Sunday, April 9, 2023

Switch Funday - Mario Kart 64 - My First Time

Welcome to Switch Funday!

I have been using the Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pack's Virtual Consoles to catch up with some games i've never played before. today, i chose to play Mario Kart 64. I recently tried out Mario Kart on the SNES,, and this was the final Mario Kart i hadn't played before. i learned a lot about that game from user  @SuperNickid  , i recommend reading what they wrote if you're unfamiliar with that game.

i didn't quite know what this game would be. would it lean closer to the SNES version or would it lean closer to the GBA and GameCube versions. thankfully, it feels more arcadey, more balanced, and generally more fun to play. The reason this video is so long is because i tried every map!

there were a couple of things that still annoyed me about this version of the game. the main one is that you must finish in the top 4 to progress. that's more similar to the SNES original than later games. another was the lack of characters. i played as Kooper in the SNES game but that character was not in this one. thankfully the character's looked much better, much closer to how you imagined they look. a great example is how much better Yoshi looks.

Another big improvement were the weapons. in the SNES original, i learned how the weapons work as whilst playing it i couldn't understand what was happening. characters have their own weapons and they have endless amounts of them. here, it was much more familiar and it felt much more fair. if i have a complaint it's that the red shell Ai was really quite bad at times. i would say the drift mechanic was also much improved and it felt a more vital part of the gameplay. in the SNES version it's more a jump, but on the N64 it's more a drift that also can give you boost.

I had much more fun with this game. it feels more like the first game in the series than the original does. it also feels more fair and better balanced. even tho i lost some races, it didn't feel like it was the computer cheating. It's well worth trying and it still looks good, too!