Monday, September 19, 2022

Cloud Monday - White Knight Chronicles Part 2

Once again, and i imagine this'll be the case going forward, it wasn't straight forward getting the game to load. Simply put, i was unable to launch the game because of an unexpected error. I then restored licenses. This actually attempted to load the game but timed out. i then restarted my PS4 and then the game worked. This video starts from that point. 

But that wasn't the only issue i had. White Knight Chronicles is a game that had a robust online component, I didn't think it was still online but as it was so heavily marketed on the game page i tried it out. The game gets stuck. The PS3 tries to check for an update, but is unable to find one. However, there's no way out of this menu. it's over top of the game's own checks. the game knows it's offline and would let you progress. it's the PS3 that's stopping. and so it stopped me and i called an end to Part 2.

Overall, streaming the game went fine. over two videos, i only came across 1 thing that could've been because of streaming, and that was a simple grey blob that appeared for a frame or two. the game's slow pace and bright colors mean that it plays well. If you were to ask me if i thought the game was good, i'd honestly say i'm probably still a little too early in to score it. but i think it's worth a go if you have the time free. It took 2 videos to get to the opening cut scene and past day 1.