Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Is the PSP 4000 or 2 in Home?

i just sent a message to ps3 fanboy about this very topic, but thought i would share my thoughts on here also.
it is fairly certain that there is a new psp coming, whether it is the 2 or 4000 model. so i was browsing the interwebs looking at peoples ideas for it when i stumbled upon this
this looks awfully close to the home menu thing, and it made me wonder. could the home menu thing be the psp 4000 model?
the previous home device was the original psp, and what better place to try out a new design than with people who use playstation stuff in an enviorment which they would use it often.
of course this is just conjecture, but i wouldn't be surprise if the new model looked awfully simular to that home menu device, or the photoshop.

pictures from these links respectivly.