Sunday, September 17, 2023

Switch Funday - F-Zero 99 - F-Zero 25, F-Zero 50, F-Zero 99, Team Battles, And Grand Prix Races

For Switch Funday i played the newly released F-Zero 99, a free game for Nintendo Switch Online subscribers. It takes the gameplay of F-Zero and adds the online multiplayer chaos of Nintendo's 99 series. I haven't played an F-ZERO game since the GameCube so i was excited to give this a go.

This was my first time playing the game so we start with the tutorial, and it's a great tutorial too. the game also doesn't drop you straight into racing against 98 other racers. there's a race against 24 others, then a race against 49 others, and finally you're given a race against 98 others. So by the time i raced in F-Zero 99, i felt prepared. the only thing i didn't know were the tracks themselves.

These tracks have been carefully adjusted with a new starting track that funnels all 99 drivers onto the main race track. this is used in the races and the Team Battles, too. The super boost track is mostly fine tho i did have one or two occasions where i triggered it but i wasn't near it so it felt like i was moved weirdly on to it. there were also some occasions where it ended in an awkward place. Much like the Bullet Bill in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, also on Switch, sometimes the boost lasted a long time and others it felt too short.

No adjustments have been made for the battle mode. this mode has all drivers split into two colored teams. points are earned by crossing the start/finish line each lap but you can also earn points for hitting/spinning into other racers and KOing them. But in all modes, there's a lowest position you can be before being eliminated. each lap there's a message, the admittedly could be bigger and clearer, saying what the lowest position you can be to continue. In Grand Prix races, this is what ended my race. i got to the 4th race out of 5 in the Grand Prix mode, but i needed to finish in the top 20 by the end to get to the 5th and final race and i couldn't manage it.

Overall, i had a great time with F-Zero 99. the game has a great tutorial and adds little pressure on you to finish high. if you don't finish high, you still earn points towards your overall level. even tho i didn't finish the Grand Prix, what i earned is still put onto a leaderboard. i would recommend this game to old fans of F-Zero but also to anyone who has F-Zero 99 via a Nintendo Switch Online Subscription. Just be aware that these 99 games typically rely on skill. this game does have a couple of ways it helps keep everyone together, but ultimately those who are better at it will typically always finish up front.