Monday, February 27, 2023

Cloud Monday - Marvel Puzzle Quest - Using My Old PS4 Save Data

Today's Cloud Monday continues from last weeks video on Split/Second, In that video the goal was to try and use my old PS3 save data that was saved in the cloud with that game. i showed how to do it and that it worked. at the end of that video i said i would try it on PS4 and show how it works.

It was difficult trying to find a game suitable for this as i still have most games and saves still installed. Marvel Puzzle Quest is a game that i finished on PS3, got all the trophies too, and tried on PS4 to see if there were any differences. as there weren't any i stopped playing it and didn't have it installed any more.

Before i could do that i had to deal with my PS4 and PlayStation Plus Premium having issues. you get to see some of them in this video, but to save time i skipped ahead to when things started working again. it would be great to know if the service works better on PS5 than on PS4.

When it came to importing the save file on PS3, it was not automatic. i had to go to the XMB, by pressing the PS button on the PS4 controller and scrolling down to the XMB option, then go to the save file, then exit the game, then go into my Cloud Saves, find the save, copy it over, exit the save menu, which restarted the game and then the game loaded that save file. With the PS4 it was so much simpler. it prompted me asking if i wanted to use my save file in the cloud. i said yes, and it went ahead, grabbed it, and started the game for me. this was a much more user friendly experience and one that would be useful on PS5 where storage is a bit of an issue as it could be quicker and easier to simply stream the game instead of downloading it.