Friday, December 30, 2022

Mobile Friday: Apple Arcade - Rayman Mini - The First Hour

This fourth video in the new Mobile Friday: Apple Arcade series is on Rayman Mini. This is an exclusive game on Apple Arcade from Ubisoft and Pastagames.

When searching for games to play on Apple Arcade, Rayman Mini wasn't one that had turned up when looking through the charts nor had it been recommended to me before. So when i found it i was genuinely surprised as i hadn't heard about this game before.

this meant i came into this video a little excited and definitely intrigued. thankfully, this game doesn't get bogged down with a tutorial as it incorporates it into the adventure mode. it is a little light, it just says where to touch and what it does. there's no letting the player try it out before the level starts. i wouldn't say the levels are easy, but the first couple have no hazards that can kill Rayman. Plus, restarting a level is really quick so it's a useful way to acclimatise to the controls.

But it's not an easy game. you're tasked with collecting all the Lums in a level as doing so unlocks a new version of the main characters. but i only managed to do this in a couple of levels. Rayman Mini is a runner, so it's very difficult to go back if you miss something and some levels simply block off the past areas of a level. Which means, Rayman Mini is a puzzle runner. 

Because of this, i came away from this game thinking that it was more difficult that i expected it to be. getting into the game and replaying levels is really quick, so replaying isn't an issue. but there is an element of frustration in being unable to solve the puzzle that is the level. there are no check points, at least so far, and they can go by too fast to see it all. there were more than a couple of levels where i couldn't work out how to get all the Lums.

Another issue i had with the game was the controller lag, or what felt like to me a lag between what i wanted Rayman to do and Rayman actually doing it on the screen. i tried both handheld and bluetooth controller and the lag felt like the same using both controller methods. the speed of the game, especially the music level, made timing actions really hard. To the point where it felt like i had to learn the level rather than react to the level.

Rayman Mini is a beautiful game and is one that can show off the power of the platform. it continues the art style that Rayman Origins and Rayman Legends popularized, and arguably revitalised the series, as well as the music stages and challenges. it's worth downloading and trying. but it's not an easy game and one which could be more frustrating than fun. for me, i ultimately found it frustrating and i probably won't be heading back to it.

Backlog Conquering - Eat Them! - Part 2 - A More Difficult 45 Minutes

Welcome to Backlog Conquering.
Today's video is part 2, the second 45 minutes, of playing Eat Them! on PS3.

Yesterday's video,, was a fairly simple one where the game was only difficult when i made mistakes. Today's video starts off with me failing to complete a level.

As mentioned yesterday, the game is split into comic books and today's video saw me trying to complete the 3rd comic book. but it's first level was more difficult than i expected. and it wasn't a major problem, i'd just keep missing a policeman and it would stop the convicts from escaping. after a few attempts i learned i had to be more attentive. i couldn't just go and clear a path, i had to manage said path whilst also trying not to be killed.

But that wouldn't be the only stage where i failed. the other failures were much tighter so whilst it was a little annoying to fail, it wasn't a huge issue. but i'm a little concerned going forward by the apparent jump up in difficulty. Let me know in the comments how much harder it's going to get.