Saturday, July 1, 2023

Online Saturday - Splatoon 3 - July's Eggstra Work Event

Welcome to Online Saturday!

I'm back after a little birthday break with a Splatoon 3 video. this first weekend in July is a new Eggstra Work event. this, i think, is also the first time that this event is open to anyone and not limited to you and your friends.

As this is the first time i've played this event, i wasn't too clear on the rules, but quickly understood that the team i'm on will face predetermined waves of enemies. whilst playing i thought that it was only 3 waves, but i had a quick read and it looks like it could be 5 waves. However, my teams never managed to defeat the third wave.

Whilst it was interesting facing the same waves over and over again, it got tiresome being stuck with the Slosher every game. i think i played 10 games and never got a different weapon. i tried backing out, i was put into different teams, but nothing changed. i always got the Slosher. ultimately, it was fine, but it's not my favorite Splatoon 3 event. it will be interesting to read in the comments if anyone else managed to beat the 3rd wave or even completed it.