Saturday, December 3, 2022

Online Saturday - Splatoon 3 - Trying Out Patch 2.0.0 - Improved Online Stability?

Welcome to Online Saturday!

Patch 2.0.0 was released a day or twp ago for Splatoon 3 on Switch. This patch introduced the new Chill Season. Some of the headline additions to the game were a new game mode for high level players, X Battles, a twist on Salmon Run, Big Run, some new weapons, and the return of the Brinewater Springs and Flounder Heights stages.

Big Run hasn't started yet and X Battles is something i can't join because my level is too low. i was also aware of some bugs that this patch had introduced, specifically for the paint brush and roller weapons. So, going into this my goal was simple, can i notice any changes for me. and Yeah, i think i could.

In the hour or so of playing, one thing really stood out to me, and i'm sure i mentioned it a few times during the video too. the waiting times for online Turf War games were much shorter. typically, they were around 30 seconds to a minute. but, after this patch i felt that the waiting times were 10 seconds to maybe 40 seconds. i also noticed that i had no connection issues during the hour. again, typically, i've found that there's at least 1 connection issue during an hour's play time. sometimes more in a Splatfest. but here, i found it to be rock solid. i also noticed that the players i was playing with also managed to stay together longer than normal.

Of course, this could be for a number of reasons like my internet or a general increase of players playing the game here in my region. but there's always been a lot, so more could actually be bad. that's why i'm strongly suggesting that i think online connectivity has been improved in this patch. But feel free to talk in the comments about your own experiences of this patch.

I'm hoping to try out Big Run when it starts later this month, as well as getting this month's Salmon Run item. so that'll be another video.

Pokémon Violet - The Eleventh Part - Exploring Porto Marinda and Catching My First Shiny!

This eleventh part of the Pokémon Violet Game Play Series focused on Exploring Porto Marinda and finding Cascarrafa's Gym Leader Kofu.

Of course, i wandered about and explored the light house outside the town. once the town was finished, i also explored a nearby beach and found my first shiny Pokémon! in part 10,, i found a Grass Tera Type Sandygast and in this video i found a shiny one. it's shiny form is also cool, it's black.

Other than that, i didn't do too much more. i tried again to find a Tinkatink but couldn't find one. i did speak to someone in Cascarrafa City and got a Wooper via trade for a Paldean Wooper.