Wednesday, February 28, 2024

Backlog Conquering - Teslagrad On PS4 - Part 2 - Hard Platforming And A Bird Pooping Bird Bombs

This is part 2 of playing the PlayStation 4 version of Teslagrad, from developers Rain AS, as part of Backlog Conquering. Part 1,, got a little rough towards the end as i was seemingly stuck in a loop.

So in this Part 2 my first goal was to head back to the start. this was the right move as along the way i found where i needed to go next. This meant the first half of Part 2 went really well. there were some tricky platforming that required several deaths to pass, but what was a first for this game was that it took time to try and tell a story. there were special, almost, theatre rooms where on stage we're shown 2 parts of the story of Teslagrad. it's the kind of world building that had been missed so far. the only story we had was right at the beginning of Part 1. since then, we've only seen pictures but with no context.

The Boss battle of this part was weird but in a good way. Part 1 had a boss, too, and it felt the same. both were difficult, both required a little strategy, but in a way both felt easier to beat than some of the platforming sections. I hope this continues, but i fear things may get more difficult. The weird part of this battle was that the "bird" we were fighting would poop out smaller flightless birds that would explode. this required careful management as they would destroy the stage.

The final part is getting a new power-up. even in Part 1, it was clear that we didn't have all the abilities we needed to continue. the pictures on the walls teased others who had the same arm as us but who were also wearing different clothes. Well, we got it and it immediately opened up the game and tho i didn't try it in this video, i could think of sections of the game where i could use it.

I ended this part at the start of a new section, a section that looked like it uses our new ability but also requires hard platforming. I'll tackle that in part 3.