Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Nintendo Announce New Black Wii Bundle Comes Out 23rd Ocotber, Has New Super Mario Bros And Mario Galaxy Soundtrack

Nintendo have announced a new Wii bundle is coming out 23rd October in the USA. this bundle comes with a Black redesigned Wii (The version that has no Gamecube support) , New Super Mario Bros. The soundtrack to Super Mario Galaxy, a Black Wii Remote Plus and a Black Nunchcuk. this new bundle has a suggested retail price of $149.99. 

Nintendo have announced that the current Wii Bundle, which is either white or black and it comes with Mario Kart and the Wii Wheel accessory, will continue to be aviable and will continue to cost $149.99.

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Sega Announce Sonic Generations Is Coming To PC On 4th November

Sega have announced Sonic Generations is coming to PC on 4th November, the same date as the console versions. the game will be made available via PC Download services, like Steam. like the console versions, Sonic Generations on PC will support stereoscopic 3D and will contain Achievements and online leaderboards. another Steamwork feature included is Steam Cloud, where your game save is uploaded to Steam Servers.


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Microsoft Announce A 320GB Xbox 360 S Hard Drive Comes Out This Month

Microsoft have announced a 320 GB HDD is coming out for the Xbox 360 S. this HDD is coming out worldwide in Ocotber. the USA price is $129.99 whilst the UK Price is £79.99. This HDD will come with a voucher to download the full game of Lego Star Wars III: The Clone Wars.

Source: MajorNelson And Eurogamer

Sony Announce Gran Turismo 5 Update 2.0 Is Out And Detail The October 18th DLC

Gran Turismo 5 update 2.0 is out now, those who have Playstation Plus may find they have already downloaded the update. to get the new opening movie for Gran Turismo 5, you need to head to GT TV from the main menu, go to Hot on top left, and click to download the new movie (its 590MB in size). Sony have also announced the first DLC for Gran Turismo 5 is coming out 18th October worldwide. in all there will be 4 different packs released, they are:

The Racing Car Pack, €7.99 / $7.99: 
this pack comes with 15 vehicles including PDI-designed Mazda RX-7, Subaru Impreza, Mitsubishi Lancer Evo X, Dodge Challenger SRT8, Nissan GT-R, and Honda CR-Z. there is also a race tuned Toyota Prius, 3 new racing Karts, and the never before seen Red Bull X2011 Prototype.

The Course Pack, €3.99/ $4.99
This pack adds Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps (aka Spa) to the game as well as a Kart circuit designed by Polyphony Digital.

The Racing Gear Pack, €1.99 / $2.99
This pack adds 90 pieces of racing gear to the game. this includes suits and helmets, 2010 and 2011 NASCAR suits and helmets of the top 4 NASCAR Drivers and 4 other celebrity drivers (including Sebastien Loeb and Peter Solberg)

The Paint Pack, €1.99 / $1.99
This pack brings 100 new paint colours to the game for car customisation. it includes new shades of matte, chrome and aluminium colours

The Complete Pack, €11.99 /  $11.99 (Playstation Plus 1 month discount price €8.99)
This pack comes with all the packs mentioned above. the USA Playstation Plus discount price has yet to be revealed.

All Gran Turismo 5 owners have been given a free car. this is the Red Bull x2010 Prototype, which we all get because the Red Bull F1 driver Sebastian Vettel has won the F1 2011 World Title. this car is given as a gift to those who have their PS3's online.

Sources: USA and EU Playstation Blog

Microsoft Announce A New Xbox 360 System Update Is Out, Brings No New Features

Microsoft have announced a new Xbox 360 system update is out now. Microsoft say this update brings no new features to the Xbox 360, its a general system maintenance update.

Source: Major Nelson

Activision Have Released A New Prototype 2 Video Featuring Devs Talking About Combat

Activision have released a new video for Prototype 2. this video features several of the games developers talking about combat in the game. as well as highlighting the new additions to combat, they discuss what fans had issues with in the first game and how they've fixed them in 2, the big example given was how much easier and better it is to fight a group of enemies now compared to Prototype 1.

Watch Prototype 2 - Combat dev talk in Tech & Gaming  |  View More Free Videos Online at Veoh.com

Namco Bandai Announce Tales Of The Abyss Comes Out 25th November and Release 2 Character Trailers

Namco Bandai have announced the European release of Tales Of The Abyss. the game is set to come out on 25th November. Tales Of The Abyss tells the story of Luke fon Fabre, he has been isolated from the world and spoiled by his Aristocratic family. he is suddenly pushed into the world and forced to embark on an adventure, one he's ill-equipped for. Lukes decisions in the game could either save the world or bring about its destruction. Namco Bandai have also released 2 new character videos.

Guy Cecil
Watch Tales Of The Abyss - Guy Cecil Character trailer in Tech & Gaming | View More Free Videos Online at Veoh.com
Anise Tatlin
Watch Tales Of The Abyss - Anise Tatlin Character Trailer in Tech & Gaming | View More Free Videos Online at Veoh.com


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