Monday, November 21, 2022

Pokémon Violet - The Fourth Hour - The Road to Titan Klawf

Today, we set off into the East Province to find the Titan Klawf, it's part of Arven's story. The area is huge and there was soo much to see so this video became the longest yet. and by the end, we only found it, we didn't even interact with it!

I was surprised that Miradon couldn't climb or do any other type of riding other than just a bike. i guess that's something that'll unlock later. so there were some things i saw but couldn't get to. including a red glowing sword object thing in a rock?!

The area was much, much bigger than i expected. lot's of ups and downs and tunnels, too. i haven't full explored it either! it's size posed an interesting issue in that i needed to use health items and rotate my Pokémon squad. it's been a long time since i've had to be so careful. it's a nice change. Thankfully, catching a Paldean Wooper as early as i did has really paid off as it's been super useful. i highly recommend getting one as soon as you can for the early part of the game.

In this video we also had our first Tera Raid Battle, many trainer battles, we found lots of items and some TM's, and we caught a handful of new and interesting Pokémon...including the Fairy Tera Type Skiddo.

Pokémon Violet - The Third Hour - Going to School and Exploring Mesagoza City

I was curious how the school system would work. is it a hub that we return to after we do something? is it somewhere we visit once? and after this video i'm still not sure. What i didn't expect was the time skip. our room got more decorations, but our Pokémon didn't level up

Something i didn't expect to annoy me, but did, was the lack of interactions. in past Pokémon games you could click on many things and get a little speech bubble with some text on it. often that text had nothing to do with the story and more to do with the world or place in general. something like "there are many books" "the trash can is empty" or even "you found TM..." because in previous games looking around could sometimes be good as you could find things. as you'll hear in this video, i look around a lot and find nothing.

That kinda continued into the town as you'll see in the video that restaurants are often repeated and take up many shop spaces. whereas there are other shops that look like we could go in, but we can't. But the town is very big and very impressive. i wonder if it'll be a place they fill in more with updates and DLC or if it'll stay as is.

In this video we also had our first encounter with Team Star and we Terrastalized our first Pokémon!