Friday, February 10, 2012

Activision Announce Battleship, A Game Which Has A Standalone Story Based On The Upcoming Battleship Movie

 Activision have announced Battleship. Battleship, currently in development between Activision and Double Helix, is based on the upcoming Battleship movie, but will have its own standalone story. the game will be a mix of first person action and strategic naval command. The Story will follow demolitions specialist Cole Mathis and his attempts to command the U.S Navy fleet whilst rallying the troops on land. Battleship is set to come to Europe in April and the USA in May on PS3, Xbox 360. The Wii, 3DS, and DS versions are also coming then but will be uniquely designed for each of them.


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Sony Have Released An In-Depth 12 Minute Look At The Playstation Vita, Details Feaures, 3G, Web Browser, Music Player And More

Sony have released a new trailer for the PS Vita. this 12 minute video is an in-depth look at the PS Vita. the video focuses on each of the main features of the Vita, with in-game action from things like the Music Player, the Web Browser, and much much more.

Source: USA Playstation Blog

EA Have Released A New Grand Slam Tennis 2 Trailer Revealing ESPN Integration

EA have released a new trailer for Grand Slam Tennis 2. this trailer details the ESPN integration, revealing it has commentary from Pat Cash and John McEnroe. there is also an ESPN Grand Slam Classics mode where you can play 25 classic matches.

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Klei Entertainment And EA Have Released A Launch Trailer For Shank 2

EA and Klei Entertainment have released a launch trailer for Shank 2. this trailer uses in-game action to show the games' main features, like single player story and online.

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Sony Have Released An Unboxing Video For The Playstation Vita, Confirm PS Vita First Edition Bundle

Sony have released an unboxing video for the PS Vita. the video first starts by confirming what is coming with the PS Vita First Edition Bundle. it confirms the copy of Little Deviants is on cartridge and not a download code. also included is a 4 GB memory card, a exclusive carry case for the Vita and games, and of course the PS Vita itself. the rest of the video shows what is included in the Vita box.

Source: USA Playstation Blog

Activision Have Released The Debut Trailer For Skylanders Giants

Activison have released the debut trailer for Skylanders Giants. this trailer is mostly cinematic that talks about the previous Skylanders before introducing the new Giants. towards the end, there is some in-game action of the Giants showing them attacking and also how they can interact with the world.

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Sony Introduce Playstation Vita Discovery Apps, Free Apps That Show PS Vita Features

Sony have announced Playstation Vita Discovery Apps. these are free apps for the PS Vita that showcase Vita features. the two that have been announced so far are Frobisher Says and t@g.

Frobisher Says is a party game where players have to do what Frobisher tells them to do. the game showcases all the features of the Vita, both touch panels, motion, cameras, face detection, and traditional controls. you can play the game alone, but it has been designed to be played with up to 8 players. in all there are over 50 games, each with a unique artstyle.

t@g is exclusive to the Wifi+3G PS Vita and it uses Augmented reality and GPS. you are able to tag the whole world in virtual space. tagging earns points and in-game currency. stickers and tags are unlocked as you play and global leaderboards shows who's top and the taggers in your location.

Source: EU Playstation Blog