Monday, July 24, 2023

Cloud Monday - Dodgeball Academia - Part 2 - The Underdodges Battle to The Tournament!

Today's Cloud Monday is part 2 of playing Dodgeball Academia on my launch model Japanese PS4 via the PlayStation Plus Premium Service. In part 1,, there were a few minor issues with streaming the game but nothing that got in the way of gameplay.

I'd say that today's part 2 went even better. there were a couple of noticeable things but they were slight and didn't get in the way of gameplay. because they were slight, there's a chance they were from the game itself rather than from streaming it from PlayStation Plus Premium to me.

As for playing the game, well it was a pleasant experience. both parts have been enjoyable. by the end of this part i came to the conclusion that it's a bit slow for a sports game but if you treat it like an RPG, then it becomes surprisingly approachable kinda like a Pokémon game. if you've played one of them, certain things about this game instantly became familiar, but it also has plenty of it's own unique ideas. coupled with the whole Dodgeball world, Dodgeball Academia feels familiar but also new and interesting. these two parts are still in the tutorial phase of the game, but because it's been soo well integrated into the story it doesn't stick out. it feels natural and very well crafted to ensure that you are always ready for what's next.

In part 1 i talked about how the game's generous Auto Save and ability to save quickly make it a game that's great to stream even if it wasn't designed for it. In this part, that auto save helped me out when i got stuck in a quest i couldn't finish. it didn't save after each battle, it saved before them. so thankfully all i needed to do was load that auto save and i was unstuck. the game was also helpful in saying that i had side quests unfinished and if i went to the next episode, i wouldn't be able to do them. coupled with the tutorial i mention above, it's clear that the focus for the game is letting the player play in accessible ways and it makes it a great choice for not just streaming but for playing in general.