Saturday, December 10, 2022

Online Saturday - Splatoon 3 - Big Run December Event

I'm back with Splatoon 3 to try out the Big Run. It was added to the game in the Chill Season update, game update 2.0.0, but didn't start until this weekend, December 10-12. 

In today's video, i play about an hour of this new game mode. Splatoon 3 is up to update 2.0.1, i think it fixes the brush and roller issues introduced in 2.0.0. I've played a few Salmon Runs so far so i kinda knew what could happen. But this Big Run takes place on a new map, Wahoo World. So i was a little unfamiliar with the layout of the map. there were also a few waves where i hadn't played their rules before so i was caught off guard a few times.

Despite all that, i had a fun time and actually won a few games. I was able to get the December Salmon Run item twice, an Astro Helm, too! If you've played Salmon Run, you basically know what to expect. if this is your first time, well each game of Big Run is split into 3 waves. you play all three on the same map, but possibly at different areas of it. Water levels could also change between waves meaning the areas of the map you can access also change. As with any Splatoon 3 video i do, i fell into the water a couple of times. i thought the range of weapons you could be assigned at the start of each wave was greater than any Salmon Run i've played before. the positive there being i got to try a weapon i haven't used at yet in all my hours of playing Splatoon 3 and i got to use a trusty 'brella!