Saturday, September 30, 2023

Online Saturday - My Hero Ultimate Rumble - Bad Online Ruined The Fun I Was Having

Welcome to Online Saturday.
For today's video i tried out the newly released My Hero Ultimate Rumble on PS4 from BandaiNamco and Byking.

Other than what was written on the PSN Store page, i knew nothing about this game. but as battle royale style games are something i don't really play, i saw this as a good choice for giving the genre a go. i'm a little familiar with My Hero Academia/僕のヒーローアカデミア so i wasn't going to be too lost with who's who.

What's great is that the game starts off with two tutorial sections. they each take their time to explain, have an image of what buttons on the controller are used, and a little image showing what'll happen. it's very approachable. then the second section is a little battle against the computer where you get to try out all the moves you learned. the CPU opponents weren't dangerous no smart, so again it's accessible for people to try out stuff without the fear of other people. But, the first online issue occurred after completing the battle. it kicked me out of the game to the start menu and when i logged back in i had to do all the tutorials again, so i cut that from the video.

Once the tutorials are completed, we're introduced to the main home screen. each section has it's own small tutorial information box which is very welcomed. it also feels welcoming as it lets you chose whether you want to go straight into a game or explore the options. i wanted to check out the other sections and other than a sparsely populated store, it was all fairly standard with no surprises nor was i left with any questions. 

Getting into a game is not as straight forward as i expected. When you start looking for a game, it first tries to find two other players. when it does, it waits for all three to ready up. But, the game is often unresponsive for long periods of time. in this video, two of us were ready and the third wasn't. But there's no way to kick them from the team or to give up matchmaking. i was stuck waiting for the other player. it truly felt like i would have no other choice but to quit the game and this is a very big oversight from the developers. Once all three players are ready, the game then tries to find a lobby for our team to join. once it finds one, it places in it with all the other players, but only briefly as then it loads up the map. from this screen you can choose where you want to spawn in. once everyone has, it then reveals where all the other players are! i've not played battle royales before i so don't know if this is something unique to My Hero Ultimate Rumble, but it was fun when it was revealed.

Once i was playing, it was quite fun. we're all new to this game so it was also chaotic. thankfully, it's easy to communicate with your teammates by putting markers down and we used it quite well. the stages seemed big with different terrains and heights. as everyone was moving so fast, it took a little time to adjust and learn a new play style. but after a few minutes i felt like i was having fun and that each of the other characters were quite different from my own. And then, more connection issues as our game was ended early and i was logged out and kicked to the start screen. then i had to wait before the game was ready for me to get to the main screen.

That was the only online gaming experience i had. the game would fail to join a game and then would disconnect a third time, logging me out. by this time, i had been playing for nearly an hour and a half and i was getting frustrated so i called it a day. but i will return to the game.

It did soo much right. the tutorial is great. the home screen isn't cluttered and is fairly logical in it's layout and what each section does. the graphics on my launch model PlayStation 4 were great. loading times were about what i expected and so were the fans. i felt like it was similar to the Gundam Evolution games in that the character models look fantastic and accurate, in this case to the anime, whereas the world is a bit generic but still looking like as you'd expect. the controls felt tight and it felt and looked like each character was different. But the online experience wasn't great. you can play this game offline versus the computer, but i just can't recommend this game with the online as bad as it is. it's either due to demand being so high or the online just being a buggy mess. maybe wait a month or news via social media before giving this game a go.

Friday, September 29, 2023

Mobile Friday - Dice Kingdom - An Accessible Tower Defense Game Playable With One Hand

For Mobile Friday this week i tried out Dice Kingdom – Tower Defense on iPhone 14 Pro. this game is from 111% and is also out on #Android.

I wanted to play this game because i was curious how the dice element would work in a tower defense game. i had played Crystal Defenders not too long ago,, and even though it's an older game in a different style the basic elements between the two of them seemed very similar.

So the dice are your units. they have different types. at first these are elemental, but as i progressed in this video i unlocked rarer types like sniper. so far, that's fairly typical for a tower defense game. the cool way that the dice are used is that the number on them reveals what level they are. it's a very easy way of visually seeing the levels of your units. Other than that, the dice theme seems more of an aesthetic choice rather than something that affects gameplay. 

the biggest surprise for me is how accessible the game is to play. it has useful tutorials, you're able to click on the dice and get a video showing how they attack, and it guides you very well through the opening stages of the game. it doesn't feel patronising either. a very cool way the game is accessible is managing your dice units. the game shows this in a tutorial, too. you can press a button and the game selects the best team and puts them on the map. a second button clears the map of your units. the final button auto merges your units. for example, two level 1 fire dice can be merged into one level 2 dice. When you can't merge the units any more, you hit the first button and your best team is placed onto the map. 

Whilst i was playing the game i realized that i was only using one hand. the game smartly uses the space available on the screen. there's nothing up top that the dynamic island could get in the way off, and it's the same at the bottom. everything i needed to click was down in the lower half of the screen and before long i was playing the game singlehanded. this coupled with how sort each of the monster raids are make this a great game for commuting. 

I recommend players get Dice Kingdom. it's very accessible, easy to play one handed, and not a bad introduction to the tower defence genre. the game has other game modes to help pass the time and by the end of this video i hadn't unlocked them all. there are a lot of dice units to unlock and find so it's a game you can come back to again and again.

(Version 1.1.0 Played)

Thursday, September 28, 2023

Demo Play Thursday - Born of Bread on Nintendo Switch

For this week's Demo Play Thursday i played the Nintendo Switch version of Born of Bread. This game, from developers WildArts, is set to come out this summer.

Other than the pictures on the eShop, i didn't know anything about this game before playing it. i was uncertain if this was going to be a kids game or something for everyone to play. I can say that this is something everyone can play, other than the art style there's not much here that's aimed at kids.

This demo appears to be taken from the start of the game. it's not made clear if it is the entire first part of the game or whether it was edited a little to be a demo. there's no mention as to whether or not your save file will be carried over into the main game when you buy it. As you'll see from this video, there doesn't appear to be any reason to do the start again as there isn't any backtracking. the story that's being told just keeps on going forward. But as it is the start of the game, we get to play the tutorial and learn about the world, characters, and some of the backstory. 

On #NintendoSwitch, the game looks great. it has an interesting artstyle in that the characters are 2D and the rest of the world is 3D. it works well as the characters look very sharp and clear. they have a lot of emotions on their faces. the only issue i saw with this approach was that the characters, sometimes, seemed to not have many frames of animation. another one, when interacting with the 3D world, was a lack of shadows under them. there was a platforming section where it was difficult to judge distance and a section near the end of the video on stairs where it looked like the characters were floating. Born of Bread is on other platforms so it could have shadows on them.

The lack of shadows could be a Switch specific issue as could the couple of instances of slowdown and stuttering. But this is also a DEMO and the game could be much more optimised when it comes out. as a demo it really works as i am interested in playing the full game when it comes out. it's also great in how it introduces characters, the world, and the tutorial. if you're intrigued, i do recommend trying out the demo.

Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Backlog Conquering - Gunstar Heroes - Part 5 - Finally Saving Yellow

Part 5 of playing Gunstar Heroes on PS3 went as well as i thought it would. In part 4,, i had already spent around 30 minutes trying to save Yellow, but couldn't. So this videos continues on from that.

From part 4 i have have two save files, one near the boss with low health and one a little bit into the stage with most of my health. i play both of them before settling into trying to complete the stage with more health to make the boss fight easier. The problem with the boss fight is that whilst i had learned the moves he uses, he was unpredictable and there wasn't a pattern to learn. it felt like a combination of luck and unfairness. But at the end, i did defeat him and save Yellow.

Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Puzzle & Dragons Tuesday - Nintendo Switch Edition - Gaslowe Cup Revival - Achievement Run

Welcome to Puzzle & Dragons Tuesday! Sit back and either watch me play through, with no commentary, the cup or leave it running in the background as BGM!

I play and earn all the achievements from The Gaslowe Cup Revival! (2023/9/25 9:00~2023/10/2 8:59 JST) in Puzzle & Dragons: Nintendo Switch Edition whilst using a GamePad and a docked Nintendo Switch.

This week is the Gaslowe Cup Revival. i have played this cup before, back in the day, this was one of my better games. 

This week was very competitive. i was up against someone in every match! the gimmick this week wasn't too tough, but it took a few matches for me to get warmed up. in the final battle, i managed to defeat the boss!  But that only happened once as not only was the boss very tough, but so was the character before. thankfully, i could see that most of the other players using a controller were also having a little trouble. this meant i had to rely, as did the others, on the bonuses at the end of the game.

This week i played against:
はるひさ - Rank 68
さい  - Rank 91
ふたば - Rank 72
ゲームコーナーKX - Rank 68
しぐね - Rank 60
びしょうねん - Rank 68
うつほ - Rank 46

Monday, September 25, 2023

Cloud Monday - West of Dead - Part 1 - Streaming From PlayStation Plus Fails Repeatedly

This week's Cloud Monday video is West of Dead from Upstream Arcade. I'm playing this on PS4 and streaming it from the PlayStation Plus Premium Cloud Service. Well, i tried to.

This video is of two halves. the first half is my continued attempts to play the game, as it kept kicking me off, and then my attempts to play anything until eventually, in the second half of the video, i was able to play West of Dead.

The reality is, i'm often having to go through situations like this. West of Dead isn't the first game i've played to kick me off and stop the streaming from the cloud. All the hassle trying to get it to work is also nothing new. it's getting rarer and rarer when i can turn on my PS4 and just stream from the cloud. what i haven't shown, but may do next time, is that i nearly always have to restore my licenses. then i usually restart the PS4 as i end up with the same issues in this video. i did it today before recording but actually had restarted twice, hoping it would help.

PlayStation Plus issues aside, the goal of this series is to see how the game is for streaming and i can say that West for Dead, how little i've played so far, has some positives qualities and a couple of negatives. The negatives aren't that bad, they mostly revolve around the user interface. if at 1080p, for example, it's already a little small, it becomes almost unreadable when the service drops it's quality. But trial and error can help. As for the positives, the biggest one is that the game saves often as there are save spaces in many locations in the map. the game is also randomising the levels each time you die as you're meant to die in the game. so if you are disconnected, some progress is lost but not a lot.

I look forward to trying out the game again in part 2 and hope to have a better experience from PlayStation Plus Premium. I am thinking about making a video showing the hassle i sometimes have to go through just to play a game on the service.

Sunday, September 24, 2023

Switch Funday - Blaster Master - My First Time

Welcome to Switch Funday!

This week is another popular NES game that i haven't played before. for years i've been hearing people talking about how great Blaster Master so i was eager to try it for myself.

Going in, i was somewhat familiar with the basics. i knew the story revolves around a pet frog, but i was surprised how well it conveys that story with just pictures and no words. I knew there was a vehicle section as well as on foot sections, but i was also surprised how seamlessly the two gameplay styles were used in an area. it was cool when the level moved to focus on just the character. it was zoomed in and a new perspective. the high level of detail was surprising and everything controlled brilliantly. 

But i didn't really make much progress in this video. i don't know if i'm still in the starting area, but i suspect i am. i came across a green statue that couldn't be killed. there was a giant raspberry looking boss that i couldn't kill either. at least with the boss it was clear i was doing damage, just never enough to defeat it. for being at the start of the game, this boss was much tougher than i expected. it has rocks orbiting around it and they're very dangerous. 

So i come away with mixed feelings. there's no denying that this game looks great, handles great, and has great music. but actually making progress in it seems much more difficult than i expected. the levels are big, but there seems to be no sign posting as to where to go or what's needed to progress past sections. I want to play it again, but rather because i want to solve the puzzle that the first area has turned into, rather than how good the game is itself. it's certainly well worth playing if you have NES as part of the Nintendo Switch Online service.

Saturday, September 23, 2023

Online Saturday - KartRider: Drift - 12 Races Across The Infinite Boost, Item, And Crossover Modes

Welcome to Online Saturday.
For today's video i'm back with KartRider: Drift. I haven't played this racing game from Nexon since it launched on PS4 back in April. you can checkout that video here Back then, it was a very solid racer that looked great on PS4. Since then, the game has received numerus updates and is in it's 4th season of events. as you can see from the icon, it's spooky season so there are new spooky themed race tracks, racer customs, and karts.

In this video i just wanted to race and i was glad to see that there is still a robust online community for this game. Some games found a match as fast as Splatoon 3 does! the only thing that slowed things down was that i'm playing this on PlayStation4. the load times were always worse on here, as in the pre-race lobby you can see how fast or slow the game's loading for other racers. There was only 1 technical issue i had and whilst it only happened twice, it did get in the way of gameplay. what happened was that there was a pause, maybe for a second at most, but this is an online racing game so the action doesn't stop. so when the game unpaused, even tho it was brief, my kart had continued as had the rest of the game. It's hard to say what caused it, whether it's a frame pacing issue or a stuttering issue, but it happened.

Other than that, it was a fun racing game. it is different to Mario Kart so it's not an easy comparison. but as it's free to play, it's one i do recommend you experience for yourself. The Season Pass is also pretty good for free players as we can still earn karts and characters. the store also seems reasonable priced, like things are attainable. The only thing i want them to change is the character and kart screen. it would be nice if it was easier to see which characters have extra costumes. 

Friday, September 22, 2023

Mobile Friday - SHAPE HUNTER - Solid Style And Gameplay With A Few Rough Edges

For Mobile Friday this week is i tried out SHAPE HUNTER on iPhone 14 Pro. this game is from @MotiyaGames and is also out on Android and Steam.

In the App Store, the trailer and screenshots for this game show how stylish this game looks. But when you play it, it's more than just style. the graphics and music work well together as does the art.

The core part of gameplay is solid. you have two weapons, you attack enemies, and after each level you finish you select a bonus/item/thing that'll go with you until the run ends. It works well, but the controls were a little unexpected. you can only move your character by using the spear, and to fire both the spear and bow and arrow you have to pull back, like a slingshot or Angry Birds, and let go. by the second or third run i had adjusted, but i think it would've been nice to have a second control scheme where you fire where you aim.

The only other thing that i wasn't sure about is if this game is a roguelike. in the store it's listed as one, but nothing was carried over into the next run. it's possible that i just didn't go far enough into the game to get an item that does carry over into the next one. but the game doesn't make it clear.

Because it's a roguelike, i can accept a certain level of ambiguity. but this game is a little too close to the line. there was a weapon tutorial, but not a movement one. it's listed as a roguelike, but never says how. But it's simplicity does make it surprisingly accessible so they're only minor gripes. i was a little more annoyed with the adverts just starting without any warning. thankfully, these are short adverts and not the 30+ second adverts i've seen in other mobile games.

I do recommend SHAPE HUNTER. it does feel a little rough, and in the video i mention that at the moment it's a game you play, enjoy, and leave on your phone and check it now and then after updates as it's only going to get better. But you shouldn't get a game thinking of the future. Thankfully, the game is good enough now that future improvements that'll come are bonuses.

(Version 1.2.6 Played)

Thursday, September 21, 2023

Demo Play Thursday - Dave the Diver on Switch

For this week's Demo Play Thursday i played the Nintendo Switch version of Dave the Diver. This game from developers MINTROCKET already released on PC and Mac.

I had already seen Zero Punctuation's video,, before playing this DEMO so for the first time in this series, i started the DEMO somewhat knowing what to expect.

The main gameplay loop in this demo is that your character, Dave, is a diver and he's been hired to dive for fish. he can do so twice a day and all the fish he catches is delivered to the restaurant that he's now helping his friend run. there are other things you can dive for, but i don't want to ruin any story stuff, but needless to say the location where he dives is unique and each dive is different. At night, the restaurant opens and as there are no waiting staff, your character has to take on that role whilst a chef makes customer's orders. As your character had been diving for fish, this restaurant is a sushi restaurant. the menu changes depending on what you caught and you have some control as to what is available to order. throughout the demo new characters are added and each one acts like a tutorial whilst also teasing story stuff and connections.

As a DEMO, it's great. it's the start of the game, the prologue and some of chapter 1. this means we get the important back story, we get the premise, we get the tutorial, and we get to see some interesting characters being introduced and some intriguing plot points that aren't revealed in this DEMO meaning you'll have to get the game to see what happens. As a DEMO, it's one of the best i've played in this series and succeeds as after playing it, i'm interested in the game.

There are some small issues with it. one that i highlight a few times in the video is how some loading screens have beautiful pictures whilst others are plain white or plain black screens that, on occasion, seem to take a little while to load. nearer the end of the video, there was also one occasion where there was some slow down. these are small issues and didn't really get in the way of gameplay. But the biggest issue i had that did affect my gameplay was in regards to the in-game phone. the icon on the screen to use it looked like the D-Pad. but it never worked. it wasn't until nearer the end of the video that i realized that it was the plus button! i was playing with the pro controller, so my plus button is round and my d-pad is a cross. so the icon on screen didn't match my controller.

Wednesday, September 20, 2023

Backlog Conquering - Gunstar Heroes - Part 4 - Completing The Strange Fortress

Part 4 of playing Gunstar Heroes on #PS3 went much longer than i anticipated. in the other 3 videos, each one has shown my attempts at completing it. I finished The Strange Fortress and thought it was the end of the video, but as i was getting the story about the plot twist, the game started the next stage!

So this video is two halves, the first half is the journey to complete The Strange Fortress, and the second half is my attempt at rescuing Yellow. I do not get to Yellow, so the second half will be continued in Part 5!

Tuesday, September 19, 2023

Puzzle & Dragons Tuesday - Nintendo Switch Edition - Highren Cup Revival - Achievement Run

Welcome to Puzzle & Dragons Tuesday! Sit back and either watch me play through, with no commentary, the cup or leave it running in the background as BGM!

I play and earn all the achievements from The Highren Revival Cup! (2023/9/18 9:00~2023/9/25 8:59 JST) in Puzzle & Dragons: Nintendo Switch Edition whilst using a GamePad and a docked Nintendo Switch.

This week is the Highren Revival Cup. i have played this cup before,, but that was very bad for me. it took nearly 4x as long as this video! I watched some of it and i was moving so slowly. like some of the recent revivals, it's at the beginning of when i started playing the game.

There weren't as many opponents this week even when compared to last week. so a few times i was playing against the computer. when i was playing against others, it was very competitive and it seemed like we all got stuck trying to defeat the boss. playing against the computer was easier and i always managed to win so it wasn't that exciting. I hope that the recent decline in users isn't a sign that, even here in Japan, the number of people playing online is getting dangerously low.

This week i played against:
うまろ - Rank 73
ぐっしー  - Rank 56
YUKI - Rank 87
キグナス - Rank 67
めぐまる - Rank 60

Monday, September 18, 2023

Cloud Monday - For the King - Part 2 - Poor Cloud Streaming Experience Didn’t Ruin Gameplay

*Apologies for my audio quality. i forgot to change mic's from the recording laptop's to my Blue Snowball Ice. it's bad from start to finish*

Today's Cloud Monday is part 2 of playing For the King, streamed from PlayStation Plus Premium. This game was developed by IronOak Games and published on PS4 by Curve Digital Publishing. 

Part 1 didn't go well in terms of the game itself. head to to see the many complaints i had about the game. But streaming it from PlayStation Plus Premium Cloud Streaming Service was actually very good. i made several comments about how, whether intentionally or not, the game's graphic design and how frequently it saved works well with the streaming service.

Here in Part 2, that was put to the test. the overall streaming experience from PlayStation Plus wasn't great. there were frequent issues ranging from resolution drops, stream tearing (where grey appears on screen), macro blocking (where fine detail is replaced by squares of color), and what looked line frame time issues or missing frames. Even tho streaming it from the cloud to me wasn't great, the game itself mostly held up ok. the only issue the game has is how it displays texts. it's small and i don't sit close to the TV when i play these games. when the resolution dropped, or when there was macro blocking, the text on screen was an issue. 

For those who have played the game, hard to read text isn't a big deal. but for newer players like myself, it is. But overall, even with the issues, it never got in the way of the gameplay. so if this is a game you enjoy or really want to try, doing so via the PlayStation Plus Premium Cloud Streaming Service is great option. Plus, as it saves so frequently, i was never anxious about loosing progress as i had trust in the game. admittedly, i didn't have to put that trust to the test.

Sunday, September 17, 2023

Switch Funday - F-Zero 99 - F-Zero 25, F-Zero 50, F-Zero 99, Team Battles, And Grand Prix Races

For Switch Funday i played the newly released F-Zero 99, a free game for Nintendo Switch Online subscribers. It takes the gameplay of F-Zero and adds the online multiplayer chaos of Nintendo's 99 series. I haven't played an F-ZERO game since the GameCube so i was excited to give this a go.

This was my first time playing the game so we start with the tutorial, and it's a great tutorial too. the game also doesn't drop you straight into racing against 98 other racers. there's a race against 24 others, then a race against 49 others, and finally you're given a race against 98 others. So by the time i raced in F-Zero 99, i felt prepared. the only thing i didn't know were the tracks themselves.

These tracks have been carefully adjusted with a new starting track that funnels all 99 drivers onto the main race track. this is used in the races and the Team Battles, too. The super boost track is mostly fine tho i did have one or two occasions where i triggered it but i wasn't near it so it felt like i was moved weirdly on to it. there were also some occasions where it ended in an awkward place. Much like the Bullet Bill in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, also on Switch, sometimes the boost lasted a long time and others it felt too short.

No adjustments have been made for the battle mode. this mode has all drivers split into two colored teams. points are earned by crossing the start/finish line each lap but you can also earn points for hitting/spinning into other racers and KOing them. But in all modes, there's a lowest position you can be before being eliminated. each lap there's a message, the admittedly could be bigger and clearer, saying what the lowest position you can be to continue. In Grand Prix races, this is what ended my race. i got to the 4th race out of 5 in the Grand Prix mode, but i needed to finish in the top 20 by the end to get to the 5th and final race and i couldn't manage it.

Overall, i had a great time with F-Zero 99. the game has a great tutorial and adds little pressure on you to finish high. if you don't finish high, you still earn points towards your overall level. even tho i didn't finish the Grand Prix, what i earned is still put onto a leaderboard. i would recommend this game to old fans of F-Zero but also to anyone who has F-Zero 99 via a Nintendo Switch Online Subscription. Just be aware that these 99 games typically rely on skill. this game does have a couple of ways it helps keep everyone together, but ultimately those who are better at it will typically always finish up front.

Saturday, September 16, 2023

Online Saturday - Gundam Evolution - 4 Matches, 0 Wins!

Gundam Evolutions 6th Season has just started and the game has been recently updated. It's been a while since i last played this game, but here on PS4 in Japan there were still players online and getting into a game didn't take too long. It's not as fast as Splatoon 3, but then again no game is, but at least here the online is healthy enough to get some games.

Unfortunately, all 4 games i played with Gundam Evolution ended with losses. i wouldn't say they were close either. in all 4 games, the opposition seemed to dominate. But i still had some fun. i managed to get some kills and some revives. i also bought a Gundam, Gundam Dynames, but didn't get to use it much as other players also wanted to use it.

Thursday, September 14, 2023

Demo Play Thursday - Boxville on PS4

For this week's Demo Play Thursday i played the PlayStation4 version of Boxville. This game from developers Triomatica Games was already released on other platforms but recently came to the PS4.

I'm not very good at point and click adventure games, but i'm willing to try them 'cause maybe i'll find one that i enjoy or don't immediately get a guide out for. I wanted to try Boxville because the graphical art style caught my attention. it didn't look like anything i've played before and looked more akin to a stop motion cartoon/movie than a video game.

The Demo starts with a message from the developers saying we're not playing the start as they don't want to ruin the story. that's fine, i have no objections about that. But then they just drop us into a level with no tutorial. you'll hear me complain that if they can add a screen to tell us about not playing the start, then why can't they give us a screen telling us what buttons do what. if we're not playing the tutorial at the start of the game, why can't they put a simple message or diagram showing what buttons do what. they could've put effort to make it accessible.

The video then is mostly me trying out different buttons and being confused. as there's not story context for what we're doing other than go down the city, this didn't feel like a demo for the game. it felt like an escape room. a great looking one for sure. i feel that the demo could've made some allowances to help. like the cursor didn't seem to interact with anything but perhaps it could've pulsed to signal something we can interact with. again, as i didn't know the controls, i was unfamiliar with the items being kept above and it really slowed my progress until i worked that game mechanic out.

The point and click gameplay was mostly logical but it did feel like a couple of times it wanted me to do things a little unexpected but that were perhaps introduced earlier in the game. so at times things went fast and other times things went slow, so slow that it became a tad frustrating.

I'm not sure if it's in the final game, but i had a couple of technical issues where the demo seemed to freeze on me. but the most annoying thing was that the cursor would stay when we moved screens. this often meant it was no where near where i wanted it to be. it would've been soo much better if when the screen changed, the cursor reset it's position to where i was at the very least.

Ultimately, i don't think it's a great demo. it does show off the graphics, but it's not as accessible as it should be and the tech issues and some design choices make the game feel not finished even tho it was released last year on other platforms. Playing this demo does not make me want to play the final game, but i will say that's also in part because i'm not great at point and click adventure games and i didn't really enjoy this one.

Wednesday, September 13, 2023

Backlog Conquering - Gunstar Heroes - Part 3 - Completing The Flying Battleship

Part 3 of playing Gunstar Heroes on #PS3 went better than part 2,, but it was still difficult. In part 2, it was a boss rush and in part 1,, the bosses were spaced out across the whole level. In this video, The Flying Battleship, it's a combination of both!

So the start wasn't too bad. going up and then across was fine. the first boss was easy, too. then there's a little more platforming before the next two bosses, one after each other. the first of these two bosses wasn't too bad and i managed to defeat him after a couple of tries. But the final boss was much more difficult. He does much more damage, has many more attacks, and can navigate the small stage the battle takes place on faster than i can. So for this video, it took nearly 20 minutes to finally beat him!

There will be a part 4 as i'm interested in what the fourth stage will be like and whether or not it's the final level in the game.

Tuesday, September 12, 2023

Puzzle & Dragons Tuesday - Nintendo Switch Edition - Pixel Kali Cup Revival - Achievement Run

#PADSwitch #パズドラ #パズドラSwitch #ドットカーリー杯開催  #ドット・カーリー杯開催 #switch #puzzleanddragons 

Welcome to Puzzle & Dragons Tuesday! Sit back and either watch me play through, with no commentary, the cup or leave it running in the background as BGM!

I play and earn all the achievements from The Pixel Kali Revival! (2023/9/11 9:00~2023/9/18 8:59 JST) in Puzzle & Dragons: Nintendo Switch Edition whilst using a GamePad and a docked Nintendo Switch.

This week is the Pixel Kali Revival Cup. i have played this cup before,, but that was very bad for me. it took nearly 3x as long as this video! even tho it went better the second time, i didn't really understand the gimmick or couldn't seem to activate as much as i wanted. i simply tried to make as many combos as possible whilst also making the longest connections. There were more players this week, nearly everyone i played against got a win! i also got a win but i couldn't beat the boss. it looked like most players i was playing against could beat it either.

This week i played against:
イフ (イつ?) - Rank 74
ふんた - Rank 52
タクマ - Rank 73
はるひさ - Rank 68
キグナス - Rank 67
しゅうさ - Rank 63
ふたば - Rank 72
カズちゃん - Rank 69
YUKI - Rank 87

Monday, September 11, 2023

Cloud Monday - For the King - Part 1 - Great Design For Cloud Streaming, Bad For First Time Players

Today's Cloud Monday is part 1 of playing For the King, streamed from PlayStation Plus Premium. This game was developed by IronOak Games and published on PS4 by Curve Digital Publishing. I wanted to try this game as the screenshots made it look very interesting and cool looking.

But, i had such a difficult time playing it. It's a shame, too, as this game is designed in such a way that it works well as a game being streamed from the cloud. It say's it saves after every turn, tho it doesn't define what it means by turn so i'm left to assume it saves after every character is finished with their turn. It's art style is unique and distinct but critically it doesn't rely on small intricate details, so if there is any macro blocking or resolution drops the impact on how things look would be lesser than other games. Plus it's slow pace and turn based system are less impacted by a poor connection.

So on paper it's a great game to be streamed from the PlayStation Plus Cloud, but in reality it's almost impenetrable for newcomers. And even when there is a tutorial it's either late, out of place, or tells the player to look it up. I would go so far as to say i found the tutorial to be so bad it's borderline rude. I have NEVER played a Table Top RPG before and after my experience with this game i'm not particularly keen on trying one in the future.

I had such a negative first impression from this game that i'm debating whether to do my regular Part 2 or not. 

Sunday, September 10, 2023

Switch Funday - Splatoon 3 - September's Tricolor - 15 Games and 6 Wins

Welcome to Switch Funday!

This weekend is the "Who would be the best leader?" Splatfest. Yesterday, Saturday, was the first day and i got in 15 games with 6 wins Today was the Tricolor event and it went just as well, again with 6 wins out of 15 games.

What didn't go well was the opposition. the idea with Tricolor games is that you're facing the other two teams. but out of the 15 games, i was only up against Fyre and Big Man teams 4 times! So this Tricolor day got a little boring by the end. it's a big reason why i changed from Bloblobber to the Gold Dynamo Roller. I don't typically play offensive with rollers so to make things interesting for myself i changed weapon and tried to be defensive and offensive. it was a nice challenge and it's not that bad. it is a bit too slow to fire so i'll probably change to something else.

Saturday, September 9, 2023

Online Saturday - Splatoon 3 - September's Splatfest - 15 Battles 6 Wins!

Welcome to Online Saturday.
It's a Splatfest weekend so today's video is on the "Who would be the best leader" Splatfest in Splatoon 3. our choices are between Fyre, Shiver, and Big Man. I chose to join team Shiver.

This Saturday's Splatfest went much better than the previous Saturday's did, I wouldn't say any did was doing a lot better than the other, tho maybe Fyre's teams tended to get the bigger wins. i had a lot of fun and i'm thinking 15 games is the right amount for these Splatfests.  

Friday, September 8, 2023

Mobile Friday - Tailed Demon Slayer: RISE - Cleverly Tries To Hide The Grind

For Mobile Friday this week is i tried out Tailed Demon Slayer: RISE on my iPhone 14 Pro. This game from CookApps is also out on Android. i haven't played the original Tailed Demon Slayer so this was my first time playing in this game world.

The start of this game is great but also a little weird. It's great because it does a good job of telling a story, putting the game and the game world into context. it's simple approach to world building is effective. so much so that i was waiting for more all throughout this video. and that's the weird thing about this game, so much effort is put into creating context, telling a story, and then the game does nothing else with it. Early on, i was always expecting the game to slow, or even stop, to tell more about the story. but once i realised that it wasn't going to, i was a bit disappointed.

That's kinda true for other aspects of the game. there are times when so much effort has clearly been spent on something and then it stops. the tutorial is a good example of this. the start of the game does a good job slowly introducing the game right up until it stops doing that and as this video goes on i found myself asking more questions. For those who have watched my Mobile Friday videos, you'll know that i appreciate games that slowly introduce themselves even if it means stopping players from accessing parts of the game. and whilst this game did a good job of that, i was able to get clothes and equip them long before the game's clothes tutorial. there's also an instance later of the game starting a tutorial, then showing an advert for said item in the store, then finishing the tutorial. putting an advert half way through the tutorial made no sense.

Ultimately, this aren't huge complaints. they only stick out because of how well the rest of the game is designed. This is one of the better autobattler RPGs i have ever played. having a good start of the story helps, as does a good tutorial, but one of the smartest things the developers did was trying to hide the grind. it took around 45-50 minutes before the grind became noticeable and i applaud all the clever ways they designed the game to try and hide the grind. There is the main "story" battle, then there are dungeons, there's also improving the stats of your character, there's summoning equipment, and then improving your current equipment. there are also quests to aim for, and when you do you can collect the earned items. But if you want more rewards, you can watch adverts. you can also earn things from the Battle Pass, Season Pass, 7 day missions, Quests, Album, and the Advance System. all the while, the game is still progressing, you're still earning money and experience. Essentially, the game is grinding in the background but it's hidden by everything else there is to do in the game.  

It was a little much at the start, but once i realized what was happening and that there's no rush to do things it did become easier. For example,  the Repeat Quest keeps track of your progress. so if you've completed a quest a few times, you'll still get the correct amount of reward. By the end of this video, i still had a lot left to unlock so there could be other ways the developers have tried to hide the grind.

The core gameplay is good, the graphics are good, the music is good, and the tutorials are good. there is a lot to like in this game. it also doesn't force adverts upon us, nor where there any additional downloads before we could start playing. Oh, the music is also good too. there's soo much to like about this game that it's easy for me to recommend this game to fans of the genre, to those curious, and to those looking for a new game to play.

(Version 1.3.02 Played)

Thursday, September 7, 2023

Demo Play Thursday - Sea of Stars on PS4

For this week's Demo Play Thursday i played the PlayStation 4 version of Sea of Stars. For clarity, i did back this game on Kickstarter so i have a copy of this game already, as well as it's soundtrack, but i haven't played it as yet. This demo is my first experience playing this game.

I played through the whole of demo. it's a "slice" of the game that tries to not spoil the game's story. so at points, it stops your characters from exploring too much, and some parts of the story are redacted. it's a little weird as it feels less of a public demo and more of a demo for publications to play. Whilst i'm not against such a thing being available for the public, it does mean it's less accessible than people may expect. For example, there's no main tutorial. it meant that there are aspects of the gameplay that i didn't learn about until right at the end. some of the key battle mechanics are in the pause menu in the How to Play section. a simple splash screen of slide show before it began would've done more than than what the game does. Some characters are given dialogue that's just for the demo, one of them could've reminded the player to check out the How to Play section.

The reason why i highlight this is that the battle mechanics especially are deep and fun to play with. the basic battle stuff is fine and easy to understand. it's one reason why i didn't check out the How to Play section first. having played many RPG's in the past, i understood how it basically worked. but as i started to explore it, i grew to understand that it's much deeper than i anticipated. there are combo's,  different ones between pairs of characters, there are power up moves, and the player can reduce damage taken and increase damage delt by pressing O at the right time.

The slice of the game this demo showed had been good. it shows the great pixel art, the beautiful locations, the music, and locations. i was already enjoying playing it. but by the end, once i learned how to take better advantage of the combat mechanics, i was excited to play the main game. ultimately, the demo did it's job. it made me want to play the full game after playing it. it's not the most accessible demo i've played, but it's good and if you're interested in Sea of Stars it's a good place to start. But as it's a couple of sections from early in the game, you can't carry on with the main game with your save.

Wednesday, September 6, 2023

Backlog Conquering - Gunstar Heroes - Part 2 - Completing The Underground Mine

Part 2 of playing Gunstar Heroes on #PS3 saw me struggle to complete The Underground Mine. It was very hard to complete what was a small boss rush mode. there were no health pick-ups after each boss either. So this video is mostly me failing again and again but ultimately i did stick at it and beat the stage. Whilst i don't have a rewind feature, i was able to use the save feature to my advantage.

I'll be honest, this felt unfair. Whilst it was interesting to go up against different bosses who act and look differently, it felt like it was designed in such a way that i was meant to fail. Gunstar Heroes was an #arcade game first, so it's designed to take money. In some respects, a modern equivalent would be a Souls Like style game. in those games you learn by failing, as did i in this video.

Tuesday, September 5, 2023

Puzzle & Dragons Tuesday - Nintendo Switch Edition - Lajoa Cup - Achievement Run

Welcome to Puzzle & Dragons Tuesday! Sit back and either watch me play through, with no commentary, the cup or leave it running in the background as BGM!

I play and earn all the achievements from The Lajoa Cup! (2023/9/4 9:00~2023/9/11 8:59 JST) in Puzzle & Dragons: Nintendo Switch Edition whilst using a GamePad and a docked Nintendo Switch.

This week is the first "Revival", where i am doing a Cup i have played before. you can watch that video at it's much longer than this video! This week i wasn't up against many other people. it's the quietest achievement run in some time. the competition was intense and very close at times. As for the gimmick this week, it was much simpler than last weeks,, in that i could focus mostly on combos rather than anything happening to the stage itself. I did get to the final boss this week many times and i did manage to beat it once!

This week i played against:
はるひさ - Rank 68
HIROKUN - Rank 76
かいと - Rank 65
さい - Rank 91
jester - Rank 38

Due to some recording errors, the start of the video had to be cut and edited. i tried, but it's a little obvious. the rest of the recording from the first battle onwards is fine.

Monday, September 4, 2023

Cloud Monday - Cursed to Golf - Part 2 - A Good Game To Play From The Cloud

Today's Cloud Monday is part 2 of playing Cursed to Golf, a game from Chuhai Labs, on #PS4 via the PlayStation Plus Cloud Streaming Service.

In the first video,, i had issues with the game, rather than streaming it from PlayStation Plus Premium. Knowing that things like button prompts are going to be an issues, i went into part 2 hoping for things to go a little smoother. and for the most part they do. Once again this game streams mostly fine from PlayStation Plus Premium. There is the occasional hiccup, but nothing that interferes with gameplay and rarely is it noticeable. 

But what i've learned from playing this game is that i'm not good at it. i tried to not let that cloud my judgement as the point of Cloud Monday is not how good the game is, rather it's how good the game is as a streaming game. In my opinion its one of the better games for streaming due mostly because of how frequent it saves. But the point of the game seems to be try and try again. It's not a big issue if you fail, the game wants you to learn, to practice, and to try again.

I do think that the game has some minor issues throughout, things that kinda got annoying across the two videos. So, for me it's not a game i will continue to play. it does have a lot of good points, like the graphics, the animations, and of course the soundtrack. Those are good enough that i would recommend people try it from PlayStation Plus Premium. 

Sunday, September 3, 2023

Switch Funday - Pokémon Unite - September’s Unite Weekend

Today's Switch Funday video is on Pokémon Unite. After learning about the Unite Weekend, i'm keen to at least play the game once a month and try out different Pokémon. For today, i was in the mood to just play standard matches, so unlike the first time i did the Unite Weekend, there won't be any Ranked matches in this video. 

As it's a Unite Weekend, i'm able to use any Pokémon i want. I went with Mamoswine first as it's on sale in the store and i could afford it. but, i didn't enjoy using it as much. I went with Absol next as it's a fast Pokémon and i'm looking for an alternative to Talonflame. But in that match i went up against a powerful Dodrio so in my third game i wanted to give it a try. For the fourth game i was looking at trying a new ranged attacker and in my fifth i wanted to try a support Pokémon. It didn't go great with Sableye so i wanted to have a little fun in the final game so i went with the allrounder Dragonite. tho, i didn't pick the best moves for it.

Saturday, September 2, 2023

Online Saturday - Splatoon 3 - September's Big Run Event

Welcome to Online Saturday!

This weekend is September's Big Run Event in Splatoon 3. This event has the Salmonids attacking the Um'ami Ruins map. This is one of the bigger differences between a Big Run event and Salmon Run. another is that because the regular maps are bigger than the Salmon Run maps, you don't always start each round in the same place. coupled with the 3 levels of sea water, this means there are 9 possible map layouts in Big Run. But, like Salmon Run, your scores in this event do contribute to getting the September item, which this month is the Retro Future Helmet. An added bonus for Big Run is there is an extra item to collect. everyone who finishes a game get's it, but those who get the most gold Salmonoid eggs get different colors of it.

Today's video is much longer than normal videos. i really wanted to try and get a high score as in the past my scores haven't been close to getting the better rewards. But as i kept on playing, i was able to try to defeat the King Salmonid twice and get September's item three times. Tho, at the end of it i didn't get a high score, nor was i able to defeat the king. but i do think this went better than August's Salmon Run,, and the item i got had some great pins that are suitable for how i play. let me know in the comments what score you got.

Friday, September 1, 2023

Mobile Friday - Postknight 2 - More Difficult Than I Expected

For Mobile Friday this week is i tried out Postknight 2 on my iPhone 14 Pro. i haven't played the original Postknight game, but it is available on the iOS App store. i was a little concerned whether this  game would assume i had played the original and not give much context for what's happening.

In a way, i think i was right. But it could also be a result of the game's tutorial being lacking and the difficulty being so much higher than you'd expect for the start of the game. My character died a few times in this first hour! If this was the first game or a standalone game, my instinct would be that the game is a little unbalanced at the start and the tutorial isn't thorough enough. But as this is a sequel, i do have to wonder if the game makes some assumptions about the players knowledge about the world and how things work.

The game makes a great first impression. graphically everything's nice and colorful and clear. the character creator is also simple and every change appears on your character instantly. then, after some introductions, the game asks if i'm familiar with Postknights. i thought this was the game checking if i had played the first game or not. so i said i wasn't familiar. But i don't think it made much difference. i never felt that the game did extra world building or that the tutorial more in-depth. it almost felt like that option wasn't working as intended, or what my interpretation of such a question must be different to those of the developers.

There were quite a few little things like that throughout the first hour with Postknight 2 that added up enough to outweigh the positives of the game. it is charmingly cute, with a good soundtrack, and a combat mechanic that's great for mobile phones. the screen is used well and buttons are often nice and big. it's clear a lot of thought has gone into this game and it is noticed. But for me, someone who hasn't played the first game, the contrast between the good parts and where it's lacking was stark and frustrating. a classic example, for this series, is how i was able to get into menus for things that the game hadn't introduced, hadn't tutorialized, and that i couldn't actually use. 

There are enough positives where i can recommend people try it. if you watch the video, understand the shortcomings, but really want to try it, i'd say go and download it. But, on the other hand, if you watch the video and think the shortcomings would be an issue then i'd say you're probably right and should try something else.

(Version 1.9.3 Played)