Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Activision Have Released New Goldfinger Screenshots And A Trailer For 007 Legends And Revealed The Games Boxart

Activision have released new screenshots and a trailer showing Goldfinger action in 007 Legends. Activision have also revealed the boxart for 007 Legends.

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BioWare Co-Founders Ray Muzyka And Greg Zeschuk Have Announced They Are Retiring From BioWare

BioWare co-founders Ray Muzyka And Greg Zeschuk have announced they are retiring from BioWare. both have written blogs about their retirement, you can catch them at Ray Muzyka And Greg Zeschuk. Ray is going to get involved with Social Impact Investment whilst Greg will get involved in Craft Beer, not just making but also creating Beer Diaries.

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Rovio Announce Bad Piggies Comes To Mobile And Mac On 27th September

Rovio have revealed Bad Piggies, a Spin-off from Angry Birds, and announced the game is set to come out on 27th September on iOS, Android and Mac. this game lets you play as the Angry Birds Piggies, you have to create vehicles for them to get to the end of level using the building blocks provided. the trailer shows that there are obstacles which mean some vehicles need fly. the way the building works means there are many different ways to complete a level. Rovio have also announced PC and Windows Phone 8 versions will be coming later.

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NCsoft Announce They Are Bringing Guild Wars 2 To Mac, Anyone Who Has Bought The Game Can Try Out Beta

NCsoft have announced they are bringing Guild Wars 2 to Macs, with support from ArenaNet and TransGaming. anyone who has already bought Guild Wars 2 is eligible to join in the Mac Beta. the Beta is live and running on liver servers. when the game goes live, updates will come to both the Mac and PC versions at the same time.

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Bethesda Have Released The Final Behind The Scenes Look At Dishonored

Bethesda have released the final behind the scenes look at Dishonored. this video focuses on the dev team applying the finishing touches to the game.

Source: Bethesda Blog