Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Sony Have Released A New Video For The Playstation Move Racing Wheel Detailing It's Features

Sony have released a new video for their upcoming Playstation Move Racing Wheel. in this video Sony shows off the new peripheral. they talk about the design decisions behind the shape and reveal that it's designed for not just car racing games but it has adjustable grips to turn it into a motorbike controller, they even talk about using it for flying games. the video features some technical information about the rumble motors and more. the whole controller is powered from the Playstation Move controller.

Source: USA Playstation Blog

Bigpoint Reveal Their Free-to-Play Game Of Thrones Game Is Called Game Of Thrones: Seven Kingdoms

Bigpoint and Artplant have announced their upcoming Game Of Thrones Free-to-Play MMO is called Game Of Thrones: Seven Kingdoms. Bigpoint and Artplant had previously worked together on the Battlestar Galatica MMO which had over 10 Million users. Game Of Thrones: Seven Kingdoms takes place after the deaths of King Robert Baratheon and Ned Stark. Players are challenged to form alliances through Player vs. Player (PvP), Siege combat and politics to control Westeros.

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Activision And Tencent Announce Call Of Duty Online, A Free To Play Shooter For China

Activision And Tencent announce Call Of Duty Online. this free to play shooter is being released across mainland China via Tencent. this Call Of Duty has been designed for the Chinese Market and will be monetized through the sales of in-game items. players will be able to personalize their weapons, characters, and equipment. as well as multiplayer, the game will have a story mode which tells an original story through a series of special operations missions based on the Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare universe.

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Sega And The Creative Assembly Have Released The Debut Trailer For Total War: Rome II

Following yesterdays announcement, Sega and The Creative Assembly have released the debut trailer for Total War: Rome II. this is mostly a live action trailer, but there is some in-game action. the idea of this trailer is to show there is more than 1 way to run/conquer Rome.

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Sony Announce Seth Killian Has Joined The Santa Monica Studio External Group As Lead Game Designer

Sony have announced Seth Killian has joined their Santa Monica Studio. Seth had previously been working at Capcom and will now find himself as the Lead Game Designer of the External Group. this group at Santa Monica Studio work with third party teams like Queasy Games, Fun Bits Interactive, thatgamecompany, and SuperBot Entertainment. Its with SuperBot Entertainment, it appears so anyway, that Seth Killian will be working with, they are the developers behind Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale!

Source: USA Playstation Blog

Konami Acknowledge Game Breaking Bug In Metal Gear Solid 3D On The 3DS, Say Patch Is In The Works

Konami have announced there is a game breaking bug in their 3DS game Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater 3D. this bug only occurs when the Circle Pad Pro is connected to the 3DS and you are trying to save the game during the battle with Ocelot. what happens is the game save becomes corrupt and un-loadable.

For Now, Konami say the only option players with this issue have is to delete their save file and start again or wait for a patch. no date has been announced for the patch, but Konami have said this patch will prevent this bug and fix save files affected.

Source: Konami UK

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