Sunday, November 20, 2022

Pokémon Violet - The Second Hour - An Hours Walk To Mesagoza, Exploring Along The Way

Continuing my laid-back approach to this game, it would take about an hour to get from the lighthouse at the end of the first video,, to the city where our school is located in at Mesagoza.

I was surprised at how open this game is. sure, you can't jump or climb but there are still plenty of paths to find and go down. I caught my Wiglett because i found a path that led down to the ocean. other paths have lead down to the river, whilst others have rewarded us with TM's and other items. 

Like the first video, there were some technical issues. this time it felt like they were mostly related to shadows and geometry. from the beginning of the video there's an issue where the lighthouse shadow disappears and reappears. later, as we get into a hilly area, the camera breaks out of the world and when we start Pokémon battles there are points where half the screen is "normal" and half is looking through the world.

But overall, i feel just as energized and curious as i did when i started the game so i will keep on playing.