Thursday, December 8, 2022

Pokémon Violet - The Fourteenth Part – Exploring Levincia and Defeating The Electric Gym Leader Iono

In part 13,, I reached the Pokémon level limit with several of my regulars and even had one over the level 34 limit that had started to ignore my commands. So the goal of this video is simple, get my fourth badge and in doing so raise the max level Pokémon would obey me. 

As usual I did some wandering outside Levincia City before heading in, or in my case swimming in! I think I explored all around the city and talked to everyone I could, just in case there was a trade to be done but I didn’t find one. But with the cities being as big as they are, it’s possible I missed a part of it. 

Battling the gym was easier than expected. Iono’s Pokémon weren’t much higher than the last gym I did. Getting the badge only raised the minimum level to 40, too!