Monday, August 7, 2023

Cloud Monday - The Ascent - Part 2 - The Journey to Grinder

Today's Cloud Monday is part 2 of playing The Ascent from Neon Giant and Curve Digital Publishing. I'm playing this on a launch model Japanese PS4.

In part 2, the main goal was to get to Grinder, so for most of this video that's what is happening. there are a couple of side quests, several battles, and a couple of deaths. but all this happens so i can get to Grinder.

Much like part 1,, the streaming experience from PlayStation Plus Premium was near perfect. and like that video, the only issues i had happened at the end. The game has it's own small issues like stuttering, which i assume is the game loading stuff in the background, and text being too small. But as a streaming experience, across both days i feel that it was really great. up there with some of the best i've experienced so far. But, it's checkpointing system isn't perhaps the most suited to being a streaming game. 

I do recommend this as a solid choice for streaming from PlayStation Plus Premium. personally, i quite enjoyed the story and world in the game as well as most of the gameplay. But there are still issues with the game even tho it came out over a year ago and by this point will they ever be fixed. Maybe on PS5 they aren't an issue. but i'm playing on a PS4 and this is what i experienced. it's checkpoint system could mean a lot of back tracking if the service kicked you off for a bad connection. all that combined is why i say it's a solid choice, but not as perfect as Disgaea D2: A Brighter Darkness was in Part 1 and Part 2