Friday, February 15, 2013

Square Enix Have Opened Beta Sign Ups For Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, Beta Starts 25th February

Square Enix have announced that phase 1 of the Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Beta starts on 25th February. they are now accepting sign up's for the beta. Phase 1 and Phase 2 will be PC only, with the PS3 beta starting with Phase 3. Phase 1 is only available at certain hours a day. this will increase each Phase of the Beta. each character created up until Phase 4 is not saved, meaning a new character is created each time.

Beta Test Minimum System Requirements
OS Windows® XP 32bit, Windows® Vista 32/64bit, Windows® 7 32/64 bit
CPU Intel® Core™2 Duo
Memory 2 GB
Available space on hard disk/SSD 20 GB
Graphics card NVIDIA® Geforce® 8800 Series, ATI Radeon™ HD 4770
Screen resolution 1280 x 720
Internet Persistent broadband internet connection required
* Please note that these requirements may change for the final release version.

Beta Test Recommended System Requirements
OS Windows® 7 64 bit
CPU Intel® Core™ i5
Memory 4 GB
Available space on hard disk/SSD 20 GB
Graphics Card NVIDIA® Geforce® GTX 5xx Series, AMD Radeon™ HD 7970
Screen resolution 1920 x 1080
Internet Persistent broadband internet connection required

Source: Lodestone And Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Beta Sign Up

Rebellion Reveal Sniper Elite: Nazi Zombie Army, A Standalone Game Coming To Steam On 28th February For £9.99 / €10.99 / $14.99

Rebellion have revealed Sniper Elite: Nazi Zombie Army. this stand alone game features up to 4 player co-op and has your team facing off against an army of Zombies. the game is available for pre-order now on Steam ahead of it's official release of 28th February. there is a pre-purchase discount of 20% over the launch prices of £9.99 / €10.99 / $14.99.


Key facts:
  •  A new stand-alone campaign designed for one to four players.
  •  Terrifying new enemies including zombie hordes, Occult Commanders, roof-jumping snipers, devastating Super Elites, Nazi suicide squads and more.
  •  New weapons suited to close-quarters combat, including the shotgun and boomstick.
  •  Utilises the same genre-defining sniping ballistics and celebrated X-Ray ‘Kill Cam’ from the award-winning Sniper Elite V2.

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Capcom Have Released A New Game Play Trailer And Screenshots For Resident Evil: Revelations

Capcom have released a new trailer and screenshots for their HD version of Resident Evil: Revelations. as i missed the initial announcement i have included the debut trailer for the game. the new trailer is a game play video for the character called Hunk and shows him making his way through the boat. Resident Evil: Revelations is coming to the Wii U, PS3, Xbox 360 and PC on 21st May.


Activision Announce Angry Birds Trilogy For Wii And Wii U, Games Sells Over One Million Units Worldwide

Activision and Rovio announce Angry Birds Trilogy is coming to both the Wii and Wii U, the game has been out on Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and Nintendo 3DS since September 2012 and has already sold 1 Million units worldwide across those platforms.

Activision are not revealing Wii U features just as yet, but do say the game will come to Wii U and Wii this year. Angry Birds Trilogy contains Angry Birds, Angry Birds Seasons and Angry Birds Rio.

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Kalypso Have Released A New Game Play Trailer For DARK

Kalypso have released a new game play trailer for DARK. coming to PC and Xbox 360 in Q2 2013, DARK has you playing as Eric Bane, someone who is trying to discover why he was chosen to become a Vampire. DARK is a stealth action game and the trailer shows how you can use your abilities to remain hidden and taken out your targets.

Features of DARK:
  • Stealth and action combine as players walk the world in darkness and silence, attacking their unsuspecting foes with supernatural fury
  • Use powerful vampire abilities and hard-hitting melee attacks to defeat dangerous enemies - turn into a puff of smoke and disappear, or close with your foes in an instant!
  • Powerful and intelligently controlled AI enemies mix the fantastic with the real-world. Battle police and elite special forces along with ghouls and other vampires
  • Castles, museums, skyscrapers, nightclubs and more are rendered in stunning 3D cel-shaded graphics, beckoning the player to explore - but beware, powerful enemies hide everywhere
  • RPG element mix with a compelling story – players will build up their skills through successful evasion and combat, while advancing the story through conversations with NPCs

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Namco Bandai Have Released A New Star Trek: The Game Trailer And Tease Some Of It's Story

Namco Bandai have released a new trailer for the upcoming Star Trek: The Game. this trailer shows action aboard the Enterprise and in several other locations. the action is a mix of Kirk and Spock against Gorn or on a machine that appears to be falling apart. the video information from YouTube teases that the game story is about something being found on New Vulcan that will either save or kill all life in the Galaxy.

Nintendo Announce Wii Street U Out Now, Will Be Free To Download For Limited Time. Reveal Service Closes 31st March 2016

Nintendo have announced Wii Street U is out now on the eShop. it is free to download currently, but will become a paid download in the future. the service is powered by google and offers a 360 degree panoramic view of a location by using Google Street View and the Wii U Game Pad.

Curiously, Nintendo have already announced that this service will close on 31st March 2016.

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Halfrbrick And Big Ant Announce Jetpack Joyride Has Been Downloaded Over 1 Million Times Across PS3 And PS Vita

Halfbrick and Big Ant have announced that the PS3 and PS Vita version of Jetpack Joyride has been downloaded over 1 Million times in 2013 worldwide. This version of the game is free to download and play and the PS Vita version of the game was recently updated with new features including Twitter Integration.

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Activision Announce The Amazing Spider-Man: Ultimate Edition For The Wii U, Out From 8th March

Activision have revealed The Amazing Spider-Man is coming to the Wii U. This Ultimate Edition version of the game will include all 4 DLC Packs on disc as well as some Wii U unique features. The game has a release date of 5th March across the USA, no UK release date has been announced.

Those Wii U features include:
  •  Transform the Wii U™ GamePad with the Oscorp OsPhone – Access Spidey’s in-game cell phone via the GamePad to accept new challenges, navigate the city, and manage his upgrades
  •  Off-screen Mode lets users swap instantly between playing on the big screen and the GamePad whenever they choose
The 4 DLC Packs include: 
  •  Stan Lee Adventure Pack – Completely voiced by the Spider-Man creator himself, you’ll play as Stan Lee and web-sling through NYC in an amazing race across the city. Take on Spidey’s powers as you wall crawl, web rush, and swing across Manhattan to collect the missing pages of Stan “The Man’s” latest script. Collect all the pages and unlock a surprise reward!
  •  Lizard Rampage Pack – Take control of Dr. Connors' terrifying alter-ego in a race against time as you rampage through the streets as Lizard to defeat Oscorp guards
  •  Rhino Challenge – Rampage through NYC as the unstoppable Rhino and cause as much destruction as possible before the timer runs out! The more damage you inflict, the more bonus points you earn as you build momentum ramming through taxis and cars!
  •  Oscorp Search and Destroy Pack – Includes 2 mini-games through Spider-Man’s in-game cell phone
  •  New suits, including the Vigilante suit from The Amazing Spider-Manmovie and the Classic Spider-Man suit from the Raimi trilogy

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Nexon Announce Ghost In The Shell: Stand Alone Complex Is Coming To PC's In The First Half Of 2014

Nexon have announced their upcoming PC first person shooter Ghost Of The Shell: Stand Alone Complex is coming out in the first half of 2014. there are few details about the game at present, but Nexon have revealed that the game has cyborgs fighting against each other in a battle for resources and it has a co-op battle mode.
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