Friday, January 18, 2013

Bethesda Announce The Elder Scrolls V DLC Is Coming To PS3, Dragonborn, Hearthfire And Dawnguard Out by End Of February

Bethesda have announced The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim DLC is coming to the PS3. Bethesda aim to have all of the Skyrim DLC that has been released on the Xbox 360 out on PS3 before the end of February. 

However, first there will be a title update for the game. update 1.8 will come out before the first DLC is released. details on this update have not been revealed as yet. after this update, the first DLC released will be Dragonborn.

  • Explore beyond Skyrim: Leave the province of Skyrim and travel to the coastal island of Solstheim. Encounter the Dark Elven settlers of Raven Rock and the native Skaal, as you unravel the mystery of a Dragonborn’s return.
  • Become the ultimate Dragonborn: Harness the power of the Voice as you face off against the first Dragonborn. Wield new shouts and spells including Dragon Aspect – allowing you to summon the inner power of a dragon to deliver colossal blows and strengthen other shouts.
  • New powers: Discover dark powers as you journey into a new Daedric realm. Collect books of forbidden knowledge and choose new paths for your skills and abilities.
  • New dungeons, creatures, weapons, and more: Suit up in Bonemold and Chitin armors and wield Stalhrim weapons as you navigate through a myriad of dungeons. Battle formidable foes like Ash Spawn, Rieklings, and more.

After Dragonborn, the next piece of DLC will be Hearthfire:
  • Choose your land: Choose from property in the salt marshes of Hjaalmarch, the forests of Falkreath, or the vast tundra of The Pale. For the more ambitious landowner, purchase multiple plots and start building a real estate empire.
  • Customise your home - Expand your home with a variety of room combinations including an armory, alchemy tower, kitchen, trophy room and more. Grow plants in your new greenhouse, cultivate slaughterfish in the fish hatchery, house your Arcane Enchanter in the enchanting tower, or display your latest conquest in the trophy room. Add additional features like stables, mills, smelters, gardens and more.
  • New objectives and interactions: Guard your home from unwanted visitors like marauding kidnappers, armed bandits, and skeever infestations. Turn almost any follower into your personal steward to improve and protect your home. Or if you require more help, hire a personal bard or carriage driver to ease the burdens of home ownership.
  • Adoption: Transform your house into a home with Hearthfire’s all-new adoption system. Adopt children and discover new ways to interact with your family. Play games with the kids, allow them to have pets and gain new bonuses from having a family.

The Final Piece of DLC will be Dawnguard:

  • New weapons, armour, spells and shouts: Join the Dawnguard and wield all new crossbows and craft your own arrows, bolts, and Dragonbone weapons. Use new weapons, armour, spells and shouts, including the Soul Tear shout – that rips the souls from your enemies and turns them into your minions.
  • Become a vampire lord: Side with the vampires and become a Vampire Lord yourself. Hover across the ground, turn yourself into bats, levitate your enemies as you drain their life, and more. The Vampire Lord features its own upgradable perk system.
  • Werewolf Perks added: Playing as a werewolf now has its own upgradable perk system including Bestial Strength, Animal Vigor, and Savage Feeding.
  • New locations and creatures: Choose from two new fortresses to upgrade and call home, Castle Volkihar or Fort Dawnguard. Discover lost valleys and travel to a new realm of Oblivion, the Soul Cairn. Battle new creatures including Death Hounds, Gargoyles, Armored Trolls, and all new vampires and dragons.

Each of these pieces of DLC will be 50% off during its launch week on the PSN.

Source: EU Playstation Blog And Bethesda Blog

PQube And Milestone Have Announce MotoGP 2013, Coming To PS3, PS Vita, Xbox 360 And PC

PQube and Milestone have revealed MotoGP 13 for PC, Xbox 360, PS3 and PS Vita. coming later in 2013, MotoGP 13 features all the tracks and riders of the 2013 season. the game has been built on a new game engine that aims to make the game more realistic via Graphics, Physics, Bikes, Environments and sounds. MotoGP 13 includes:

  • Official MotoGP - this gives you the unique opportunity to experience the2013 MotoGP Worldwide Championship. You can also try the exclusive IRTA Testor instantly hit the track for a Quick Race.
  • Career - the revamped career mode puts you into the shoes of your favourite riders, mixing third and first person elements!
  • Multi-player re-creates exciting events – inspired by reality. Play online with your friends or against the Rest of the World.

PQube have also revealed that WRC 3 has been a success for them, selling over 50,000 units in the UK.

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Ubisoft And RedLynx announce Trials Evolution: Gold Edition, Coming To PC's On 22nd March

Ubisoft and RedLynx have revealed Trials Evolution: Gold Edition. Coming to PC's on 22nd March, via retail and digitally, Trials Evolution: Gold Edition includes both Trials HD and Trials Evolution. the tracks from Trials HD have been recreated using the Trials Evolution graphics and physics engine.

Trials Evolution: Gold Edition Features:
· Global Leader Boards
· Local and Online 4-Player Multiplayer
· Robust and Powerful Track Editor
· Indoor and Outdoor environments
· Bike and Rider customizations
· More than 129 Tracks in all!

Ubisoft and RedLynx have also announced the Trials franchise has sold over 4 Million Units.

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EA And Criterion Announce Need For Speed Most Wanted Comes To Wii U From 19th March

EA And Criterion have announced Need For Speed Most Wanted is coming to the Wii U and it will come out in the USA on 19th March and across Europe on 21st March. the game will come with the Ultimate Speed Pack.

The game will feature a new local co-op mode called Co-Driver. in this mode, one player is driving with the Wii Remote whilst the other player can use the GamePad to interact with the map, providing control and navigation assistance. for example, the GamePad user can distract cops or enhance the performance of cars or even control traffic lights. The Wii U GamePad can also be used to change the mods on a car, switch to their favourite cars and uncover hidden gems on the fly.

Need For Speed Most Wanted on the Wii U features Autolog 2 and it will connect to other Most Wanted players on other platforms. any speed points earned on the Wii U version will be added to your existing total.

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Capcom Announce The Monster Hunter 3 Tri Servers Will Close On 30th April 2013

Capcom have announced they are closing the Wii Monster Hunter 3 Tri servers on 30th April. this is 6 weeks after Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate comes out on 3DS and Wii U.

Source: Capcom Unity

Capcom Announce Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate Comes Out From 19th March, Announce Voice Chat, Demo And More

Capcom have revealed the release date for Monster Hunter 3Ultimate on both 3DS and Wii U. the game comes out the same time on both systems with the USA getting the games first on 19th March and the EU getting them on 22nd March. Capcom have also announced a demo for both the 3DS and Wii U versions will come out on 21st February.

Capcom have also announced some new features for the Wii U version of the game. the game supports a USB keyboard for text chat or you can use voice chat during multiplayer.

Wii U Screenshots

3DS Screenshots

Source: Capcom Unity

Capcom Announce Resident Evil 6 Title Update Comes Out 22nd January, Brings Stage Selection And Tweaks

Capcom announce a new title update for Resident Evil 6 is coming out on 22nd January. this update brings:

Agent Hunt mode
-Now available without completing the game first
-Selectable criteria before joining a session: Stage, Region, other settings like Infinite Ammo and Friendly Fire

Stage Selection
-Individual stages within chapters can be accessed any time once completed

General updates
-QTE assist: Players can optionally activate QTE assist from Amateur difficulty inside any other difficulty level (handy for fighting a certain boss at the end of Leon's campaign on Professional...)
-Some areas have had their difficulty adjusted based on feedback

Source: Capcom Unity

Nintendo Have Released A New Fire Emblem Awakening Video Showing How To Battle

Nintendo have released a new video for Fire Emblem Awakening. this video uses in-game action and a narrator to help explain the combat system in the game. the video starts off by introducing your main troops before moving onto how to use them on the battlefield, in particular highlighting getting your troops to work together in attack and defence.

Sony Reveal Limited Edition White PS3, Out 27th January For $299.99 With 500GB And 1 Year Playstation Plus Subscription

Sony have announced a new limited edition White PS3 bundle is coming to the USA. coming out 27th January, this White PS3 console costs $299.99 and includes 500GB and 1 years subscription to Playstation Plus. if you already have a subscription to Playstation Plus, this 1 years membership can be added to your subscription.

Source: USA Playstation Blog