Saturday, July 8, 2023

Online Saturday - Tetris 99 - 34th Maximus Cup - Pikmin 4 Edition

Welcome to Online Saturday!

Today i'm playing Tetris 99 on Nintendo Switch. This weekend it's a special event where you can earn a Pikmin 4 theme by earning 100 points in the 34th Maximus Cup.

Maximus Cups are a welcomed reason to pop back into Tetris 99. of course the goal is to get enough points but the other goal is to try and win. I've played Tetris 99 a lot but i've never managed to win. unfortunately, i didn't win today either. i got a couple of top 15 finishes, but it's really tough.

It's a nice theme, tho i'm not too sure about the music. Let me know how the cup went for you. did you get a win?