Friday, September 7, 2012

SI Games And Sega Have Released The Debut Screenshots For Football Manager 2013

SI Games And Sega have released the debut screenshots for Football Manager 2013. there are 54 screenshots here that cover many common features in the game, like news, calendar and the squad. there are also screenshots for the new features in the game like Challenge Mode.


Ubisoft Announce Rayman Jungle Run, Coming To Android And iPhone On 20th September

Ubisoft have announced a new Rayman Game. Rayman Jungle Run continues the same look as other recent Rayman Games but brings this one to Android and iPhone. Rayman Jungle Run is set to come out on 20th September.

Sony Announce A New PS3 Bundle For Canada, 320GB PS3 And NHL 13 For $299.99

Sony have announced they are releasing a new PS3 bundle in Canada in time for the upcoming Hockey Season. for $299.99, this bundle includes a 320GB PS3 and NHL 13. Sony say this bundle is a saving of $60.00. there is also a 1 month trial for Playstation Plus.

Source: USA Playstation Blog

2K And Firaxis Have Released The XCOM: Enemy Unknown Gameplay Walkthrough They Showed At E3 And PAX

2k And Firaxis have released a new gameplay video for XCOM: Enemy Unknown. this is the same video that they showed at both E3 and PAX Prime. it features Firaxis Lead Designer Jake Solomon providing the narration of the gameplay breakthrough.

Capcom Have Released An Extended Gameplay Video For Remember Me

Capcom have released a new gameplay video for Remember Me. this video is an extended version of the video that was shown at GamesCom. this video appears to be from the PS3 version of the game and focuses on showing the character traversing the world, hacking doors, combat and escaping a helicopter attack.

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Ubisoft Have Released A New Island Survival Guide For Far Cry 3, Looks At Dangers, Drugs And More

Ubisoft have released a new Island Survival Guide for Far Cry 3. this video once more features Agent Huntley talking about drugs and other dangers you'll find on the island. the video also offers some gameplay tips on how to use outposts.

Ubisoft Announce The Mighty Quest For Epic Loot, A Free To Play PC Game Coming 2013

Ubisoft have revealed a new free to play PC game. coming 2013, The Mighty Quest For Epic Loot is set in a medieval fantasy world where wealth, status and show-boating are king. the game is played in two steps, firstly you have to prepare your castle to protect the treasure inside. the next step is preparing to take over castles. the game is free to play, but there are opportunities to purchase in-game items to speed up your characters progress or to customise them.

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Bethesda Have Released The First Behind The Scenes Look At Dishonored, Looks At The Games Inception

Bethesda have released the first behind the scenes look at Dishonored. this video focuses on the games inception, with members talking about developing the world.

Source: Bethesda Blog