Saturday, April 16, 2011

Capcom Have Detailed Yesterdays Marvel Vs Capcom 3 Patch

Marvel Vs Capcom 3 was patched yesterday and Capcom have provided patch notes. most changes were bug fixes and some minor gameplay tweaks.
  • Fixed bug where a cross counter and X-factor activation would cause Ryu to float if using the β or γ assists.
  • Fixed bug involving snapping out Zero during the activation of his Shadow Clone, which was disabling control of that player's characters.
  • Fixed bug involving the hit stun for Captain America's Shield Slash against Ryu, Amaterasu, and Hulk, which was allowing an unintended combo.
  • Fixed bug for displaying more than 128 victories in a game lobby.
  • Fixed bug involving Haggar blocking an attack in the air, immediately after using the Hoodlum Launcher.
  • Fixed bug for displaying consecutive victories over 99 in Player Match.
  • Fixed bug that allowed an infinite combo by Amaterasu against Taskmaster (Standing), Amaterasu(Standing or Ducking), Zero (Standing), and Shuma-Gorath (Ducking). Bug fix involved Amaterasu's Solar Flare attack (x5) and Power Slash combo.
  • Fixed bug where Spencer's Bionic Maneuvers would cause Viewtiful Joe and Arthur to be stuck in the ground, when used as part of a combo with Haggar's Rapid Fire Fist.
  • Fixed bug where Specner's Bionic Maneuvers would cause the damage to display incorrectly, when used in a combo with Haggar's Steel Pipe and Rapid Fire Fist.
Source: Capcom Unity

Media Molecule Announce There Are Now Over 4 Million User Created PS3 Little Big Planet Levels

Media Molecule have announced there are now over 4 million user created Little Big Planet levels. this is spread across both Little Big Planet 1 and 2, as Little Big Planet 2 can play levels created in the first game. Media Molecule have also announced Tron costumes and level kits are coming as DLC on 26th April. There will be a Killzone 3 MiniPack in May also.

Sony Have Released A New Kevin Butler Advert For SOCOM 4: US Navy Seals

Sony have released a new Kevin Butler Advert. this advert has Kevin Butler, VP Of Silent But Deadly, preparing to join a U.S. Navy SEALs team whilst in-game footage of SOCOM 4: US Navy Seals is played.

Source: USA Playstation Blog

TellTale Announce Puzzle Agent Is Coming To The PS3 On 19th April

TellTale have announced Puzzle Agent is coming to the PS3 PSN on 19th April. the PS3 version features a tweaked UI, over the PC version, which helps with the games immersion. Puzzle Agent will cost $9.99.

Source: USA Playstation Blog

EA Have Revealed The Boxart For Alice: Madness Returns

EA have revealed the boxart for Alice: Madness Returns, a game that comes out on 14th June in the USA and 16th June across the EU.


Sony Announce Motorstorm Apocalypse Comes Out In The USA On 3rd May

Sony announce Motorstorm Apocalypse is coming out in the USA on 3rd May. every new copy of the game will come with a voucher code for the Premier Pack DLC Bundle which gives you 2 exclusive in-game vehicles, pictured above, and more.

Source: USA Playstation Blog

Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment Have Detailed The Multiplayer Modes In F.E.A.R.3

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment have detailed the Multiplayer modes in F.E.A.R.3. in all there are 4 game modes. 3 of the game modes are inspired by horror books. Fu**ing Run! is inspired by the cover of John Carpenter’s Prince of Darkness. Contractions is inspired by John Carpenter’s The Fog, and Soul Survivor is inspired by Inspired by Steve Niles’ 30 Days of Night

The first, Fu**ing Run!, has your team running away from a wall of death. if any member of your team is caught by the wall then the whole team has lost. slowing you down is Armacham forces who you have to fight past. Contractions has your team fighting off waves of Alma's Minions. you have to work together to collect weapons and build barricades. but with each wave of minions a fog gets thicker and deeper and inside are very dangerous enemies, including Alma. Soul Survivor is a mode that has you working as a team fighting against soldiers. but, Alma will corrupt 1 member of your team forcing them to attack their squad. each team member the corrupted gets will join the corrupted side and join in getting the other team members. Soul King has players starting out as a Spectre. you have the ability to possess human enemies. you have to fight to get control of one of the AI's and kill the AI's before other Spectre's can. for each kill you get a soul, but if your killed you loose half of the souls you've collected.

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Press Release

Once you’ve dominated Armacham’s army and Alma’s minions, take on multiplayer! Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment reveals a full line-up of multiplayer modes for the upcoming F.E.A.R. 3 videogame, including a brand new multiplayer trailer and screenshots from each mode.

Summary of modes:

Fu**ing Run!
Chased by Alma’s always-encroaching Wall of Death, the F.E.A.R. squad must push forward through Armacham forces and reach the checkpoints before they are swallowed up. If any team-mate is lost to Alma’s Wall of Death, it is game over for everyone. The only way to survive is to F**king Run! Alma’s Wall of Death was inspired by the cover of John Carpenter’s Prince of Darkness.

Contractions places gamers as members of an isolated F.E.A.R. squad facing off against Alma’s minions. As a team you must work together to collect weapons and build barricades during the calm between Alma’s contractions. Each time a contraction hits, a wave of supernatural and possessed enemies flood into the area. To make matters worse, a paranormal fog rolls in with each wave, getting thicker and deeper as you try to make your last stand. Dangerous things lurk in the fog, including Alma herself. Only by cooperating can the squad survive all twenty waves. Inspired by John Carpenter’s The Fog.

Soul Survivor
Soul Survivor adds a twist to the cooperative gaming experience. While players are working together as a team to survive attacks from incoming soldiers, Alma will corrupt one of the team, forcing the player to turn against their allies. The Chosen Player has a set amount of time to split up the F.E.A.R. squad and Corrupt them, all while the Armacham soldiers continue assaulting the team. Each player that is picked off joins the Corrupted side and must help to exterminate the remaining squad members. Only the strongest player can make it out alive as the Soul Survivor. Inspired by Steve Niles’ 30 Days of Night where the survivors are taken down one by one and turned against those that remain.

Soul King
All players start as a Spectre, a ghost with the ability to possess human enemies. Players fight to possess and kill AI combatants, as well as collect the caches of souls that other players release once killed. Picking up souls adds to your points, but if you’re killed you lose half your souls. The player with the highest score at the end of the timed round is the Soul King.

This Weeks UK WiiWare, DSiWare, And Virtual Console Releases

Nintendo UK have detailed the games that came out on the UK Virtual Console, WiiWare, and DSiWare stores. in all there are 4 new games and 1 new demo. i have included the screenshots that i have, but if you head to the link below you can watch a gameplay video for each of the games.

Virtual Console

Adventure Island II – NES


Where's Wally? Fantastic Journey 2

WiiWare Demos

Learning with the PooYoos: Episode 3

Nintendo DSiWare

Hellokids - Vol. 1 Coloring and Painting
Successfully Learning English Year 2

Source: Nintendo UK

Valve Have Released A New Portal 2 "Viral" Trailer For Long Fall Boots

valve have released a new trailer for Portal 2. this trailer is a viral trailer and shows how they are dealing with the issue of test subjects breaking the Portal Gun. now, if the test subject falls from a great height, they are equipped with Long Fall Boots to ensure when they land they don't die and break the gun.

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The Re-Cap: News From QTE Gamers From Friday15th April

  • QTE Blog: The Re-Cap: News From QTE Gamers From Thursday 14th April
  • QTE Blog: Hit X Podcast: All The News From QTE Gamers From Thursday 14th April
  • Top USA March games, Pokemon White, Pokemon Black, Homefront, Dragon Age 2, Call of Duty Black Ops, Lego Star Wars III
  • Microsoft reveal the Xbox 360 sold 430,000 in March in USA to be top selling console. DS reportedly sells more than 3DS
  • QTE Blog: Sony Announce Playstation 3 Sales Have Reached 50 Million And Playstation Move Sells Over 8 Million
  • Wii2: rumoured to come 2012, HD graphics, backwards compatible, more powerful than PS3/360, more accurate than Move
  • Ex BioWare lead level designer, Rafael Brown, wrote on his LinkedIn profile he worked on Jade Profile 2 for 360/PS3/PC
  • QTE Blog: 2K Have Released A New Trailer For Carnival Games: In Action
  • QTE Blog: Neverrealm Studios Have Released A New Mortal Kombat Trailer Showing King Of The Hill
  • PS3: Valve confirm Portal 2 won't support keyboard and mouse on the PS3, say a controller works great
  • Portal 2 ARG is ending, but one final test needs to be completed, doing so unlocks game early
  • QTE Blog: Capcom Have Released A New Trailer For Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City
  • DS: Endgame Studios announce they now have a publisher for Fractured Soul, Graffiti Entertainment bringing it to USA 2011
  • Android: Google announce that 3 Billion apps have been installed on Android phones, App installation up 50% over Q4 2010 + more
  • QTE Blog: 505 Games And NaturalMotion Games Announce Backbreaker: Vengeance For Xbox Live Arcade
  • A new job posting has been found for Blizzard for a new unannounced game that's recently been started
  • Wii: The Japan Boxart for Pandora's Tower has been revealed, Ende character looks like Noctis from Final Fantasy VS XIII
  • QTE Blog: Namco Bandai Have Released New Screenshots And A Gameplay Video For One Piece: Gigant Battle
  • QTE Blog: Nintendo Announce Pokémon Black And White sold Nearly 2.5 Million Units In March In The USA
  • QTE Blog: Warner Bros. Have Released A New Trailer For Green Lantern: Rise Of The Manhunters