Sunday, October 9, 2022

Switch Funday - Overwatch 2 - Over an Hour of More Frustration

Yep, i'm back playing Overwatch 2. In yesterday's Online Saturday video, you would've seen that i became ever increasingly frustrated with Overwatch 2 on the PS4. And i didn't expect that i would try the game again. But i realized that the game came out on Nintendo Switch, too. I was genuinely curious as to the quality of the Switch port so i gave it ago.

What i don't show in the video was the process of getting my Battle Pass, which was already linked to my PS4, onto my Switch. it wasn't too complicated, but it did take a little time. But once it was linked, i started recording and you see me play for over an hour in an unedited video.

I went into this video knowing more than i did yesterday. I tried to practice more, for example. But as you'll see in the video, i found more things to be frustrated with. However, the experience of playing the game on Nintendo Switch was a pleasant one and one that i would recommend. the biggest difference for me was how much shorter the time was getting into games!