Wednesday, September 13, 2023

Backlog Conquering - Gunstar Heroes - Part 3 - Completing The Flying Battleship

Part 3 of playing Gunstar Heroes on #PS3 went better than part 2,, but it was still difficult. In part 2, it was a boss rush and in part 1,, the bosses were spaced out across the whole level. In this video, The Flying Battleship, it's a combination of both!

So the start wasn't too bad. going up and then across was fine. the first boss was easy, too. then there's a little more platforming before the next two bosses, one after each other. the first of these two bosses wasn't too bad and i managed to defeat him after a couple of tries. But the final boss was much more difficult. He does much more damage, has many more attacks, and can navigate the small stage the battle takes place on faster than i can. So for this video, it took nearly 20 minutes to finally beat him!

There will be a part 4 as i'm interested in what the fourth stage will be like and whether or not it's the final level in the game.