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Sony Officially Announce Killzone 3 And That It Will Be Playable In 3D

Sony Have Officially revealed Killzone 3 Exclusively on the Playstation 3. Sony have also confirmed that the game will be playable in 3D and revealed some of the new features and direction the story takes. The game will have more variety of Enemies, the environments are more massive and show a broader vision of Helghan. The game will also have new close range attacks that are Melee based.

One of the new units that have been revealed is the Jetpack Troopers. these were first seen in Killzone Liberation, on the PSP, and they are heavily armoured troops that can fly. They reveal the Jetpack provides the player with the ability to take off and 2 amounts of forward thrust. The Story continues from Killzone 2, putting the ISA soldiers in more trouble and at a sever disadvantage as they continue to find a way of Helghast.


From EU Playstation Blog

This Weeks WiiWare, DSiWare, And Virtual Console Releases

Nintendo have revealed the games coming out today in the USA for WiiWare and DSiWare. there are no Virtual Console games released this week, but there are 7 titles in all, 3 on WiiWare and 4 on DSiWare. Don't forget to check out the Big Name Games in WarioWare D.I.Y. For new playable levels.


ArtStyle: light trax
This is a 1 player only game that costs 600 Wii Points. In the game, you control a beam of light thats perpetually moving forward. there are 2 game modes to play, Light Tours Mode which sees you racing against other beams of light in a 3 course tour. the other mode is freeway mode which sets you the task of travelling the greatest distance in a set time.

Manic Monkey Mayhem
This is a 1-4 player game that costs 800 Wii Points. in the game you control 1 of 8 monkeys and have to battle against rivals in missions like coconut fights. the game lets you play locally or with friends via Nintendo Wi-F Connection. the game also supports the Wii Balance Board.

Viral Survival
This is a 1 player only game that costs 500 Wii Points. in this game you play as a piece of DNA who's trying to escape from enemy viruses. on your way, you are able to save other friendly pieces of DNA and let them join you. the more you save, the more points you get, but you also become a bigger target. there are 5 game modes to play as well as online leaderboards.


Advanced Circuits
This is a 1 Player game only that costs 200 DSi Points. in this game, you are shown a partially completed circuit. you must try to complete the circuit by connecting squares on the game board. but there is only 1 solution to each puzzle.

Real Crimes: Jack the Ripper
This is a 1 player only game that costs 800 DSi Points. this is the DSiWare version of the PC Hidden-Object game. the game is set in the 1880's and you have to help Scotland Yards detectives solve The Jack The Ripper mystery.

World Poker Tour Texas Hold 'Em
This is a 1-6 player game that costs 500 DSi Points. this Poker game features both single player and mutliplayer gameplay. the multiplayer option is against friends locally.

Metal Torrent
This is a 1 player only game that costs 500 DSi Points. this is a vertical shooter that has online leaderboards as well as replays of the best games which you can view. you get a choice of two ships to take control off, as well as two game modes that make the game even more challenging.

Press Release

This week the Nintendo DSiWare™ service asks players to try their hands at a number of divergent occupations. You might pilot a ship in Metal Torrent™ or try a bluff at the poker table in World Poker Tour Texas Hold 'Em. Once you master those, you can try your hand at solving transportation problems through deductive reasoning or go on a hunt for the notorious Jack the Ripper. Over on the WiiWare™ service, things get a little more "natural." You might play as a monkey or as a unit of DNA. You can even become a trippy beam of light in ArtStyle™: light trax™, the latest title in the critically-acclaimed Art Style series. Don't forget to download the hilarious new Photo Dojo™ game, available for zero Nintendo DSi Points through June 10 (the game will require 200 Nintendo DSi Points for download as of June 11).

This week also brings new additions to the "Big Name Games" section of the WarioWare™: D.I.Y. series, which features downloadable microgames from some of the industry's most talented figures. This week's featured game, Funky Boxing, was created by Chris Slate, editor in chief of Nintendo Power™ magazine. Funky Boxing is an homage to Punch-Out!! ™ and asks players to score three hits on the Champ. New "Big Name Games" will be added every Monday through July 26, all available to download for zero Nintendo DSi Points™ to anyone with broadband Internet access and a copy of either WarioWare: D.I.Y. for the Nintendo DS™ family of systems or WarioWare: D.I.Y. Showcase software for the WiiWare service. Visit the Nintendo Channel on your Wii™ system today to learn more about these games.

Nintendo DSiWare

Metal Torrent
Publisher: Nintendo
Players: 1
ESRB Rating: E (Everyone) - Fantasy Violence
Price: 500 Nintendo DSi Points
Description: Prepare for a high level of intensity as you pilot a solo ship deep into enemy space in this vertically scrolling shooter. Battle wave after wave of relentless attackers aiming to do one thing - destroy you! Your goal, beyond mere survival, is simple: Get the highest score possible and earn bragging rights in online leaderboards. Two powerful fighters are at your disposal: the Accipiter and Bateleur, tailored for beginner or expert players. Progress through eight phases of action and take out enemies by tactically using your weapons: an unlimited-fire blaster weapon available to both ships and an energy-consuming special weapon unique to each craft. Absorb energy cubes from destroyed enemies to replenish your energy gauge and increase your score. Collect a series of consecutive cubes to create a chain and boost your score even higher. Choose from pattern or random modes to vary the level of challenge, but the real indication of skill comes from competing with players around the world for the highest score possible. Use Nintendo® Wi-Fi Connection to upload your score to the online leaderboards to see where you stack up or even view replays of top-ranking players' games and study their secrets. Do you have what it takes to be the best?

World Poker Tour Texas Hold 'Em
Publisher: Hands-On Mobile
Players: 1-6
ESRB Rating: T (Teen) - Simulated Gambling
Price: 500 Nintendo DSi Points
Description: Play like the pros in World Poker Tour Texas Hold 'Em on the Nintendo DSiWare service, the official game tested and approved by the experts at the World Poker Tour. Whether you're just learning to play or you're an old-school player wanting to hook some fish,Texas Hold 'Em has tables for all players. Choose to play solo in two unique tournaments designed specifically for the Nintendo DSiWare version or use a local wireless connection and play with your friends and take down monster pots. The action is in your hands in one of the most authentic poker games ever brought to the Nintendo DSi system.

Real Crimes: Jack the Ripper
Publisher: Virtual Playground
Players: 1
ESRB Rating: T (Teen) - Blood, Mild Sexual Themes, Violent References
Price: 800 Nintendo DSi Points
Description: Real Crimes: Jack the Ripper - the fabulous, chart-topping hidden-object game with amazing graphics is now available on the Nintendo DSiWare service. One of the first and best games of its type, Jack the Ripper features numerous atmospheric 3-D locations and oodles of hidden objects to find. The realism of the scenes and the accuracy of the storyline will fascinate all ages from young teen to adult. Travel back to 1880s London to help Scotland Yard's detectives solve the crime of the century. Visit world-famous landmarks such as Piccadilly Circus and Buckingham Palace. Search crime scenes and solve mini puzzles in your hunt for clues. Was Jack a doctor, a royal prince, a barber or something else? Was he mad? This game will tell you. Enjoy hours and hours of game play in this truly absorbing game. Whether you are an experienced player or a newbie, once you start your investigation, you will be on an adventure you won't want to stop - until you discover Jack the Ripper's true identity, that is.

Advanced Circuits
Publisher: BiP media
Players: 1
ESRB Rating: E (Everyone)
Price: 200 Nintendo DSi Points
Description: Whether with a train, a car or a tank, are you ready for a new challenge? This brain-boggling puzzle game will put your powers of deduction to the test. Complete the circuits by connecting squares on the game board with pieces of track. Some pieces of track are already shown on the board at the beginning of the game to give you a head start. There is only one solution to each puzzle. The rules are simple but the challenges are tough.
Challenge mode features 60 predefined game boards of increasing difficulty.
Free Play mode lets you select the game board size and practice on any number of randomly generated puzzles.
72 awards to be won.
Also features a tutorial, hints and tips and even the solution if you feel like giving up.


ArtStyle: light trax
Publisher: Nintendo
Players: 1
ESRB Rating: E (Everyone)
Price: 600 Wii Points
Description: Art Style: light trax takes racing to whole new (and very surreal) levels as you control a white beam of light moving perpetually forward while your viewpoint shifts between 2-D and 3-D perspectives. Start by choosing one of the two main modes of game play, each with its own distinct goal. In light tours mode, you vie with other light beams for the most points in a three-course racing tour. Watch out for obstacles, use items and strategically use your dash ability to finish first. In freeway mode, your objective is to set a high score by traveling the greatest distance within a set amount of time. Mastering the intricacies of each setting is crucial: you'll have to alternate between them in order to progress through the game and unlock all of its modes. With precise controls packed in and a driving techno soundtrack, Art Style: light trax offers an experience unlike any other. Are you ready to compete in a mind-bending race at the speed of light? Games in the Art Style series feature elegant design, polished graphics and pick-up-and-play controls, creating an experience focused purely on fun and engaging game play. For more information about Art Style: light traxand other games in the Art Style series, please visit

Manic Monkey Mayhem
Publisher: The Code Monkeys Ltd.
Players: 1-4
ESRB Rating: E (Everyone) - Comic Mischief, Mild Cartoon Violence
Price: 800 Wii Points
Description: Controlling one of eight monkeys, you will do battle with up to seven others across eight differently themed landscapes. In single player, battle through three increasingly difficult campaigns of missions ranging from survival to coconut fights, or have a one-off battle against the clock as a team or in a standard deathmatch. Connect additional Wii Remote™ controllers (each sold separately) to battle against up to three additional players or compete against anyone or your friends using Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection. Connect an optional Wii Balance Board™ accessory to add more mayhem to the fun.

Viral Survival™
Publisher: NIS America
Players: 1
ESRB Rating: E (Everyone) - Mild Cartoon Violence
Price: 500 Wii Points
Description: Viral Survival is an "escape" action game where you control a special DNA unit and dodge through enemy virus attacks. If you save a friendly DNA unit they will connect to you, creating a tail. The more you save, the higher point total you will accumulate. There are also four other game modes, including one where you can shoot the enemy down and compete for number of kills, and a time attack mode to save 128 DNA units in the shortest time possible. For all five game modes your score can be ranked online. Try your best to become number one in the world.

Nintendo adds new titles to the Nintendo DSi Shop and the Wii Shop Channel at 9 a.m. Pacific time on Mondays. Users with broadband Internet access can redeem Wii Points or Nintendo DSi Points to download the games. Wii Points can be purchased in the Wii Shop Channel. Nintendo DSi Points can be purchased in the Nintendo DSi Shop. A Nintendo Points Card™ can be purchased at retail locations. All points from one Nintendo Points Card must be redeemed in either the Nintendo DSi Shop or the Wii Shop Channel. They are not transferable and cannot be divided between the two systems.

Remember that both Wii and Nintendo DSi feature parental controls that let adults manage the content their children can access. For more information about this and other features, or

Nintendo Have Released Photos From The Super Mario Galaxy 2 Launch Event

Nintendo held a launch event for Super Mario Galaxy 2 At the Nintendo World Store in New York. At this launch event you had the chance to meet the voice of Mario, Charles Martinet, and get him to autograph memorabilia that was on sale during this event, and people also had the chance to play Super Mario Galaxy 2. Nintendo has proved captions for each of the photos, so to view them all you need to do is click the speech bubble in the photo viewer.


Press Release

REDMOND, Wash., May 24, 2010 - One of the most beloved video game characters on Earth is ready to embark on a spectacular new mission. Available exclusively for Nintendo's top-selling console, the game Super Mario Galaxy™ 2 sends players on a remarkable interstellar adventure designed to please fans and series newcomers alike.

Like the original Super Mario Galaxy, Super Mario Galaxy 2 lets players take control of Mario™ as he travels to a host of imaginative planets, collecting Power Stars and striving to rescue Princess Peach™ from the malevolent Bowser™. This new installment enhances the action with an array of new power-ups, gravity-defying levels and inventive game options. For the first time in this series, players can hop on the back of Mario's pal Yoshi™, who aids him on his quest in select stages. Also, players now can choose to play as Mario or later in the game in select stages as his brother, Luigi™.

"Super Mario Galaxy 2 brings so many fun new elements to the franchise," said Cammie Dunaway, Nintendo of America's executive vice president of Sales & Marketing. "Our developers have created entire new worlds filled with great characters, inventive power-ups and that distinctive Mario charm."

New power-ups in Super Mario Galaxy 2 include Cloud Mario and Rock Mario, which enable Mario to create temporary cloud platforms or smash through obstacles as a boulder. With the Spin Drill, he can tunnel from one side of a planet to another. Items such as the new Dash Pepper and Blimp Fruit give Yoshi the power to move around in unusual ways, like running up vertical walls or floating to new heights. Yoshi can also use his tongue to grab enemies and items, or to swing across dangerous chasms. In addition to Power Stars, players can collect Comet Medals that unlock even more challenging levels.

For friends who enjoy gaming together and have an additional Wii Remote™ controller, Super Mario Galaxy 2 offers the Co-Star mode that was introduced in the original Super Mario Galaxy, but with even more ways to interact. This mode allows two players to team up and cooperate as they zoom from planet to planet, where the second player controls a Luma that can defeat enemies, grab coins and pick up Starbits. Super Mario Galaxy 2 also features in-game guides that illustrate how to perform certain moves and clear tricky levels, lending players of any experience level a helping hand as they progress through the game.

For more information about Super Mario Galaxy 2, visit

Remember that Wii features parental controls that let adults manage the content their children can access. For more information about this and other Wii features, visit

About Nintendo: The worldwide pioneer in the creation of interactive entertainment, Nintendo Co., Ltd., of Kyoto, Japan, manufactures and markets hardware and software for its Wii™ home console and Nintendo DS™ family of portable systems. Since 1983, when it launched the Nintendo Entertainment System™, Nintendo has sold more than 3.4 billion video games and more than 565 million hardware units globally, including the current-generation Wii, Nintendo DS, Nintendo DSi™ and Nintendo DSi XL™, as well as the Game Boy™, Game Boy Advance, Super NES™, Nintendo 64™ and Nintendo GameCube™ systems. It has also created industry icons that have become well-known, household names such as Mario™, Donkey Kong™, Metroid™, Zelda™ and Pok√©mon™. A wholly owned subsidiary, Nintendo of America Inc., based in Redmond, Wash., serves as headquarters for Nintendo's operations in the Western Hemisphere. For more information about Nintendo, please visit the company's website at

Microsoft Announce Halo Reach Is Coming Out Worldwide 14th September And 15th September In Japan

Microsoft have announced that Halo Reach is coming out worldwide on 14th September, and 15th September in Japan. Microsoft have revealed that the Beta was played by over 2.7 Million people, resulting in over 13 Million online games, 16 Million hours played, all in just 2 weeks.

Press Release

The most anticipated game of the year is making its worldwide debut this September. “Halo: Reach,” the blockbuster prequel to the best-selling video game franchise and hailed as the No. 1 game series of all time,1 will leave its mark on the entertainment landscape when it launches worldwide, starting Sept. 14, 2010, and in Japan on Sept. 15.

Developed exclusively for Xbox 360 by acclaimed studio Bungie, “Halo: Reach” drops players back into the iconic universe they love so they can experience the birth of the “Halo” legend. During the past 10 years, the “Halo” franchise has inspired multiple New York Times best-selling novels, comic books, action figures, apparel and more, and it has sold more than 34 million games worldwide to date.

“‘Halo: Reach’ is the culmination of a decade of ‘Halo,’ a franchise that has become a global entertainment and pop-culture touchstone,” said Phil Spencer, corporate vice president of Microsoft Game Studios at Microsoft Corp. “Just as ‘Halo: Combat Evolved’ catalyzed the success of the original Xbox to define a decade of entertainment, ‘Halo: Reach’ will push the boundaries for what’s possible in video games and help make 2010 the biggest year in Xbox history.”

“There’s no doubt in my mind that ‘Halo: Reach’ will be one of the biggest games and hottest entertainment products of the year,” said Bob McKenzie, senior vice president of merchandising at GameStop. “Pre-orders for ‘Halo: Reach’ have been off the charts, with fans snapping up the limited and legendary editions since they were introduced just a month ago. Overall, it’s a real testament to the passion of the ‘Halo’ fan base.”

Consumers Help Make History With Record-Breaking “Halo: Reach” Beta

As a testament to the anticipation for its release, more than 2.7 million “Halo” fans helped make entertainment history this month by participating in the “Halo: Reach” multiplayer beta on Xbox LIVE, making it the largest console video game beta test on record and more than triple the size of the “Halo 3” beta. Players completed more than 13 million online games and logged over 16 million hours of online gameplay, amounting to over 1,826 years of total play time in just over a two-week period. The data and user feedback gathered from the beta will help Bungie and Microsoft further refine the game and deliver a blockbuster experience that fans have come to expect from the “Halo” franchise.

“Halo: Reach” follows the story of Noble Team, a squad of heroic Spartan soldiers as they make their final stand on planet Reach, humanity’s last line of defense between the terrifying Covenant and Earth. Representing the best-in-class multiplayer elements that have become the hallmark of the “Halo” series, “Halo: Reach” offers the most action-packed multiplayer experience yet on Xbox LIVE. The “Halo: Reach” experience is completed with an intense campaign, an unparalleled suite of features and stunning new visuals powered by groundbreaking new technology.

“Halo: Reach” represents an enormous evolution for the genre-defining “Halo” games, and is testament to Bungie’s 10 years of experience crafting amazing experiences. During the past decade, “Halo” fans have demonstrated their commitment to the franchise by logging more than 2 billion hours of gameplay on Xbox LIVE, sharing millions of pieces of user-generated content, creating original “Halo” machinima series and even holding “Halo” themed weddings.

“Halo: Reach” is available for preorder in standard, limited and legendary editions at participating retailers worldwide. The standard edition has an estimated retail price of $59.99 (U.S.), and the limited and legendary editions of the game will retail for $79.99 and $149.99 (U.S.), respectively. The limited and legendary editions of “Halo: Reach” are packed with extras that fans won’t want to miss. The centerpiece of the legendary edition is a 10-inch-tall, hand-painted and individually molded Noble Team statue crafted by the expert artisans at McFarlane Toys. As a special bonus, fans can receive a token to unlock an exclusive in-game Spartan Recon Helmet, by picking up a copy of the game on launch day at North American retail stores, and outside of North America by making a pre-order reservation at participating retailers.

Audio Re-Cap of The Weekends News (oldest to newest)

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Re-Cap of The Weekends News (oldest to newest)

  • QTE Blog: Re-Cap of Yesterdays News (oldest to newest)

  • QTE Blog: Audio Re-Cap of Yesterdays News (oldest to newest)

  • PSP: Sony has been offering game code to developers potentially offering "a 60-day shelf life" before a game gets hacked

  • QTE Blog: THQ Have Released A Video Walk Through For All Star Karate On The Nintendo Wii

  • PS3: Killzone 3 leaked, Arctic levels, Jetpacks, 3D, Bigger scale, new weapons, shows Helghast culture/humanity + more

  • PS3: Leaked Scans of Killzone 3. it looks very far along and even more detailed than Killzone 2

  • QTE Blog: EA Have Released New Screenshots And A Trailer Showing The new Golfers, Courses, And Features In Tiger Wo...

  • PS3: Killzone 3 graphics engine co-worked on with Naughty Dog, Uncharted Devs, and Guerilla Games.

  • PS3: BT Games have listed the Playstation Move as coming out in July

  • QTE Blog: EA Have Released A New Madden NFL 11 Developer Interview And New Screenshots

  • iPad: UK And Australia shipments of the iPad, both 3G and Wifi, have reportedly started

  • Its reported that Red Dead Redemption sold 300K units in just 2 days in the UK, making it the biggest launch of 2010

  • QTE Blog: EA Announce The Canadian Hockey League Will Now Be Included In NHL 11 And Future NHL Games

  • PS3: its reported that the PS3 version of Section 8 asks users to connect to Xbox Live Marketplace

  • PS3: Sony has trademarked "Move Into the Action" in the USA, speculation is its for advertising or a Slogan

  • QTE Blog: Activision Announce Blur Has Facebook Intergration

  • Pandora: The First batch of Pandora's has come of the assembly line and are now shipping.

  • QTE Blog: Sony Online Entertainment Announce New Rides, Accessories, And Vacant Lots In Free Realms

  • QTE Blog: Sony Announce Pinball Heroes Bundle 2 Is Coming To PSP's On 25th May

  • QTE Blog: What Have You Played This Week?

  • QTE Blog: QTE Tweets Of The Week

QTE Tweets Of The Week

Here are this weeks most clicked tweets from the QTE Gamers News In Brief. The breaking news over this weekend about Killzone 3 got alot of traffic, as well as news regarding Red Dead Redemption PS3 stock in the UK. the only real shock was possibly this weeks Zero punctuation, its normally popular but this week it got alot of attention.

10 QTE Blog: Codemasters Have Released New Screenshots And A Trailer For International Cricket 2010

9 PS3: Killzone 3 graphics engine co-worked on with Naughty Dog, Uncharted Devs, and Guerilla Games.

8 Assassin's Creed 2 Complete Edition has appeared on several UK online retailers for around £27.99

7 iPad: UK And Australia shipments of the iPad, both 3G and Wifi, have reportedly started

6 PS3: Killzone 3 leaked, Arctic levels, Jetpacks, 3D, Bigger scale, new weapons, shows Helghast culture/humanity + more

5 Batman: Arkham Asylum action figures coming Jan 2011, have Batman, Joker with Scarface, Scarecrow and Harley Quinn

4 iPhone: PEGI have released a app for free that tells users the ratings of games

3 PS3: PS3 stock of Red Dead Redemption in UK has been hit by massive shortages, many sold out by end of today

2 PS3: Leaked Scans of Killzone 3. it looks very far along and even more detailed than Killzone 2

QTE Blog: New Zero Punctuation - Dead to Rights: Retribution