Saturday, March 28, 2009

Star Trek Online Update - Oslo Class

Cryptic have updated their site with a new StarFleet Vessel, the Oslo Class.
the vessel looks very familiar to the Norway and Akira from Star Trek, but the site also mentions that it's similar to the Zephyr Class which is not a known class of Star Trek and is most likely a new Class for Star Trek Online.
Cryptic say the reason for the similarities is because "Starfleet Corps of Engineers championed a plan that called for modular ship designs, with components that could easily be switched out or replaced."

in their talk about the ship, they let slip a possible parts of the game mechanics, "The modular design allows ship's crews to be able to make more repairs in the field and enables salvaged components to be reused on a variety of ships. An added benefit of modular construction is that starships can be modified for specific missions or to accommodate crew needs." This backs up the customisation that the game allows of ships, giving a legitimate reason why it's possible, but it also hints at salvage missions, being able to salvage parts from a battle site.

This particular class is known as a Heavy Escort Class, limited medical facilities and scientific as well. it's not built for sustained attacks, but it's new weapons provide alot of clout. again, Cryptic might have let slip another game mechanic " will often work in concert with other ships that have improved sensor arrays and laboratories. Being able to coordinate with an engineering vessel will keep the Oslo fighting for longer than it could without such support, making it an ideal vessel for battle groups and fleet actions." perhaps hinting at how battles/missions can work with other people, being able to use their ships either to help another ship or to be that fighter amongst the science vessels.