Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Konami Have Released New Screenshots, Character Art, And Concept Art For NeverDead

Konami have released new screenshots, character art, and concept art for NeverDead. the screenshots show in-game action of the main character, the character art shows the main character and several enemies.


Character Art

Character Concept Art

Konami Have Released A New Trailer For Doctor Lautrec and the Forgotten Knights

Konami Have Released A New Trailer For their upcoming Nintendo 3DS game Doctor Lautrec and the Forgotten Knights. this trailer uses in-game action and in-game cutscenes to provide some background information on what's going to happen in the game.

Watch Doctor Lautrec and the Forgotten Knights - Trailer in Tech & Gaming  |  View More Free Videos Online at

Arrowhead Game Studios Have Released A New Trailer For The Magicka Vietnam Expansion

Arrowhead Game Studios have released a new trailer for the upcoming Vietnam expansion for Magicka. this is a gameplay trailer and it shows your characters killing, blowing up stuff, and burning down all sorts of things.

Fact Sheet

Magicka: Vietnam is the first mission DLC for the highly popular PC action/adventure game Magicka. Nowadays it seems like every game is getting a Vietnam add-on and Magicka is no exception.

Magicka: Vietnam features a lengthy challenge scenario that puts you in the boots of a Wizard GI. Venture deep into the Goblin-Cong jungle, with up to three fellow soldiers, to liberate prisoners from a POW camp. Then you must destroy enemy positions, escape the perils of the jungle and return safely to the evacuation helicopter.

At the request of the community, Magicka: Vietnam also features a new challenge map with increased difficulty.
In the Magickal jungles of Vietnam you'll have an array of Vietnam-era weapons and a special Magick that calls in a napalm strikes on enemy positions. Players will of course still have access to what makes Magicka truly unique -- the dynamic spell casting system and a healthy dose of

Main Features:
• Vietnam themed game world with a twist
• 2 Challenge maps (1 scenario challenge & 1 survival challenge)
• New Vietnam themed enemies
• Many new Vietnam era weapons
• Stylish GI Wizard robe
• New Magick -- Napalm strike
• Innovative and dynamic spell casting system with thousands of possible
• Up to four player co-op in all game modes as well as single player option
• Experience the parody and satire of a cliché fantasy world/jungle war

EA Have Released A New Trailer And Screenshots For Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning

EA have released new screenshots and a trailer for Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning. The trailer shows in-game action of the main character, or a character, using various weapons and magic on enemies. the trailer also has a narrator providing some back story. the trailer points out that its created by R.A. Salvatore, Todd McFarlane, and Ken Rolston.


Capcom Have Released New Screenshots, A Trailer, And A Fact Sheet For Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D

Capcom have released new in-game screenshots, a trailer, and a fact sheet for Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D. the trailer shows Chris Redfield, Krauser, Hunk, Jill Valentine, Albert Wesker, and Claire Redfield attacking various enemies. it also details some of the game modes, which include up to 2 player co-op. you are able to use a Skill Shot feature to enhance your character with 3 skills, from a selection of 30. As well as 30 levels, Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D will also come with a demo for Resident Evil Revelations.

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Fact Sheet

For the fi rst time Resident Evil™: The Mercenaries 3D delivers the intense Mercenaries gameplay experience on a handheld console.
Featuring re-mastered stages from Resident Evil™ 4 and Resident Evil™ 5, it’s a race against time as players try to defeat as many enemies
as possible before the countdown reaches zero. The fast-paced, combat intensive action of Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D is available both as a
solo experience or gamers across the world can team up and enjoy two-player co-op via network play.

Gamers will have the opportunity to tackle the game’s missions with legendary Resident Evil™ characters from past and present and face off
against some of the most terrifying enemies, such as the Executioner and Popo Karimu. Playable characters include Chris Redfi eld, Krauser, Hunk,
Jill Valentine, Albert Wesker and, making her debut in a Mercenaries game, Claire Redfield.

Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D includes the addition of an all new Skill Slot feature. Players are able to fi ll three skill slots from a selection of
30 skills including improvements to weapons performance, reload speed or melee abilities and customise characters to best suit their style of play.

While the gameplay will be familiar to those who have previously played Mercenaries, changes have been implemented to take advantage of the
new hardware, most notably transforming the stages and characters to full 3D plus the ability for players to move and shoot and the addition of
touch screen functionality to switch weapons on the fly.

Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D will also include a playable demo of the forthcoming Nintendo 3DS title, Resident Evil™ Revelations.
Take control of Jill Valentine and experience the horror to come in this all new Resident Evil title.

• Resident Evil Revelations demo included.
• 1 or 2 players – Ad Hoc and Nintendo Wi-Fi connection.
• 30 missions of intense Mercenaries action.
• In depth skill and abilities unlock system that encourages and rewards replaying.
Skills and abilities include health, weapons damage, customisation etc.

Genre: Action Horror Shooter
Platform: Nintendo 3DS™
Release Date: Spring 2011
Rating: BBFC 18/PEGI 18+/USK 18/COB MA15+
Developer: Capcom
Publisher: Capcom

Atari Have Released A Launch Trailer For Yars Revenge On PC And Xbox 360

Atari have released a new trailer for Yars Revenge. this is a launch trailer for the PC and Xbox 360 game and it shows in-game action and details some of the games main features.

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Valve Detail Steamworks In Portal 2 On The Playstation 3

Valve have detailed how Steamworks works in Portal 2 on the Playstation 3. Steam will be an overlay in the game, much like how it is on PC.From here you will have access to your Steam Friends list, it will display what they're playing and offer a way to text chat with them, check their profiles, and do game invites. The game features Steam Achievements which unlock in at the same time, and in the same way as the PSN Trophies. Single Player and Co-op game progress will be saved to Steam Cloud, and either the PC or PS3 version of the game can access this save from the Steam Cloud.

Source: USA Playstation Blog

Zero Punctuation - Yakuza 4

This weeks Zero Punctuation is on Yakuza 4. can Yahztee enjoy this very Japanese game, or are their aspects like the combat and the unique storyline that he can and find out.

Capcom Annoucnce Dragon's Dogma For PS3 And Xbox 360

Capcom announce Dragon's Dogma for the PS3 and Xbox 360. coming 2012, Dragon's Dogma is a new franchise from the creators of Resident Evil 4 and Devil May Cry 4. Dragon's Dogma is an action game set in a huge world where you and your party of 3 members can engage in combat, explore, and interact with people. your 2 other party members fight independently, growing more skilled and learning new traits as they fight along side you. Every decision you make, whether its how you create your character or how you play the game, will effect gameplay in an intuitive way.

The game is made using the MT Framework engine combined with the graphic styles and lighting effects used in Lost Planet 2 and Resident Evil 5. this means Dragon's Dogma has a large expansive environment that's detailed. the game will also feature hundreds of fully voiced NPC's and a large number of creatures. Capcom have released a general trailer for Dragon's Dogma and a gameplay trailer showing your team fighting of against a Hydra. (sorry video not currently working)


Concept Art

Fact Sheet

Gameplay overview
Dragon’s Dogma® is an exciting new franchise which redefines the action genre from the team that produced some of Capcom’s greatest action
games. Set in a huge open world, Dragon’s Dogma offers an exhilarating and fulfilling action combat game with the freedom to explore and interact
in a rich, living and breathing world. Alongside your party of three, you set out to track down and destroy a mysterious dragon.

Your teammates fight independently of you, demonstrating prowess and ability they have developed based on traits learned over time from you and
your actions. Dragon’s Dogma offers a near endless opportunity to help develop partner characters to fight alongside you. With an epic story and
incredible action, Dragon’s Dogma is set to be one of Capcom’s newest hit franchises.

• Highly Stylized Action Combat – The creators of this game were responsible for the
action hits – Resident Evil® 4 and Devil May Cry® 4.
• Fight With Ability – The soul of combat comes down to how the game is played, where
you strike the enemy, and how you react to their attacks.
• Accessible Depth – Bringing an unprecedented level of depth to the action genre,
every decision has an effect on gameplay in an intuitive way that does not require
micromanagement. The weight of your weapon, the material of your armor – even the
length of your legs – plays a role in how you fight your battles, but does not interrupt the flow of the action.
• Epic Adventure – Dragon’s Dogma is built from the ground up as an action experience for consoles with a continuous, epic storyline that stands alone in style, scope and substance.
• Open World – Utilizing Capcom’s proprietary MT Framework engine and the
groundbreaking graphical styles and lighting effects used in Resident Evil® 5 and
Lost Planet® 2, Dragon’s Dogma expands the environment to create a vast, richly
detailed world, ripe for exploration.
• A Rich Population – In addition to interacting with hundreds of fully voiced NPCs,
you’ll be able to fight a large variety of creatures, from goblins to griffins and dragons. Each enemy requires a different strategy and provides a unique experience.

Genre: Action
Platforms: PS3™, Xbox 360®
Release Date: 2012
Rating: ESRB M (TBC)
Developer: Capcom
Publisher: Capcom

This Weeks UK PSP Digital Comics Store Update


Sony's EU Playstation Blog has detailed the comics coming out today on the PSP Digital Comics Store.

2000AD Prog #1722 2000AD
Batman Beyond Vol.2 #9 DC Comics
Battle Bears #1 Devil’s Due Digital
Bayou #14 DC Comics
Black Harvest #1-6 Devil’s Due Digital
Charmed #3 Zenescope
Doctor Who: A Fairytale Life #1 IDW Publishing
Doctor Who: The Forgotten #1-6 IDW Publishing
Ex Machina #39 DC Comics
Fables #54 DC Comics
God of War #6 DC Comics
Grimm Fairy Tales #8 Zenescope
Hack/Slash #12-13 Devil’s Due Digital
The Incredible Hulk (2008) #600 Marvel
inFAMOUS #3 DC Comics
Infestation: Ghostbusters #2 IDW Publishing
JLA #46 DC Comics
Judgment Day #1-5 Devil’s Due Digital
Justice League: Generation Lost #23 DC Comics
Legends of the DC Universe #12 DC Comics
Neverland #3 Zenescope
The Nye Incidents #1-5 Devil’s Due Digital
Promethea #7 DC Comics
Resident Evil Vol. 2 #4-6 DC Comics
Return to Labyrinth #12 TOKYOPOP
Return to Wonderland #4 Zenescope
Sandman #30 DC Comics
Slaughterman’s Creed #5 Markosia
Spooks: Vol. 1 #1-4 Devil’s Due Digital
Spooks: Vol. 2 #0-4 Devil’s Due Digital
Star Trek #5 Devil’s Due Digital
Superman/Batman #57 DC Comics
Tales from the Clockwork Empire #2 Markosia
Tom Strong #7 DC Comics
Tron: Original Movie Adaptation (2010) #3-4 Marvel
Ultimate Iron Man II (2007) #1-5 Marvel
Undertown #15 TOKYOPOP
Van Von Hunter #13 TOKYOPOP
Voltron: Defender of the Universe: Vol. 2 #1-12 Devil’s Due Digital
The Waking #3 Zenescope
What If? (2009) #1-3 Marvel
Wonder Woman Vol. 3 #29 DC Comics
X-Factor (2005) #5 Marvel
Xombie: Reanimated #1-6 Devil’s Due Digital
Y: The Last Man #36 DC Comics

Doctor Who: The Forgotten IDW Publishing

Source: EU Playstation Blog

Capybara Games Have Released A Launch Trailer For Might and Magic: Clash of Heroes

Capybara Games have released a new trailer for Might and Magic: Clash of Heroes. this is a launch trailer that shows in-game action and cutscenes from the game. each of the 5 main characters are shown in this trailer as are several enemies. a evil boss is teased in the trailer, and its hinted that you will fight him at some point. Might and Magic: Clash of Heroes is out now in the USA and UK on PS3, via the PSN.

Source: EU Playstation Blog

Capcom Have Released New Screenshots For Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City

Capcom have released new screenshots and some game details for the upcoming team based shooter currently in development at Slant Six Games, Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City. Coming this winter, Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City lets you play through either in a single player campgin as a member of the Umbrella Security Services or in up to 4 player co-op. You will be able to watch events from Resident Evil 2 and 3 from a new perspective and rewrite history. as a member of the Umbrella Security Services, you have to complete your mission whilst attacking Bio-Organic Weapons and defending yourself from US Special Ops.


Fact Sheet

Resident Evil™: Operation Raccoon City, a collaboration between Capcom and Vancouver based studio Slant 6 Games, is scheduled for release this
Winter. This latest offering will take the series in a completely new direction and offer a style of gameplay yet to be seen from the franchise.

Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City delivers a true third person team based shooter experience set within the dark and sinister Resident Evil™
universe. The setting of the Resident Evil universe not only provides a rich backdrop to the action but delivers a unique and thrilling triple threat
battle. Zombies and Bio-Organic Weapons (B.O.W’s) add to the mix as players not only compete against their team’s opposing squad but also tackle
this third unpredictable element that could only exist in the twisted Resident Evil universe, creating a brand new style of gameplay and breaking the
conventions of traditional team based shooters.

It is September 1998 and the action centres on the ill-fated Raccoon City and the horrifi c consequences of the deadly T-virus outbreak. With a cover
up required, Umbrella orders an elite team into Raccoon City to destroy all evidence of the outbreak and eliminate any survivors. Meanwhile the
US Government has quarantined the city and dispatched its own team of elite soldiers to determine the source of the mysterious outbreak.
Players take on the role of an Umbrella Security Service soldier (U.S.S.), competing alone or in up to four player co-op in a battle against all the
competing forces at play in Raccoon City.

• Team based shooter set in the dark and sinister Resident Evil universe.
• Triple threat battle as zombies and B.O.W’s add to the action.
• Compete alone in Campaign mode as an Umbrella Security Service member or in
a four player co-op team battle.
• Rewrite the history of the Raccoon City outbreak. Revisit classic moments from
Resident Evil™ 2 and Resident Evil™ 3 and watch events unfold from the perspective
of the Umbrella Security Service.
• Return of favourite RE enemies, iconic landmarks and characters, including
Leon S. Kennedy who is on your hit list to eliminate.
• Competitive online multiplayer modes provide a unique gaming experience thanks to
the three corner combat between the Umbrella Security Service, US Special Ops and
threat of zombies and B.O.W’s.

Genre: Horror/Action Shooter
Platforms: PS3™, Xbox 360®, PC “Games for Windows®”
Release Date: Winter
Rating:Pegi 18+ (TBC)
Developer: Slant Six Games
Publisher: Capcom

Capcom Announce Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition For PC, PS3, And Xbox 360

Capcom have announced Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition for PC, PS3, And Xbox 360. Coming this Summer, Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition brings Street Fighter IV back to PC's. there are 39 fighters in the game, including 4 new characters like Evil Ryu, Oni, Yun, and Yang. The gameplay has been further balanced over previous Street Fighter IV games and it features an updated Replay Channel. All of Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition fighters will be unlocked from the beginning.

Watch Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition - Oni Vs Evil Ryu in Tech & Gaming  |  View More Free Videos Online at

Watch Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition - Jun Vs Yang in Tech & Gaming  |  View More Free Videos Online at


Character Art


Fact Sheet

Gameplay overview
Super Street Fighter® IV Arcade Edition, brings the ultimate vision of Street Fighter® home to the Xbox 360®video game and entertainment system
from Microsoft®, the PlayStation®3 computer entertainment system, and PC in the Summer of 2011 in North America. The follow-up to the critically
acclaimed Super Street Fighter® IV will further redefine the fighting game genre with classic 2D Street Fighter fighting action, a host of new and
returning characters, beefed up online modes, and more.

Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition features a roster of 39 characters such as Ryu, Chun-li, Juri, El Fuerte, and Rufus, while adding 4 new
characters to the roster including classic combatants from previous Street Fighter games like Yun and Yang as well as the all-new Oni.

Beyond characters, Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition adds all-new balancing as well as an enhanced Replay Channel.

• New Playable Characters: Four new challengers enter the ring: Yun, Yang, Oni and
Evil Ryu.
• Updated Character Balancing: Features all new character balancing, further refining
• Updated Replay Channel:
Replay Follower: Be able to follow up to 5 separate player replays making it easier to find your favorite players’ latest replay.
My Channel Advanced: Allows players to distribute their replay data to up to 50 players.
Elite Channel: Watch replay data from elite players who have a rating of 3000PP or more.
• All playable SSFIV characters will be unlocked out of the box, including Yun & Yang, Oni, and Evil Ryu.

Genre: Fighting
Platforms: PS3™, Xbox 360®, PC “Games for Windows®”
Release Date: Summer 2011
Rating: ESRB T (TBC)
Developer: Capcom
Publisher: Capcom

Capcom Have Released New Screenshots, Trailers, And Character Art For Street Fighter X Tekken

Capcom have released new screenshots, character art, and trailers for Street Fighter X Tekken. the trailers consist of some of the games opening cinematic and 2 tag team matches between Street Fighter characters and Tekken characters. The Character art reveals several new fighters from both sides in the game. Street Fighter X Tekken is coming tot he PC, PS3, and Xbox 360 in 2012.

Watch Street Fighter X Tekken - Opening Cinematic Trailer in Tech & Gaming  |  View More Free Videos Online at

Watch Street Fighter X Tekken - Tag Team Gameplay Video 1 in Tech & Gaming  |  View More Free Videos Online at

Watch Street Fighter X Tekken - Tag Team Gameplay Video 2 in Tech & Gaming  |  View More Free Videos Online at


Character Art

Character Posters

Fact Sheet

Gameplay overview
The long awaited dream match-up between the two leaders in the fighting genre becomes a reality. STREET FIGHTER® X TEKKEN®, delivers the
ultimate tag team match up featuring iconic characters from each franchise, and one of the most robust character line ups in fighting game
history. With the addition of new gameplay mechanics, the acclaimed fighting engine from Street Fighter® IV been refined to suit the needs of both
Street Fighter® and TEKKEN® players alike.
Feat ures
• Dream Match Up – Dozens of playable characters including Ryu, Ken, Guile, Able,
and Chun-Li from Street Fighter® as well as Kazuya, Nina, King, Marduk, and Bob
from TEKKEN®.
• Real-time Tag Battle – Fight as a team of two and switch between characters
• Familiar Controls – In SFxT, controls will feel familiar for fans of both series.
• Robust Online Modes – In addition to the online features from SSFIV, SFxT features
totally upgraded online functionality and some new surprises.

Genre: Fighting
Platforms: PS3™, Xbox 360®, PC “Games for Windows®”
Release Date: 2012
Rating: ESRB T for Teen (TBC)
Developer: Capcom
Publisher: Capcom

Hit X Podcast: All The News From QTE Gamers From Tuesday 12th April

This is all the news From Tuesday 12th April.

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The Re-Cap: News From QTE Gamers From Tuesday 12th April

  • QTE Blog: The Re-Cap: News From QTE Gamers From Monday 11th April
  • QTE Blog: Hit X Podcast: All The News From QTE Gamers From Monday 11th April
  • PC: There could be a Super Street Fighter IV Announcement today after Yoshinori Ono teases somethings happening 4PM GMT
  • Arcade: Cave is offering Akai Katana, an upcoming Bullet Hell Shooter, on PCB board for ¥220,000, Locked to free use
  • 360: Its rumoured Xbox Live preview program testers will get to try out Avatar Kinect and Hulu Plus Features
  • 3DS: Masachika Kawata reveals Capcom think of Resident Evil Revelations as the sequel to Resident Evil 5
  • PS3: Blue Toad Murder Files downloaded 250K times on PSN, 70K sold when Episode 3 was free 2 weeks, experiment success
  • QTE Blog: Sega Announce The Total War: Shogun 2 And Napoleon: Total War Soundtracks Are Now On iTunes
  • Android: HTC Announce the Sensation 4G, 1.2GHz Dual Core, qHD 4.3 Inch Screen, Sense 3.0, 8MP Camera, out May in UK
  • Android: Engadget have indepth hands on, videos and pictures of the new HTC Sensation
  • Android: HTC Announce Their tablet, the HTC Flyer ships 9th May across europe
  • iPhone: more rumours point the iPhone 5 coming out in September/ late 2011 or even early 2012. could come out with PSP2
  • QTE Blog: Nintendo Announce The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D Comes Out On 17th June
  • QTE Blog: Nintendo Announce Wii Play Motion Is Coming Out On 13th June In The USA
  • PS3: People have found 24 logos,at the GT 5 My Home site, for tracks not included with Gran Turismo 5, DLC Speculated
  • The BBFC has rated L.A.Noire 18, says the game has 5 hours and 12 minutes worth of cut scenes
  • PC: Brink System requirements released. Minimum, Intel Core 2 Duo 2.4GHz, 2GB RAM, 8GB HDD, NVIDIA 8800GS + more
  • PS3: Sony announce the White Knight Chronicles Series has shipped over 1 Million units globally
  • PS3: Its reported Tetsuya Mizuguchi said the PS3 version of Child Of Eden has been delayed until after the 360 version
  • QTE Blog: Square Enix Have Released new Screenshots For Final Fantasy IV Complete Collection
  • QTE Blog: Nintendo Announce Dragon Quest VI: Realms Of Reverie Is Coming To The EU This Year
  • QTE Blog: Epic Have Released A Behind The Scenes Look At Gears Of War 3 Multiplayer
  • QTE Blog: Techland Have Released New Screenshots For Dead Island Showing The Sam B Character
  • Activision say the Guitar Hero series hasn't been killed off, instead its on hiatus
  • Tony Hawk has said a new Tony Hawk skating game is probably coming out in 2012, hasn't mentioned a dev/publisher
  • PSP2: Michael Pachter says he's touched one, controls are smooth, flawless screen, could be awesome, could be expensive
  • QTE Blog: Sony Reveal The EU PSN 2011 Spring Offers
  • QTE Blog: Sony Online Entertainment Announce Farming is Now Available In Free Realms
  • Namco Bandai says a gameplay reveal for Ridge Racer Unbounded is coming soon, offers something new and exciting for fans
  • 3DS: Capcom announce they have shipped over 1 Million units of Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition
  • QTE Blog: Sony Have Released A New Patapon 3 Trailer And Code For An In-Game Item
  • iPhone: 2D Boy announce World Of Goo comes out on iPhone on Thursday for $1, 24 hours later price goes to $2.99
  • PS3: SOCOM 4 review scores are live. its getting a wide range of scores, some examples are 3/10, 6/10 and 8/10
  • QTE Blog: Capcom Have Released A New Asura's Wrath Trailer And Screenshots
  • QTE Blog: Capcom Announce Dead Rising 2: Off The Record For PC, PS3, And Xbox 360