Thursday, April 23, 2009

UK PSN Update 23/04/09

The Sale is Over now, hope you all got something nice. sorry for the late posting this week.

PS3 Games
Tom Clancys's H.A.W.X – European Assault Pack [£3.99]
WWE Smakcdown Vs Raw 2009 – Roster Update 2 [Free]
WWE Smakcdown Vs Raw 2009 – Roster Update 3 [Free]
Saints Row 2 – Ultor Exposed [£6.29]
Midnight Club Los Angeles: South Central Vehicle Pack 2 [£2.39]
Mahjong Tales: Ancient Wisdom - Booster Pack [£3.19]
Little Big Planet – Heavenly Sword Level Kit [£2.39]
Little Big planet – Creator Pack 1 [Free]
The Godfather II – Pentangeli Map Pack [£4.79]
The Godfather II – Level 4 Firearms [£3.19]
The Godfather II – Jack Of All Trades [£3.19]
The Godfather II – The Corleone Bundle [£6.29]
Penny Arcade: On Th Rain Slick Precipice Of Darkness Episode 2 [£7.99]

UFC 2009 Undisputed
Red Faction: Guerrilla

Guitar Hero - World Tour
Motörhead Track Pack [£4.39]
“Iron Fist” by Motörhead [£1.59]
“Jailbait” by Motörhead [£1.59]
“Love Me Like A Reptile” by Motörhead [£1.59]

Rock Band
Hautewerk Pack 1 [£2.49]
“Alone In My Head” by Hautewerk [£0.99]
“I Know Where You Came From” by Hautewerk [£0.99]
“Stop Start Again” by Hautewerk [£0.99]
Reo Speedwagon/Stix Pack 1 [£4.99]
“Blue Collar Man (Long Nights)” by Stix [£0.99]
“Renegade” by Stix [£0.99]
“Too Much Time On My Hands” By Stix [£0.99]
“Can't Stop Rockin'” by REO Speedwagon [£0.99]
“Ridin' The Storm Out” by REO Speedwagon [£0.99]
“Roll With The Changes” by REO Speedwagon [£0.99]
Take It On The Run” by REO Speedwagon [£0.99]

PixelJunk Eden Encore Trailer
Bayonetta Story Trailer
Infamous – Beauty Of Power Trailer
Battlefield 1943 Announcement Trailer.

PixleJunk Eden Encore Pink Wallpaper

PixleJunk Eden Encore Pink

PS1 Classic
Future Cop: L.A.P.D [£3.99]
Championship Bass [£3.99]

Need For Speed: Pro Street [£17.99]
Chessmaster: The Art Of Learning [£15.99]
Exit [£11.99]

Re-Cap of Yesterdays News (oldest to newest)

Whats this...a new feature!
Yep, with so many tweets a day and people from across the world, i thought it would be best to offer a way for people to catch up if they missed any tweets. so here is the news from yesterday.
  • PSP: Dante's Inferno will be coming out on the PSP as well. no more information at present.

  • Wii: Amazon has started to sell Wii Ware games, game codes, much like the XBLA codes they started earlier.

  • Dreamcast: A Online retailer has started selling New Dreamcasts for $99.99. they are the N.American Model.

  • PSP:PixleJunk Monsters for the PSP is rumored to be out in June. game will have 50% more content than PSN version