Tuesday, August 29, 2023

Puzzle & Dragons Tuesday - Nintendo Switch Edition - Ruel Cup - Achievement Run

Welcome to Puzzle & Dragons Tuesday! Sit back and either watch me play through, with no commentary, the cup or leave it running in the background as BGM!

I play and earn all the achievements from The Ruel Cup! (2023/8/28 9:00~2023/9/4 8:59 JST) in Puzzle & Dragons: Nintendo Switch Edition whilst using a GamePad and a docked Nintendo Switch.

This week is the first "Revival", where i am doing a Cup i have played before. In fact, that Ruel Cup was the second video i ever recorded for the revival of QTE Gamers! you can check out that video https://youtu.be/YiYYxqtWpIY. it's nearly twice as long as this one, so it's nice to see that i have improved.

But it wasn't a fun cup. i don't enjoy the gimmicks where the balls change color. I only managed 1 win this week and kept getting stuck on the 5th boss. i didn't manage to beat the main boss either. i didn't play against many other players, but they were high level and made me try my best. but i don't think i quite grasped the gimmick so i didn't do well.

This week i played against:
☆REI☆ - Rank 71
HIROKUN - Rank 76
おじゃる - Rank 78
Special J - Rank 56
Bitz - Rank 55
プワゾングロウ - Rank 73

Over on https://ko-fi.com/qtegamers, there's an exclusive tier where members can watch individual matches of my top Puzzle & Dragons finishes before they go live as a YouTube Short. There'll be one extra on Ko-fi that won't be on YouTube as a short for the public to see.