Friday, December 9, 2022

Mobile Friday: Apple Arcade - Zookeeper World - The First 45 Minutes

This second video in the new Mobile Friday: Apple Arcade series is on Zookeeper World. This is an exclusive game on Apple Arcade from Kiteretsu.

I haven't played any other games in the series, nor did i know what it was about. and after 45 minutes, i had a great time. This video is also interesting because for the first 20 minutes or so i played using my phone's screen. then for the next 20 or so, i switched to an Xbox Controller.

I found using the touch screen controls was OK, but the camera was a pain to use. When playing the match sections, it was also easy to catch the top and bottom of the screen. so in the video you'll see me drag the notification screen down once or twice.

Using a controller was an interesting experience as i hadn't used one before with my phone. When i record these Mobile Friday videos, and i mention this in the video once or twice, i use Apple's HDMI out cable and have it going to my TV. so when i switched, i put the phone down and focused solely on the TV. I felt that the camera became easier to manage, but i think that's more because it moves slower with a controller compared to what it did with my thumb. moving tiles was also slower, but for most of the video it wouldn't be an issue as there wasn't a time limit … until there was a time limit at the end of the video.

Ultimately, i had a nice time. the graphics aren't mind blowing but they are great to look at and certainly give the game a unique look and character. the game combines a match game with a zoo management sim and pulled it off very well in the 45 minutes i played. the music is subtle but fun and the sound effects aren't obnoxious nor saccharine sweet. i had a good time and it is a game i would recommend. after 45 minutes, you might have played all you need to, but they're a good 45 minutes.

Pokémon Violet - The Fifteenth Part – Defeating Iron Treads the Quaking Earth Titan

This proved to be a little more difficult than I expected. But it was nice seeing this strange donphan. It defeated my team. 

I had set up my team in a way to cover what ever type it would be, as it’s a Pokémon I hadn’t seen before I didn’t know what type(s) it had. The battle started with it my Jumpluff in one hit, as well with most other Pokémon. 

I tweaked my team and set out to level up a couple of times, and that was all I needed to do. Going back in for my second attempt, things went much better. I don’t think it was luck, either. It hits very hard, but most things hung on. But the biggest difference had to be my Crocalor evolving. It could go bad as it’s new ghost type isn’t great against Knock-Off. but it held on and Arven and I finished it off.