Thursday, October 23, 2014

Tokyo Game Show 2014

this won't be a succinct post like my previous news stories. but yes, after nearly a year, i am back. i did manage to get to japan, but this post isn't about that.

i have never been to a games event like Tokyo Game Show, or E3, or anything simular. i was offered the chance to do interviews at them but i never had the means, money, or both to actually go. but Tokyo Game Show was a hour or two in Chiba, yeh not actually in Tokyo or even close to the Tokyo boundaries...but Chiba game show lacks a certain sense of grandeur.

i went on the first public day, Saturday 20th...and left an impression for sure. it really turn out how i expected in some ways. i may not have been to a show before, but i've watched several on sites like GameSpot over the years to get some idea how it would be. i don't regret going, i will probably go again next year. just a word of advice, it's not a easy day out and don't be surprised if your leaving sooner than you think.