Saturday, August 28, 2010

Konami Have Released New Screenshots, Character Art, And A Trailer For Adrenalin Misfits

Konami have released new screenshots, Character Art, and a trailer for their upcoming Xbox 360 Kinect game, Adrenalin Misfits. currently, this 1-2 player Kinect game does not have a release date but it does 7 worlds to race in and 50 boards to try to win. The trailer shows in-game action and how you use Kinect with the game, revealing the game to be a board racing game. the screenshots are also in-game and show a couple of different tracks and characters in the game.


Character Art

Fact Sheet

Publisher: Konami Digital Entertainment, Inc.
Developer: Konami Digital Entertainment Co., Ltd.
Release Date: TBD
Platform(s): Kinect for Xbox 360
ESRB: E (anticipated)
Genre: Action
Multiplayer: 1 – 2

Brief Game Description:
Experience Konami’s first ever Microsoft Kinect title with full body motion controls! ADRENALIN MISFITS thrusts gamers into 7 unbelievable fantasy worlds with exciting sideways stance, boarding battles in amazing environments. Compete in crossboarding action through freestyle, time and collection challenges against boss characters each with unique abilities. Battle Boss’ from around the world growing your abilities and gaining more impressive boards each with their own special features. Win a race, steal that boss’ board and do battle to collect all 50. Kinect controls mean anyone can play because your body is the controller. The Kinect camera reads your body’s natural motions converting them into character actions on screen. It’s not just a race, it’s a battle!

Key Features:
• Kinect full body motion controls mean anyone can compete and play in single player mode or two player battles
• Perform tricks, ride and glide in this snowboard inspired riding game by moving your head, feet and body
• Kinect sound controls mean that the more your friends and family cheer the faster your rider will go
• Race through 7 unique fantasy worlds including the snowy mountain, stormy desert, glacier lands, limestone caves, volcanoes and more
• Compete, win and become one of 7 monsters you just defeated or play as an original avatar or XBOX 360 avatar
• Win tournaments and acquire as many as 50 crossboards each with special abilities
• Various items scattered around the course can be acquired to amp up your boards abilities like speed boosts, special attack powers and shooting abilities
• Track rankings, time and scores with other players via live leader boards
• Challenges include time challenges

Konami Have Released New Screenshots For Hard Corps Uprising

Konami have released new screenshots for the upcoming XBLA and PS3 PSN game, Hard Corps Uprising. the name, Hard Corps Uprising, is a working title and it could change in the future. these screenshots are in-game and appear to be from the same one level and they mostly show the main character taking on a large number of enemies.


Konami Have Released New Screenshots And A Trailer For Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Transer

Konami have released new screenshots and a trailer for Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Transer on the Nintendo Wii. both the screenshots and trailer show in-game footage with the trailer showing CGi cutscenes of the various characters and monsters in the game and the screenshots showing in-game action. the screenshots show card battles, online options, some of the games overworld, and a function that describes a cards abilities.


Funcom Have Released New Screenshots, Concept Art, And A Video For The Secret World

Funcom have released new screenshots, concept art and a video for their upcoming MMO, The Secret World. Funcom have released these to provide a glimpse at the start of The Secret World, focusing on London and the Templars. The video shows what happens after you've created your character, it shows how your character is given powers and the consequences of that. The video features many members of the team behind the game and they explain what's happening to you character and what the next step will be. In the video, the character they created joins the Templars, and the video shows their hideout and some parts of London.

The Screenshots and Concept art are also from this stage of the game, and choosing the Templars. some of them are shown in the video, whilst some of the screens and concept art show more depth of the Tube battle that the video ends with.


Concept Art

Character Art

Press Release

Durham, USA – August 27th, 2010 – Funcom is thrilled to be able to give gamers a unique glimpse into the starter experience for new players in ‘The Secret World’, the company’s upcoming modern-day massively multiplayer online game. Through exclusive new footage and developer interviews, viewers get an idea of what locations they will visit, what characters they will meet and what gameplay mechanics they will get to play around with if they start out as a Templars character in London. In ‘The Secret World’ players can choose to begin as a Templars, Illuminati or Dragon character.

Depending on what secret society you choose, you either begin in New York, Seoul or London. This newly released video focuses on the starter experience for a Templars character in London.

“It feels great being able to show the world some of the exciting stuff that we are working on,” says Senior Producer and Game Director Ragnar Tørnquist. “It might only be scratching the surface of the vast universe of ‘The Secret World’, but this video gives a unique glimpse into what Templars players will experience when they first enter the game. We look forward to revealing even more soon, not only about the Illuminati and Dragon secret societies, but the game and the world as a whole.”

Funcom attended this year’s GamesCom in Cologne, Germany, where Mr. Tørnquist and Mr. Bruusgaard presented all new content and gameplay to the media. The embargo for this presentation is lifted today, and those interested in ‘The Secret World’ can look forward to new information and visuals hitting the web during the next few days. Press can download new screenshots, artworks and video material from the official press FTP

‘The Secret World’ is Funcom’s third massively multiplayer game, having previously developed the award-winning ‘Anarchy Online’ and the best selling new MMO of 2008 ‘Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures’. The game features a modern-day, real world setting where every myth, conspiracy theory and urban legend is true, and where thousands of players from all over the world must join one of three secret societies in the fight against darkness – and each other. For more information visit the official website. ‘The Secret World’ is currently in development and no release date has been announced.

ABOUT FUNCOM - Funcom is an independent developer and publisher of online games for PC and consoles. Funcom has provided outstanding entertainment since 1993 and continues to expand its track-record of more than twenty released games. Recent titles include ‘Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures’, ‘The Longest Journey', 'Anarchy Online' and 'Dreamfall: The Longest Journey'. For corporate information please visit For information about Funcom games visit, Funcom is listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange under the ticker FUNCOM.

The names of actual companies and products mentioned herein may be the trademarks of their respective owners.

Nintendo Have Released A New Trailer For Metroid: Other M

Nintendo have released a new trailer for Metroid: Other M. this trailer contains some spoilers for the plot of the game. the trailer featuers in-game footage of mostly Samus beating various aliens, but it also shows her interacting with another team and some of the games plot.

THQ Have Released A New Trailer For uDraw Tablet And uDraw Studio

THQ have released a new trailer for the Nintendo Wii uDraw Tablet peripheral. this trailer shows an artist, David Jan Kassan, using uDraw Studio to paint a model. the trailer shows many of uDraw Studio's features and artist tools as well as how the WiiMote is used for additional controls on the uDraw Tablet.

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  • A Survey in UK reveals only 2% are considering a 3D TV Purchase, that's 89 of 4199 surveyed.
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  • Wii: Metroid Other M review scores are live. its getting a range of scores, most very high, couple middling, 1 low