Monday, April 27, 2009

QTE Impressions – Free Realms – PC

Free Realms is a MMO for the PC, and later the PS3. It had a very short Beta test over the last few weeks, and whilst I didn't play it extensively, I feel I can write some valid impressions. The game is set for release from Tomorrow for free, or you can pay a small monthly subscription to get new jobs, items and more.

For the PC, Free Realms is basically a Browser game. Because of this, certain restrictions will apply to the game. It's not a graphical power house, but it never looks compromised by this. The game has a very unique, approachable style to the Free Realms Universe that suits the game play and how it plays. It can look a bit sparse and the textures may all the look the same in an area, but this is not critical to the game, right from the off it shows how it's more Style than Graphics.

The gameplay is very simple. It helps you a lot in the beginning, with the option for the user to ask for it when it “takes the training wheels off”. Its very similar to many MMO's in that you get quests from people, Do the quests, get rewards. What it does to distinguish itself from others is by making some of the quests into mini games. These can be very simple, and easy to do, but if you want to put effort into perfecting them, you get a greater reward from it.

The game is obviously aimed at a younger audience, my first MMO for example, but there is enough depth for people who want to take it more seriously. The choice of character is limited, the customisation ok. What sets it apart is the jobs. There are the traditional MMO jobs, but then there are some pretty unique jobs like a Postman, Racer and Cook. The game cleverly integrates them into the Free Realms Universe, giving them appropriate quests vastly different from other classes.

Thinking of how it could be a PS3 game, you have to think that it'll be a PSN game. Still no word on its release though. With it releasing so close to the Beta, I would personally wait a week or two before signing in. I personally had a few issues with bugs, but that is to be expected with Betas.

This was one of the games i was playing that i could not talk about. the reason for being so vague in the article is because it is still not out, and all current talk of it has been vague. at present i can't talk about the other game i'm playing but look out for impressions when i can.

Re-Cap of Yesterdays News (oldest to newest)

  • PS3: Alpha Zone 2 has been found in Home. not much is known apart from it wasn't hacked (like Alpha Zone 1 was)

  • 360:Street Fighter IV "Power Up Pack" DLC is now online. the free pack weighs in at 16mb and brings new features.