Thursday, July 27, 2023

Backlog Conquering - RiME - Part 2 - An Hour Of More Adventuring

After getting stuck at the end of the first video for RiME,, i had a quick look at a YouTube video for the solution and found out i was soo close to the answer. so i started this video, part 2 of playing RiME as part of my Backlog Conquering series, by solving the puzzle.

After the puzzle, i didn't know what to expect. i stopped watching the video as soon as it showed the solution, so once more i was off exploring and solving the puzzles as they came. Part 2 feels a little different to the part 1 video as i didn't find any pedestals with glyphs on them this time and the puzzles seemed to be a little more complicated, or that i didn't solve them too quickly. 

The game continues to look stunning and it continues to push my PS4 so hard the fans are actually really loud, so loud i tried to edit them out of my audio. But the game's story hasn't really grabbed me. i don't know if i've missed something or i'm not quite understanding what's been shown to me, but the drive for me is exploring the world in the game. so there will be a part 3, but my enthusiasm for the game has dropped a little and getting messed about by the autosave system didn't help.

at the end of the first video, i quit after an auto save as there's no way to manually save. but when i started RiME for part 2, it was immediately clear that things weren't as i left them. it almost felt like the area i was trying to solve reset. it was frustrating having to do stuff that i had already done to get to the puzzle i was stuck at and because i was unhappy with it i didn't go back to do the side areas that i also did in part 1. i can only hope that things will go smoother at the start of part 3.