Friday, September 22, 2023

Mobile Friday - SHAPE HUNTER - Solid Style And Gameplay With A Few Rough Edges

For Mobile Friday this week is i tried out SHAPE HUNTER on iPhone 14 Pro. this game is from @MotiyaGames and is also out on Android and Steam.

In the App Store, the trailer and screenshots for this game show how stylish this game looks. But when you play it, it's more than just style. the graphics and music work well together as does the art.

The core part of gameplay is solid. you have two weapons, you attack enemies, and after each level you finish you select a bonus/item/thing that'll go with you until the run ends. It works well, but the controls were a little unexpected. you can only move your character by using the spear, and to fire both the spear and bow and arrow you have to pull back, like a slingshot or Angry Birds, and let go. by the second or third run i had adjusted, but i think it would've been nice to have a second control scheme where you fire where you aim.

The only other thing that i wasn't sure about is if this game is a roguelike. in the store it's listed as one, but nothing was carried over into the next run. it's possible that i just didn't go far enough into the game to get an item that does carry over into the next one. but the game doesn't make it clear.

Because it's a roguelike, i can accept a certain level of ambiguity. but this game is a little too close to the line. there was a weapon tutorial, but not a movement one. it's listed as a roguelike, but never says how. But it's simplicity does make it surprisingly accessible so they're only minor gripes. i was a little more annoyed with the adverts just starting without any warning. thankfully, these are short adverts and not the 30+ second adverts i've seen in other mobile games.

I do recommend SHAPE HUNTER. it does feel a little rough, and in the video i mention that at the moment it's a game you play, enjoy, and leave on your phone and check it now and then after updates as it's only going to get better. But you shouldn't get a game thinking of the future. Thankfully, the game is good enough now that future improvements that'll come are bonuses.

(Version 1.2.6 Played)