Saturday, April 6, 2024

Online Saturday - Tetris 99 - 39th Maximus Cup - Princess Peach: Showtime!

This weekend there is the 39th maximus cup in Tetris 99. the prize this cup is a Princess Peach: Showtime! theme. It has been a while since the last Maximus Cup but as the game was updated recently to 2.4.0 i suspected that Princess Peach might be coming, my guess is that the 40th cup will be Paper Mario. 

As it has been a long time, the first game was over quickly. i really felt rusty. but the second game went much better, it was actually my best game today! My worst was the final game where i was the first one knocked out! it seemed like there was a mistake in every game. sometimes i could recover, but other times it would be coupled with being attacked by many others i would lose really quickly.

How did it go for you? let me know in the comments. If you got the win, Congratulations! My best this week was 10th.