Thursday, July 21, 2011

Square Enix Have Released A New 5 Minute Game Trailer For Final Fantasy Type-0

Square Enix have released a new trailer for Final Fantasy Type-0. this 5 minute trailer uses in-game action to introduce the many characters in the game as well as several enemies and locations. the trailer is in Japanese but the character names are in both english and Japanese.

Capcom Have Released A New Trailer For Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike Online Edition

Capcom have released a new trailer for Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike Online Edition. this trailer uses in-game action to show many of its features.

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Atlus Have Released A New Gameplay Trailer For Catherine

Atlus have released a new gameplay video for Catherine. the focus of this video is to show the block towers in the game, single player, co-op, and Vs modes.

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Press Release

IRVINE, CALIFORNIA - JULY 19, 2011 - ATLUS today released the final trailer for Catherine, the upcoming action-adventure/puzzle game for PlayStation®3 computer entertainment system (PS3™) and Xbox 360® video game and entertainment system from Microsoft. With a focus on the frantic, twisted block towers faced by Vincent, the game's protagonist, the new "Climb or Die!" trailer is one of the most exciting previews of Catherine to date.

"One of our biggest priorities in promoting Catherine is ensuring that gamers understand how story-driven the game is, how vital the characters and their arcs are to the overall experience," said Aram Jabbari, Manager of PR and Sales at ATLUS. "With this, the final trailer for the game, we want to tie everything together and bring the focus to the heart of Catherine's gameplay: tower nightmares, action-puzzle stages that force players to think fast and move faster while remaining perfectly interwoven with the story. These sequences are laden with symbolism and themes that emphasize and amplify the story's psychological horror, creating for the player the same feelings of tension and panic felt by the game's protagonist. After completing the story mode, gamers can play with a friend, cooperatively or competitively, in supplementary modes that ramp up the intensity and further deliver on the addictiveness and ingenuity of the tower nightmares."

Also available for curious fans is the Catherine demo, available now via Xbox®LIVE and PlayStation®Network. With an equal sampling of story, gameplay, and exceptional visual appeal, the Catherine demo promises to give gamers answers to their lingering questions and plenty of reasons to purchase a the full game upon its release next week.

Catherine is currently scheduled to release on July 26, 2011 for PlayStation 3 system and Xbox 360 system with an MSRP of $59.99 for the standard edition and $79.99 for the limited-run "Love Is Over" Deluxe Edition (available at participating retailers, while supplies last). Fans are encouraged to pre-order at participating retailers to receive the Catherine Sound Disc & Art Book, a free extra available to customers who reserve either the standard or deluxe edition of the game for either platform. For more information, please visit

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About Catherine
Vincent likes his girlfriend. Katherine's pretty, smart, and successful. Trouble is, she's starting to talk about long-term commitment, something Vincent's spent his entire life avoiding. Since romantic complications are the last thing he wants to deal with, Vincent meets his friends for their regular night of drinks. Little does he know that he's about to be blindsided by a beautiful, seductive, irresistible freight train named Catherine. Suddenly, he's hung over in bed next to the most beautiful woman he's ever seen, unsure about the previous night's events. Was it just making out, he wonders, or did something more serious happen between them? Should he tell Katherine? Will he ever see Catherine again? Vincent's about to find that a stumble on the staircase of love can turn into a horrific, fatal plummet...

Key Features
The Horrors of Love-Vincent's waking fears, doubts, pressures, and growing guilt about commitment and fidelity now gleefully follow him into his dreams, manifesting as horribly disfigured monsters and a ticking clock.
Between a Rock and a Soft Place-The player must navigate Vincent through heavy moral decisions. As in real life, hardly anything is black and white. What is the value of honesty? What is the right thing to do? Either way, someone's going to get hurt. Worse yet, someone could die.
The Nightmare of Your Dreams-Under the watch of producer Katsura Hashino, acclaimed director of Persona 3 and Persona 4, famed character artist Shigenori Soejima and master composer Shoji Meguro create sights and sounds unlike anything else. As unforgettable and original as the game's narrative, Catherine's visual direction and musical score define and perfectly complement Vincent's terrifying ascent into the dizzying perils of love.
Escape With or From a Friend-Local competitive and cooperative multiplayer modes, in addition to leaderboards, ensure that the many thrills and horrors of racing through twisted stages can be enjoyed by more than one player and add hours of extra gameplay to the overall experience.
ATLUS has established itself as one of its industry's most consistent, celebrated companies. With proven success across a variety of genres and platforms, including enthusiast-oriented games like the Shin Megami Tensei franchise of award-winning, fan beloved roleplaying games (including the hit Persona sub-series of games and the prestigious Nocturne) and Demon's Souls, ATLUS provides quality critically acclaimed interactive entertainment to a wide spectrum of customers.
ATLUS has published games for every major video game console and handheld system, including the PlayStation®3 computer entertainment system, Xbox 360® video game and entertainment system from Microsoft, Wii™, DS™, PSP® (PlayStation® Portable), and PC.

ATLUS is a brand of Index Corporation and its privately held subsidiary Index Digital Media, Inc.

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© Index Corporation 2011. Published by ATLUS. Catherine has been rated "M" for Mature with Violence, Blood, Sexual Themes, Partial Nudity, Strong Language, and Use of Alcohol by the ESRB.

Hit X Podcast: All The News From QTE Gamers From Wednesday 20th July

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The Re-Cap: News From QTE Gamers From Wednesday 20th July

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