striping i was able to adjust the camera down in the water or zoom it in and out. this changed the background and the issues went away. There's no text so macro blocking didn't get in the way. the backgrounds are large and distinct so they were always clear. so whilst these were distracting, they didn't stop progression in the game.

I was nervous tho as we quickly learned that this game doesn't have a manual save. there didn't seem to be anything in-game i could do to trigger a manual save. we were relying on the auto save. it does tell us when the last auto save was, but it seemed that the auto save only triggers when reaching set pieces and kinda like at checkpoints whilst solving the set piece puzzles. The problem is, there's travelling to these set pieces. so when the 20 second countdown starts to when we're kicked off the service, you're most likely stuck with  what ever the last auto save was.

Or, like me, you're stuck waiting for an autosave so you can quit the game. that's one reason why this video is a long as it is. i was waiting for an autosave but at the end of the video i was seemingly travelling to a set piece. there's also no quit game/exit option.

So that's why the title of this video is that there are positive and negatives. on one hand, the game's design meant that whilst there were streaming issues, they never got in the way of progression. the music sounded great, the controls were fine tho platforming could've been better but i think that's more down to the game rather than streaming issues, and i could use things like the zoom and camera to remove some of the visual issues. and yet on the other hand how this game saves just isn't suitable when there's only a 20 second warning before being disconnected. if there was a quick save option, this would be easy to recommend. but as it is, it's starting to look like Far: Changing Tides would be better downloaded than played from the cloud.

Sunday, May 19, 2024

Switch Funday - Splatoon 3 - May's Weekend Splatfest Tricolor - 15 Battles 7 Wins!

Welcome to Switch Funday.
It's day two of May's Splatfest weekend so today's video focuses on the Tricolor game mode in Splatoon 3. 

The goal of Tricolor is for all three teams to play in the same match. Often this isn't that successful. when Splatoon 3 is unable to make such a match, it'll default to 3 teams of the same team. So in this Splatfest, that's Same Ol' and Same Ol' Vs. Same Ol'. What i'm shocked to say is that this only happened once! i can't think of another Splatfest where we played soo many matches with all three teams.

As ever i played 5 games each with 3 different weapons. i bought some new ones after yesterday's video so this Splatfest was the first time using them. First up was the Forge Splattershot Pro. i enjoyed the extra power and inking potential, but it didn't seem to damage the enemy as much as i'd hope and used a lot of ink. and for some reason my aim with it was terrible. Next was the Nautilus 79. I had a great time with this weapon. it inked, it hit, and it didn't use a lot of ink. i had a 5 game winning streak with this weapon! Finally was the Ballpoint Splatling. This was much more difficult as it switched from close up to long range. it was fine, but the results weren't great and i'll need more practice with it in the future.